mag379 11:29am, 14 November 2018
Flickr has now doubled the price of PRO membership so I've cancelled mine.I thought this new company was going to revive Flickr, looks like they'll kill it stone dead
Well... I guess that they think everyone makes $300,000 or better a year...
pamelaadam 1 month ago
it's less than a coffee a day for a year
Wes Camino 1 month ago

SM has not doubled it. They just discontinued the discount that you were enjoying longer than it was originally meant to be for. Stop telling yourself lies, and then you can deal with reality. Reality is not really that hard.
Wes Camino Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Wes Camino (member) 1 month ago
Guildo The Enforcer:

What? If someone were making $300 G's a year something costing $50.00 per year would not kill them. How much did that Nikon D300s and lenses you use, set you back? And, you are worrying about $50.00 per year? Really?
I have been paying for pro since about 2006... I manage it on my disability... it is a priority... and I bought the Nikon when I got my settlement... and my house and my pickup... I needed a few things... and I made a priority list of things that I got!
Pacdog 1 month ago
I urge all to reconsider canceling. Give them one more year to turn the ship around. If you can cancel then renew you can get the 30% off so your next year will only cost 35$ US.. Let me know if you need help with this deal.

If you are hell bent on cancel then download your damn photos/videos if you have more then 1K of them... If you have backups and do not want all the other meta data from Flickr then just cancel.. I'm not trying to get you to stay Pro, but trying to warn you. I'm giving them one more year before I cancel. I'm only paying $35 for one more year of pro.
I am wondering if the limits will be good... maybe a lot of the "Porn" only ones will go away... and the quality will improve again... Of course who am I to talk, until I get some new knees I can barely get out the door without paying for it for a couple of days.

I renew in October each year... and I will continue as I have been. That I am pretty sure.
Wes Camino 25 days ago

You can ignore the fmail I sent you about signing up for the discounted pro account. I figured out how to do it. And, did it. Though I have absolutely no need to do so because my account fully qualifies as a free account, I went ahead and did as you asked here. I signed up for the one year to give SM a chance to improve things around here. I hope my small contribution brings about the many changes that are needed on Flickr. Good shooting.
Pacdog 25 days ago
Wes Camino:

$35 bucks beat $50 all day long! =o)
photo208cam 23 days ago
I will likely renew for a year. Mostly because I have a bit over 5,000 pictures and some videos, I have them on my hard drive, but not the extra info that I would sometimes posts (type of lens, I used older manual lenses, so no exif) or comments that I got, that I appreciated, some from people that sadly are gone.

I have a few projects I wanted to finish, I used notes to record info on family albums I scanned. Want to film that.

Now that it is 35$ (U.S) rather than 50$ or the 25$ I used to pay. I may renew, but mostly to keep my options open. I have been using Flickr less and less for photography, since the changes around 2013 it does not seem to suit my needs.

I have never been that much into social media anyway. I don't have FB, or instagram, or Google +. I only do a few projects per year or teach a bit, and mostly just for close friends, most times I say no. I do photography mostly for fun now, I did do it for a job, for a while, that was fun for a few years but I don't think I could have kept up the pace. Was crazy times in the late 80's early 90's,stars in the eyes, shooting almost non stop, publicity, fashion, video clips or partys, lots of drugs lots of sex, was pushed to the edge, never liked the fame. I came home because my father was dying, it grounded me, the sky was so beautiful outside of the big city, real stars, got a bit of peace in hard times, there, some rest. Was a turning point.

Maybe this is also my turning point with Flickr
Wes Camino Posted 23 days ago. Edited by Wes Camino (member) 23 days ago

There are many other places to 'play' if you want to have a go at them:, ePhotozine to name two. Both have free accounts and paid accounts. The paid account for is $29.95 per year with lots of goodies, and the paid account for ePhotozine is $15.00 per year with only the amount of uploads you can do being the difference between paid and free accounts, there. So, when SM/Flickr says the Pro price is competitive they are streeeeeetttttccchhhiing the truth. Fact is SM/Flickr's Pro account is not all that 'average' for the 'industry'. Rather it is actually closer to the 'higher' end. If all you want to do is chatter then places like, ePhotoziene, and are perfect places. That is the one thing that is nearly completely missing on Flickr. A 'free' account will give you access to their forums which will give you all the chatter you desire. So if a photographer can do everything on other sites that you can on Flickr plus have lots of interesting discussions why should a member pay more for Flickr? Good luck and good shooting.
photo208cam 23 days ago
Thanks for the information but I don't have to pay. I can have access to relatively free storage. A friend of mine (and her brother) have internet server space that they rent in and that generates money from publicity, most of it is birthday or seasonal cards, actually they did that years ago and managed fairly good, to the point that now it pays the rent of not only of the space but generated enough money to invest in other ventures, like bit coins.

Where I live a lot of people are developing new ventures. Rather than pay, I would likely go there, the quality is much better, most platforms do not offer interaction however, just a portfolio, but some do offer payback, based on views when they use commercials, not my thing, but is an alternative to youtube, as they had a reform early in 2018, so people near my place bought server space and are building that up.
Wes Camino 21 days ago

Good luck with your 'adventure. Enjoy the 'freedom'.
This thread is already not involving me. Must be nice to be the few when such differences isn't that much of a bother for me. Yeah, I'm one of the few. That's because military service is still optional. Funny that their trying to do more with less...

Stuff and maybe more stuff.
RealCamShaz 18 days ago
i think I will probably end up paying for a pro account. Don't have the time to sit down and download or delete my photos. Sorta like ransom money, but hey... guess that's business.
Wes Camino 18 days ago

That's o.k. Don't you have to hold-up the official end of things? Appearance being everything. Thank you for your honesty, though.
photo208cam 17 days ago
I'm back on the wagon, or on Pro again for a year. I felt same way Shaz, was a ransom.

