photo208cam 2:06am, 29 September 2018
Won't be long till November rain
photo208cam 3 months ago
Guildo The Enforcer 3 months ago
I wish I could still take the hiking trails and take pictures of the Fall and Winter... they are my favorite seasons and I really miss being able to get out.
RealCamShaz 3 months ago
Blossom is out here. Must dust off my camera again. Daylight savings starts soon, so I will actually arrive home on a weekday, and it will be light for once! Oh boy, oh boy!
Ms Kat 2 months ago
Just finally getting around to posting photos from the last few months, got some early September there, it's almost autumny. Will be posting some golden leaves of October soon.
photo208cam 1 month ago
It is November and it is rain (like in my first post in this thread).

Yah seem like time goes by so fast. My nephew came over to have a beer and ask me to take his wedding picture towards the end of next July.

It was his first time at my place. Been living here for about 30 years, but like my privacy. Mostly we would meet elsewhere, at family gatherings or in bars.

But this time I said come over, my place is in the back yard of some old buildings, it is fenced in and at one time was many pitbulls in the yard, and bikes, and bikers and junkies. Was the Mohawk warrior flag, next to the pool in the yard. All illegal, all not mine, but was home, you would think that would stop the Jehovah witnesses but no, even had catholic nurse pray in the yard, maybe was some, actresses, anyway, I'm used to it, but place has a certain reputation.

So Scott my nephew comes over and it is near Halloween and ok the place looks a bit scary even in day light, often a few cop cars around the place anyway, but there is gargoyles and carve pumpkins, someone is blasting music, and this black cat, she is abandoned but gets some feed, and goes to everyone that enters the yard, can't believe how many kittens she had, every time I come back here she is pregnant.

So Scott makes it into the yard and up to my place, and I'm like great,I will do a tattoo, like for our clan, it is a tradition. ( Aonaibh Ri Chéile  ) so here I am and take out two big bottles of Scotch whiskey and a big set of needles, a rubber mat with straps. It was very theatrical, I can do that, he was a bit livid.

Was just a joke.

Anyway think he really likes the girl, I can see that, and I find it romantic actually. Just wanted to have a bit of fun. (with Lindsey Sterling) Outlander/Queen.
photo208cam 21 days ago
photo208cam 21 days ago
photo208cam 21 days ago
s,B - talk to me! 21 days ago
Wow. Cool.
photo208cam 15 days ago
Was cold up North, cold here we had snow, bit early for the season. Coming on Christmas as they say. Sky is full of the arctic geese and the Canada geese, thousands as they fly over, feels so majestic, they often come to a bay in the river, near town. Not far from that is an old canal (built mostly by Irish immigrants, around the 1830, it was used for commerce between Canada and the States, before the railroad ), that often we used to skate on.
photo208cam 3 days ago
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