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wakethesun. ADMIN March 26, 2013
In regards to Vizsla mixes, as long as it is certain it's part V and/or it looks just like one, they're fine =)

If you use Tumblr, I recommend this wonderful Vizsla blog:
It runs largely on submitted photos so feel free to submit yours there, as well!

Group Description

Welcome to our group!

The Vizsla is a remarkable hunting dog, originally owned by royalty in Hungary. The breed was almost lost during World War II when the Germans sought out Vizslas to kill, seeing them as a symbol of the monarchy they were destroying. Luckily some brave people escaped with their dogs, leading to the breed still being around today.

The Vizsla today is used in almost every dog sport. They excel at hunt, obedience and agility trials, can be found regularly in the show ring or at flyball competitions, are perfect as therapy dogs, and love the water. Very few breeds are truely as versatile. The Vizsla standard can be found here.

Evening Jog

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Group Rules

This is a group focused around a wonderful dog breed, the Hungarian Vizsla. There are a few easy to follow rules and things to keep in mind when posting or discussing:

- As always with a "safe" group, no nudity, cussing, etc.

- No dead animals in images, other than birds (they are hunting dogs!)

- Absolutely no promotion of puppy mills, backyard breeders, PETA, or animal rights organizations. We care about our dogs, our breed, and dogs worldwide. Discussion or posting images related to any of these topics will result in a ban without warning.

- Please try to post good quality images! No cell phone pictures. Take the time to edit your photos a bit before you post. Adjusting the levels (midtone, highlights, and shadows) can do wonders. A little cropping can sometimes help, along with adjustments to the saturation or tones. Most all PCs come with Microsoft Office Picture Manager, if you don't have another program.

-Please join in!

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