Marie C. CUDRAZ 7:57am, 10 September 2008

Sorry to disturb again...

I'm seeing 3 photos just near each other from the same personn in the pool !!!

- Did the rule chage : more than one by day ???

And I see this flickr member is not listed in the Trashers List ...
What is it ? a ghost ? an attack ?

thank for your answer
*melkor* 11 years ago
Hi Marie!

"... this is an Experimental, totally Free Artistic Group with only Three Rules:

_ post only photos that can be considered "TrashBit"

_ avoid to post photos that could be considered "flickrable"

_ NO video allowed!"

... this is not TrashBit... is TrashBit! reloaded

We have decided to put only a limit of three photos at days because this new group need to grow up!



Marie C. CUDRAZ 11 years ago
Okay !! The limit is new ! and 3

Sorry for the trouble... I had a look but cannot found the info !

Thank you Melkor for your patience!!

See you


Marie (the blond who's always placing a lot of questions)
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