Happy trails then

I felt I did it but not for the right reasons, Had been pro for 12 years, cancelled for a few month, then went back when they would destroy Flickr.

Ok they stil will destroy Flickr, but I still have my data intact, actually hardly posted in a few years, but mostly a few older interactions I wish to keep, so will try to tranfer that data.

Used to be several programs called vacunm cleaners that allowed for that (ie save images and data, dead links)
So, it's MAGIC or something...
Pacdog 17 days ago
I have known many of you here for many years and yes I do look at your photos. Sometimes I send a like or even a comment, but end of the day it is not about that for me. It is the community and I'm giving Flickr (SmugMug) one more year to sort bringing that back. The community of Flickr was what made me stay back in the early days.. If any of you want to not pay for Pro (or cannot afford it) I totally understand. I just hope you sort your best 1000 photos/videos and stay active.. All this talk of leaving Flickr makes no sense to me. It's not the website I come for. It is you!! I love you. <3

photo208cam 17 days ago
Paul that is ok, know how much you like Flickr, possibly more than the people that created it. I can imagine how some people left not with bitterness but but felt a bit kicked out, Flickr is a bit of a big family, I guess 30 million was ok, that was the deal. Most people would not have been silent, but I appreciate that, over the years, I did feel people felt a responsibility, to the community to not do that. Destroy what was there (except maybe this time).

Anyway years ago when this started it was more an experiment, social media hardly existed.

I know things die, fact of life. Things change if not it would be boring, my Mom 94 would probably say reassuring, right also,so bit of change and a big dose of stability, maybe.

Ain't got no trouble in my life.. cause I got the music in me

Take care Paul, I like you,you know that.
Pacdog 17 days ago

Like (Love) you also John.. We will be fine. Give the new kids a chance is my motto..
Pacdog 17 days ago

You know as a old school you can change your Pro badge?

I can only assume you do..
s,B - talk to me! 16 days ago
I will second this:

All this talk of leaving Flickr makes no sense to me. It's not the website I come for. It is you!! I love you. <3

I'm here just for all of you, and because of the fun times we've had together, always hoping any of you are on while I am. It's been fun, and maybe one day it'll be fun again.
Somewhere not playing by any rules because I follow the beat of my own drum. Also, who can order me around. I've been retired from the military for years now. In a sense, I'm a civilian that's lucky to keep their entitlements from the military.
Wes Camino Posted 16 days ago. Edited by Wes Camino (member) 16 days ago
Nice to see a reunion of the alums along with a little reminiscing. Backbone of the team. Just an observation - Flickr at inception was about photography and during its heyday photography dominated threads and conversation. However, that is no longer true. Which means what? As a photo posting site, Flickr remains what it is. But, as a photography conversational site it has been and will remain virtually a ghost town. Since photography is not what holds conversations among the old timers focused, and with the energy on Instagram, what is SM supposed to do to bring back the energy of the 'heyday' of Flickr? Since the alums can't muster amongst themselves any interest in photography the 'youngsters' and newcomers have nothing to 'fit into'. But, rather will only see Flickr as a posting site as it is and will remain. Disagree? If so, rather than tell me, show me instead. Because that is what the 'youngsters' and newcomers to SmugMug/Flickr will be looking for. Reminiscing simply bores youngsters.
Pacdog 16 days ago
Yahoo did their best to fuck a site that the owners sold to them, but? Fuck Yahoo!

Give SmugMug a chance is all I ask. Just give them a chance and if you do not have $35 US then start to get your photos off Flickr before February..
Pacdog 16 days ago
If any of you want the history I'm happy to share.
Wes Camino Posted 16 days ago. Edited by Wes Camino (member) 16 days ago
Yes. I know. I've done as you have asked. Nevertheless, the questions I've posed still stand. And, go unanswered. Which I believe they will remain; from now until forever unfortunately. Until they are addressed Flickr is going nowhere, but into the bin.
Pacdog 16 days ago
Wes Camino:

Let me very clear. I never said pay the beast. I did say I will. One more year and at the discount it makes sense to me as I have over 4K photos here and all the comments and all that other social stuff I love. I never said anybody should pay. I did say I would recommend you all pay up for one year if your accounts have more then the new 1K limit coming next February. I understand many members cannot afford even the reduced price and that sucks.
Wes Camino 16 days ago

I understood your meaning then, and i do now. No problem on my end. Shouldn't be one on your end from me. If there is you've got it wrong. I am happy to throw in and give SM a chance. However, my remarks above only define what is necessary for Flickr to return to its vibrant heyday. And, I don't see that happening. The reason is because SmugMug can't make it happen. The only thing that changes Flickr is what its members do with it. We can remember the past and chat about it with a heavy heart until the end of eternity. That is nice. But, it changes nothing. We can have our chats which eventually turn into sardonic and sarcastic feasts, but how does that invite newcomers to join and participate in Flickr? Flickr has turned into a social site, as was mentioned. However, its original purpose was photography. If it is going to simply be competition to Facebook, then Flickr is done and dead. But, if it is going to be about Photography with its excellent tools Flickr can outgun Facebook or nearly any other site. But, how does it become a popular site once again with photographers? That's the rub. I don't think SM can 'make' it happen. I do think the current members can move it towards that should they return to chatting about photography once again rather than everything but photography as most of its conversational threads evidence that it has become. You are the leader of the Pack. Every pack needs a leader. Maybe if you could, rather than simply being a cheerleader, be the leader Flickr so badly needs to bring about the necessary changes. That's what I am suggesting. I can't see how that should offend you. My apologies if it does.
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