Marie C. CUDRAZ 7:20pm, 22 July 2008
It's the first one from a serie I made at Palais de Tokyo Paris some weeks ago...
The installation is called "LAST MANOEUVRES TO THE DARK" from Giraud & Siboni

DSC07328 - Paris - Palais de Tokyo - Last manoeuvres in the dark - Fabien giraud & Raphaël Siboni
LenAtwood 11 years ago
I think this is a fantastic image but personally it doesn't quite fit my understanding of what trashbit is about - others may disagree.
Marie C. CUDRAZ 11 years ago
Thank for your visit Lenfirewood... it's your opinion and it's interesting to hear about it !
see you
*melkor* 11 years ago
... it's more than Trashbit! It' OK!

snufffilmcharlie 11 years ago
It is an interesting capture, but I probably wouldn't have invited it to Trashbit V.1 back when I was an admin ... Melkor is certainly more of an authority on all things Trashbit than I am, so perhaps it is appropriate for Trashbit Reloaded ... you could always trash it up with a grungy texture, some gnarly grain, or something of the like.
heartbreaking egg [deleted] 11 years ago
it may not be trashbit but its the coolest thing i've ever seen.
Marie C. CUDRAZ 11 years ago

Thank you for giving your feeling

I placed the question because I have no more idea what was trashbit and what it is yet... I'm lost !

I saw some pics I found absolutely no trashbit in the new group... but perhaps I loose the feeling !
*melkor* Posted 11 years ago. Edited by *melkor* (admin) 11 years ago
... uhmmm

"... "trash photography" or "photography of trash"?

... "Trashbit is not trash... it could be a bit trash... but not all trash!"
by Lord Rayden

... "Trashbit is not only trash or rubbish... it's something between the sad, dirty & rusty groud of a desert road and a pure state of wit... or something similar, I don't mind and it's not so significant..."
by *melkor*"

... everything could be trashbit or nothing...

... it's only a question of personal feeling, in that case...

... and trust me, I'm always right!



Marie C. CUDRAZ 11 years ago
Melkor !!!

I total trust you about the subject, about the way to manage the group, about the group and about a lot of things ! :-)

But after your trash-nice-bit answer... I'm feeling more and more lost... trasbit is becoming for me at this moment something as difficult to understand as Kitsch notion !!!

I think you should write a "traité" philosophical about this notion !!! :-)

Thank you


(I'm sorry I cannot explain my vision in frensh... English really limits my mind)
Thank you for bringing this group back (YAY!!!)
Theen ... 8 years ago
from my reading of melkor's blurb, this is not trashbit ... but it is supercool. not trash because it is clean and beautiful and displayed as art inside an air-conditioned building, ie it is treasure and not trash.
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