Yo Spiff PRO 4:47pm, 6 June 2009
You can customize the toolbar in PaintShop Pro for easy access to the adjustments and options you use the most. (Note: PSP 12 is illustrated, v11 is similar)

Customizing the PaintShop pro toolbar (by Yo Spiff)

-Go to View-->Customize
-Go to the Commands tab
-In the left pane, select the menu or toolbar name, the right pane will reflect the adjustments available within that menu.
-Drag & drop the item to a desired empty area of your toolbar.
-To remove items, simply drag them off of the toolbar.

You can also add scripts to the toolbar:
-Again, from the Customize dialog, select the Scripts tab.
-From the drop down list, locate the script you want to use.
-Choose an icon for the script, and click the Bind button.
-Once it is listed in the Bound Scripts list, you can drag & drop it onto the toolbar.

-Click Close when done to lock in the changes you have made to the toolbar.

Here is what I keep on my toolbar:
Customized PaintShop Pro toolbar (by Yo Spiff)
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