smartbrian1965 6:47pm, 23 April 2012
Anyone's thoughts on the new application "Where's the Bear?" that apparently is being put into use in Yellowstone? In essence, the app is a way of advertsing the location of bears (and I guess other wildlife) for wildlife viewing.

Personally I see this as a negative. Bear jams aside, more people means more opportunity for bears and people to mix and for the bears to have a postiive association with human presence, which down the road (pun intended) could end up being bad for both people and bears!
V.C. Wald 7 years ago
I hadn't heard anything about this, but since cell signals aren't so great throughout most of the park (I can't get my geyser updates to work at all in the UGB, for example), maybe it won't be as bad as it sounds. But I agree, it is potentially a terrible negative. Look what's going on in the Tetons right now with #399 and #610, out for the spring with their respective year-old broods. I understand the Moose-Wilson Road has been closed periodically because of the gobs of photographers causing trouble for traffic AND for the bears.
Mary Bay grizzly, June 2011:
Little grizzly sow, Mary Bay
smartbrian1965 7 years ago
Not to mention the potential for poachers to use it to ascertain the usual movements of bears. Maybe not that likely given the locale and people often around but in general, I think the more anonymous that the bears can remain the better.
V.C. Wald 7 years ago
I think if anything this would help prevent poaching. Bears within view of the road will attract mega-crowds (with or without an app) and invariably, rangers, and those far from the road would be a really big deal to haul back to a trail head without detection. I haven't heard of a single incident of bear poaching in Yellowstone within my memory, there are plenty of bears in the national forests that would be easier to take. There was a moose killed in the Tetons a few years back that I know of, however.
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