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Ms Kat 9:24am, 6 June 2014
roman baths

It's been a long time since the last Friday, so long in fact that I seem to have lost our bath and needed to find a new one.


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RealCamShaz 1 year ago
Am I too late?! *quietly dips in...*
s,B - talk to me! 1 year ago
Awww Sharon was here and I missed it.
Pick your corner, but IDK about you, but I'm going to continue to chill.
*Finds a spot in the corner. Smoke a bowl from me pipe to later hit the pool*
RealCamShaz 11 months ago
2pm on a Saturday, but I figure it is Friday night somewhere....

photo208cam 11 months ago
It is Friday night here now
It's nearly noon on a Saturday here now. No lie that I'm in a central US time zone. Just be happy that I do have an idea on what Zulu Time is. By the gods help you if I start asking for the Julian date.
Still, time to chill and de-funk.
RealCamShaz 11 months ago
Oh fuck yeah, I'm here! First time in ages.

Splashity McSplash!!
Guildo The Enforcer 11 months ago
Yea... I get to take the bath with Sharon! Well, probably only if she looks like a raisin by now after all she was here 4 hours ago!
Crazy day, but do need to start my day. Running on reds, vitamin C, and maybe... Cocaine? That's a "Hell of a drug." Apparently if Rick James, he said so.

Nah, just loads of caffeine. Time to chill and bath.
RealCamShaz 10 months ago
Splashity McSplash face!
RealCamShaz 10 months ago
That's twice in a row I've made it!
Running a fever and not feeling my best. Don't mind me. Just going to chill and inhale the vapors.
RealCamShaz 10 months ago
Get well soon
Ms Kat 10 months ago
wow.. it's been a long long time...

*slips into water, immediately contaminating it*

*We are the walking dead! ~.~*
photo208cam 10 months ago
It is still Friday here 8:30 pm, and way cold outside. Warm bath and a book seems inviting.

Was real tired last night and had to be at two places at the same exact time in the evening. So had to cancel one. Felt bad and nervous, ate late and did not sleep well, to the point that I slept in later in the morning, dreamed of you MsKat briefly, for some reason, you were in a doorway, dressed in white, you seemed glowing in the light, happy. Not a wet dream or anything sexual (however you did look quite attractive in my dream if I may say). I felt like things were going good for you and that reassured me.

In the morning because I slept in a bit, an hour about, I had so much things to get done, that again I felt like I should be at two places at the same time. Actually go pay my drivers license, wait for the landlord to fix my entrance door, get a hair cut, go see my Mom to cook up her meal and spend time with her. Ended up just going to my Mom's, hate to see her alone, prepared some meals for her and my sister. Some goulash and some pasta with some chicken.
On a Valentines day... as Linking Park sings a song called that.
photo208cam 10 months ago
Free the duckies
Ms Kat 10 months ago
bath... I need one of those.. almost forgotten what one was like..


*gets in*
Guildo The Enforcer 10 months ago
Heads for the deep end... need a full submersion!
Geoff_B 10 months ago
I had one yesterday - but what the Heck . . .

Excuse me while I whack up the volume on sone Django Reinhardt . . .
Been with the flu for last week. That wasn't cool. Was I a dancer on a local stripper bar? I'm I now a Volvo driving soccer mom? This crazy Everclear song... "Where do all the porn stars gone?"
RealCamShaz 10 months ago
dang. Stanky mank for another week :/
Since I'm recovered, do I smell that funk? Do I want to know what the Rock is cooking?
Guildo The Enforcer 10 months ago
Diving in... seem to be the first on is this Friday! I have to whole tub to myself!!!
Isn't that nice as I chill like a villain.
photo208cam 10 months ago
I think I need a hot bath and some relax.
Ms Kat 10 months ago
wow, it's bath day and washing day on the same day, I might have clean clothes and clean me at the same time!

*jumps in with dirty clothes and all*
Relax and chills like the villain I may just be or FaceBook did say that I was an angel. Don't know what it's been smoking, but whom I to argue about FB?
RealCamShaz 10 months ago
*Jumps in 1 day late* SPLASH

photo208cam 9 months ago
It is the perfect day for a long warm bath.
Ms Kat 9 months ago
it's rain/snow drizzling out there, has been all day, I don't know what I'd like more than a bath..

well there are a lot of things but a bath is pretty good and it will have to do
photo208cam 9 months ago
Sends in the duckies
For the duckies...
photo208cam 9 months ago
*Takes a warm relaxing bath.*
Guildo The Enforcer 9 months ago
Make room... Here I come!!!
Man, I've been really dragging my arse to finally get here. *Takes a long drag from my pipe* What took you so long?
Guildo The Enforcer 9 months ago
Wow... what a ring around that pool!!!! Pool Clean up on the pool please!
Narf or something...
photo208cam 9 months ago
*Inspects pool*

