ralph&dot 11:30am, 29 August 2009
So which in the longest viaduct in the UK?
Thrash Merchant™ 9 years ago
Most people would tell you it's Ribblehead Viaduct at 440 yards, but I'd say it was Welland Viaduct on the Oakham to Kettering line in Northamptonshire (also known as Harringworth Viaduct). It is 1275 yards - about three quarters a mile long and quite impressive to look at.
Thrash Merchant™ 9 years ago
That would make that longer then, Welland is more impressive though considering olden days engineering!
tom swailes 9 years ago
The viaducts from Manchester Piccadilly Station and from Manchester Victoria Station to Salford and beyond are very long ones. As they are urban viaducts they are glimpsed rather than seen in one go over their whole length.
fatherjack2 7 years ago
tay bridge is the longest viaduct. longest in the world when finished for while. if you count approach/ elevated viaducts like the one to london bridge, they might be longer as tom mentioned.

Highest is the bridge over the Ayr south of Kilmarnock on the dumfries line I think.
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