anusrinivasan 10:17pm, 29 September 2007
I shot these at the Aviary in San Diego Zoo. That little lorikeet was hell bent on bathing, despite the amount of water avaialble
anusrinivasan 11 years ago
A pair of lorikeets in San Diego Zoo Aviary

Lorikeet rolling in the water

A wet bedraggled lorikeet

Now to shake off the excess water

Bathing all done
whitelightrabbit 11 years ago
absolutely precious!
shad_41 11 years ago
Nice crisp shots, the one on the wire looks a bit bemused by his wild-eyed friend!
alsalam 11 years ago
wow.. this is wonderfull story
smiling story [deleted] 11 years ago
that was fabulous!!!! great pictures, great story....woow , that bird can bend! :-))))
lucioforterepubblica 11 years ago
absolutely surprising and beautiful, stunning
gabi porter PRO 11 years ago
I love it! That fourth frame is really beautiful. (I don't think his dry friend was bemused - haha - I think he's waiting his turn!)
Rosedale Annie PRO 11 years ago
I like the shaking it off frame!
Dragon Weaver PRO 11 years ago
terrific series!
anusrinivasan 11 years ago
Thank you all for your kind comments.

Here is another hilarious photo of the same bird which I did not include in the earlier series. As I mentioned, the little bathing bird would get itself slightly wet (not much water there to work with as you can see) and then ROLL on the ground to spread the wetness around its body. This is a picture of the bird rolling! When I tried to get this photo printed, the lady at the shop thought I'd taken a picture of a dead bird!

That bird was all together very entertaining!


Lorikeet rolling to get itself completely wet!
pterandon PRO 11 years ago
Nice composition to the photos.. Excellent story in "human determination" in animals. Nice characterization-- the look of triumph at the end.
VanMagenta 11 years ago
The frame #4 is fantastic!
And the story is great. Congrats!
Dragonhide 11 years ago
Wow!!! excellent!
abounding meeting [deleted] 11 years ago
this is great! I love it.... those are some really clean birds....
Canon Camera PRO 11 years ago
beautiful shots, particularly 4 & 5.
Love it! Frame 4's shot is great!
great story! the birds are amazing!
~Terrie K ~ 11 years ago
I really enjoyed these, especially 2 & 4. I love how he wraps himself around that cap to get to the water.
NJHeart2Heart PRO 11 years ago
I joined just to comment on this! This is an awesome photo story ! Love each photo - great color composition and ... it just made me smile!
Killian77 11 years ago
What a fantastic story, and great, sharp shots. Beautifully done!
noxious bulb [deleted] 11 years ago
That's very funny.
Jamie Lang PRO 11 years ago
oooohhhhh - that's such a cute series of photos. the colors are beautiful too.
mturnage PRO 11 years ago
This one is great
This is the best !!! Such a sweet yet survival story !!!
These guys are absolutly adorable
Pictures by Ann PRO 11 years ago
That's great! Love the story and the vivid colors!
brainy rice [deleted] 11 years ago
Love it!!
mturnage PRO 11 years ago
Great story. Love it when he shakes dry.
sendroiu PRO 11 years ago
great story
cute bird
quarxdmz 11 years ago
great story
avotiya 11 years ago
really very funny, thanks! :)
Vicky Paz 11 years ago
This story is very funny and lovely at the same time!
randi rivers 11 years ago
lorikeets are such fun! nice little story... frame 5 has me thnking that the bird on the wire is ready for his turn!
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