looks clean
photo208cam 9 months ago
Friday splashes in.
RealCamShaz 9 months ago
Just gad a Saturday morning shower :/
Times be...
photo208cam 8 months ago
Same bath time same bath place.
That time again. Where, I'm not funky, but do what the Romans do, I guess.
photo208cam 8 months ago
soapy bubbles everywhere
Guildo The Enforcer 8 months ago
Here I come... Off of the high dive... In a cannon ball!!!
Here or there; I'm always somewhere, at least.
photo208cam 8 months ago
Friday here, so time to soak
photo208cam 8 months ago
Bath time again.
RealCamShaz 8 months ago
SPLASH! Still Friday somewhere :p
Time flies by.... Good that I really try in real life to be very prudent with bathing or anything to that standard. I honestly know and will have to tolerate if I slack. Honestly, such is more a harm to myself then others in matters of being sloppy. I believe that my lack of nose hairs allow me to smell more intensely. Don't have them to filter out any smells. To think canines and similar species have a sense of smell that makes are on weak in comparison. The thing is that walking by a Bath n' Body or any store at the mall a pain. The smell of perfume is just to strong. Strong enough to give me a headache.
photo208cam 8 months ago

Nice to see you around.

And you are close to the ocean, but have a longer commute to work, always strange to think that your seasons are the reverse of here.

Reading a novel this week, about how they sent the 1838 Quebec patriots to Australia, exiled, the ones they did not publicly hang here.

*Soaks and reads*
Here @ the moment. Should I do some kind of bathing ritual... Wait for the pool guys to do their thing cleaning the pool. Chilling... a Mimosa? Long drags from me pipe. Stuff.
Guildo The Enforcer 7 months ago
Seems like there was a song about a bath...
Rubber duckie being the one?
photo208cam 7 months ago
Splashhhhh.... !
RealCamShaz 7 months ago
Splashity McSplashface!
RealCamShaz 7 months ago
Saturday morning here
*Mimics a sub under the depths* Now, to chill.
*Got out before.* If it worked last week? *Mimics a sub again while listening to "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath* \m/ \m/
photo208cam 6 months ago
Hot & humid here, a nice cool bath would be great
Ditto and of course the "gods are crazy."
Guildo The Enforcer 6 months ago
Watch out... here I go... off the high dive and to the tub for a big splash... get the fire hose ready so we can fill the tub back up afterwards!!!
photo208cam 5 months ago
Bath time, hot and humid here and I did heavy manual labour today.,
RealCamShaz 5 months ago
too late for a dip?
Granted that I do shower more then must people at this center. Reasoning I'm not going to get into. War wounds? Still, people are people and lets just say that some be nasty.
Is it tornado season now? The storms be coming and it usually rains on the fourth. That's a great thing, because people be people. O'X Methinks that emoticon expresses the foolish masses and oh yeah. Hail Illopoolazo or whatever from "Excel Saga."
Look at peoples cause here I come!
*Enjoys a splash as I hit the pool to just relax*
Look out boys & girls, I'm coming trough! *The bath needs to be refiled after all the steam disappears*
Hope that this isn't considered late, since it's Saturday morning here in the USA. Across the Big Pond to must of youz! You had the enjoyment of hot water and stuff due to being in that time warp again to us crazy yanks.

*Spends enough time with massage therapist before hitting a cold bath* (Surpasses negative energies 4 dear gods; that's cold!)
That time again. I have to wonder if I did get a massage. How much good pain will I be in? *Look out people. CANNONBALL!*
Geoff_B 5 months ago
Been so hot & sticky here I had to take a pre-bath bath . . .

Excuse me if I stay all night . . .
Sticky here in the center of the states. At the 4 winds of Oklahoma. That's as much clues of my location I likely give. The gods; they be crazy. Have a city mayor that I bet she loves that I smoke. Like a typical OK person, she doesn't care for stuff that may benefit me. She so, so has the veterans on her side. Still, I'm just sucking my troubles away at the bath.
Guildo The Enforcer 5 months ago
Gee... no bath for me for months... watch out everyone... here I come!
Procced to the bath you funky person you . Don't pass go, Enjoy the healing waters. Don't pass go, just get clean man.
photo208cam 3 months ago
Long time since a good bath
Indeed, it has. Did I miss a week; by my GUNK FUNK!!!
Guildo The Enforcer 3 months ago
It has been a long time... time for a splish splash!!!
*Gives a perturbed look to not disturb to * Don't ruin my chill man.
Guildo The Enforcer 3 months ago
Caution... tub is closed till next Friday... we had to drain and sanitize the tubs after all the time between everyone's last bath!!!
Oi vey!!!
Guildo The Enforcer 3 months ago
Hey what can I say, Michelle and Sharon haven't been around to change the water... and you know men!
The healing waters is...
photo208cam 2 months ago
Tub time
Guildo The Enforcer 2 months ago
A quick sanitizing and the pools are refilled with clean water... heating up and getting ready for the crowd!
Saturday night central time. How the time's passed, but 10 hours ago? Think I need a massage more then a bath. My left side of my body is so out of whack.
Hey, hey, hey. I'm coming this ways; since it's Friday here now!
Guildo The Enforcer 2 months ago
It is cool, foggy and even a bit rainy... so I think I shall soak in the hot tub before the draining of all the pools!
Hmm, same way here too. Missed going to a planed event today. Still, slightly bummed about it.
s,B - talk to me! 18 days ago
*takes a bath*
photo208cam 10 days ago
It's the bath day again.
It's been awhile...
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