Scribbles With Cameras 11:24pm, 25 May 2008
because many of you have relocated from another group which i only just joined, i offer the following introduction
name scribbleclick
age, child of 40
occupation redundant half-tone camera operater, film planner, platemaker in production side of lithographic web offset (newspaper) printing industry in sydney, australia. computers and my stubborn refusal to be "retrained" as a labourer put me out of the industry.
location, bendigo central victoria, australia (it's easier to live unemployed/student in the country)
activities, experimentation with camera, painting and generally keeping busy despite being student/unemployed.
why trashbits: i like what i see here, it inspires me to create trash
why trashbits reloaded: i see you have admin difficulties on other group so i join here too. this way i can post 2 pics per day :)
interests: sharing my artistic work, ideas and inspirations with likeminded
LadyBebo 11 years ago
And what about me...
Ladybebo, age 28, I come from the dear old Trashbit and I think this group is great...I've studied History of Art but I've founded a new way to see our industrial reality under a new perspective...or the same perspective with different eyes...
Andra MB 11 years ago
Hi !
I am Andra from Bucharest, Romania. I'm not at al an artist, I'm an engineer .... however there is a lot of thrash around me and maybe you will enjoy to see some of it in my photos.
I'm just moving from the old group to this new one, I didn't understand how everybody was Admin there, including myself! But most of the photos there were great, such as the photos in this group.
See you !
BACKYard Woods Explorer Posted 11 years ago. Edited by BACKYard Woods Explorer (member) 11 years ago
I was a member of the other group until it got ruined. It's good to be back.
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