future water [deleted] 11:46pm, 28 April 2013
Date: Saturday May 4th.

Meet: Meet at 10:00am at Armadale Ave exit of Jane Station [map]

Lunch 12:30: Cheese Boutique (confirmed)
45 Ripley Avenue

Post-walk 5:30: The Yellow Griffin (confirmed)
2202 Bloor St West

Hashtag: please use "TOPW:SBWV"

**If you’re joining us after the start, call us and we’ll let you know where we are (Saturday = Vicki, 416-428-6631).
Cheese boutique is a fabulous place. They are actually having a chef series every Saturday there and there will be a famous chef there this Saturday. They will request a $5 donation at the door that goes to Famous People Players. With that we get food and a glass of wine. And of course there are lots of cheese, deli, coffee and desserty things and so much more to be had that we can buy ourselves. I asked the owner if we would be allowed to do photography inside and he said for sure and that I find him when we get there so he can help us out any way we can. I also mentioned that some of us might share some of our shots with him. The place is quite an experience.
Georgie_grrl 6 years ago
Looking forward to it - hopefully the weather is a bit less blustery this time around. :p
PaladinPhil 6 years ago
I may show up for the morning portion.

Calling for warm and sun at the moment. Things could change for the soggier though.
Paul Henman 6 years ago
My shoulder is playing up again, so I'm a maybe.
Lú_ 6 years ago
Sebastian and I are a "probably" for the morning half.
mishlove1 6 years ago
I shall be there.....
geowelch 6 years ago
I'm a confirmed maybe
JeffStewartPhotos 6 years ago
I'm Andyish. ;)
Jay:Dee 6 years ago
You mean like a South American mountain range?
JeffStewartPhotos 6 years ago
Andy of Maybe-berry, north of Rice Lake, formerly of Toronto.
Georgie_grrl 6 years ago
Apparently Sean is Andy-ish too. Maybe it's contagious ...
JeffStewartPhotos 6 years ago
Being Andyish does seem somewhat contagyish.
PaladinPhil 6 years ago
Just a heads up. The Sakura may be popping in High Park on Saturday. If you want to change the route for the afternoon Vicki.
future water [deleted] 6 years ago

Thanks Phil. I'll leave it the way it is and if people want to diverge, then let them do so.
I might be able to make this one, too... Be nice to see y'all again.
Genie W. 6 years ago
The weather looks great, the route looks great, and I haven't been to a walk in what seems like eons. I'm a very strong "maybe" for the whole day! :)
Georgie_grrl 6 years ago
Don't forget the sunblock for tomorrow kiddies - I know it's been awhile.

I'm especially talking to those stubborn types ... you know who you are. ;p
PaladinPhil 6 years ago

*blinks innocently*
gjamesleat 6 years ago
I've got a bug/fever and ache all over.
Also have a lot to do before Tuesday so I can't make this one.
No maybe's from me.
andyscamera 6 years ago
I'm feeling a bit Jeffish, myself.
Lizzie's Libation Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lizzie's Libation (member) 6 years ago
Take care. Feel better! :)
Georgie_grrl Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Georgie_grrl (moderator) 6 years ago
Phil - Yes you!!
(and a couple others too)

Geoff - Aaaw - poor thing - get better soon!

Andy - Really?? Awesome! :)
Lú_ 6 years ago
Sebastian and I have, for various reasons, become an, um, probably not?
Jay:Dee 6 years ago
Get well fastly!
Little Ms Laura 6 years ago
Count me in for tomorrow.
416Pictures 6 years ago
I'll try to make it on time.
future water [deleted] 6 years ago

Miss you.
Paul Henman 6 years ago
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