conner.mccall 4:05pm, 24 February 2010
March is approaching quickly and I thought it was a good time to at least schedule a photo walk for the month.

We will be having the walk at the State Fair Grounds on March 27th. The plan is to meet at Java Train Cafe at 1pm with the walk starting at 2pm. Sunset is at 7:34 so we should get a good 5 hours on the grounds with plenty of light.

Our after walk plans are still unclear, unfortunately there are not a ton of food choices within walking distance of the fairgrounds. We also don't want anyone to have to drive a long way to meetup afterward. Any ideas for an after walk meeting location would be appreciated, even if we don't make an official decision before the walk, if we have options we can decide during the walk.

Walk Info:
Meetup time: 1pm
Starting Location: Java Train Cafe - 1341 Pascal St N, St. Paul
Walk Start Time: 2pm
Walk Location: State Fair Grounds
Organizer: Conner McCall
Contact info: 612.590.5545,

A couple other notes:
1. If we get another snow storm or the weather doesn't continue to be warm enough to melt snow, you may want to bring boots. They don't plow sidewalks throughout much of the grounds.
2. There will be a pre-walk walk at the car show that is also happening at the grounds, in the coliseum. The doors open at 9, and there is a $10 admission fee. I'll start a thread specific to this event to figure out times/meeting location.
squirrelcondo 9 years ago
I'm in.
uberculture 9 years ago
I'm tentatively in... especially if we're going to the fairgrounds.
Collapse The Light 9 years ago
I'm hoping to make this one - it'll be my first photo walk! It'll also give me a chance to check on our MPR booth. :)
bikini sleepshirt 9 years ago
i'm in.
mau3ry PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mau3ry (member) 8 years ago
I am going to try to make it.
Oops, sorry to miss you all. Next time.
LittleRedPhoto 9 years ago
I'm new to the group and have been looking for photo events, so I'm in if newbies are welcome.
gamelaner PRO 9 years ago
I hope to make it. It'll be my first photo walk too. The State Fair grounds is an excellent choice!
amee@work 9 years ago
I will try to make it. I have been so out of it for a while.
fivesixzero PRO 9 years ago
Sounds like fun! Lots of possibilities. I'm in as long as we can start and/or end someplace cool to relax with some coffee/brews/food. :)
Chebutykin 9 years ago
Roving packs of wild dingoes couldn't keep me away.
Chebutykin 9 years ago
Wait, is the car show at the Fairgrounds the hot rod/classic car show? If so, and the location is the Fairgrounds, I propose that part of the walk be the car show.

(Or, if anyone is a sucker for classic cars, like me, I can lead a morning mini-walk through the show, for those interested.)

(Or something.)
karina.m 9 years ago
I'll try to make.... I'm interested in the car show also..
squirrelcondo 9 years ago
Yes, it is a rod & custom show. Looks like $10 admission.
Chebutykin 9 years ago
Thanks, squirrelcondo!

Since the car show has an admission fee, we probably shouldn't include it as part of the main walk. It opens at 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday, though, so that gives options for photographing cars earlier in the day.

I suppose we'll see what the plan for the main walk winds up being first, then establish a plan for a car show visit. (Conner: as I stated before, I'd be happy to lead the car show visit, so this wouldn't be adding work for you.)
conner.mccall 9 years ago
OK, so the State Fair Grounds appear to be no better than Valley Fair at getting back to me. I've been trying to call and get a real human being on the phone but have failed so far. Hopefully I'll have the location straightened out by the end of this week. That's the goal.

As far as the car show, I think shooting that is a wonderful idea, and I would definitely want to be a part of it if the main walk does happen at the fairgrounds.

One last thing, I'm trying to come up with a starting location near the fairgrounds that serves food, coffee, and/or beer. So far I'm not having much success. Does anyone know the area better than me and have a suggestion for a walkable destination?
priyaswtc Posted 9 years ago. Edited by priyaswtc (member) 9 years ago
I know of one place called Java Train cafe which is pretty close to the fairgrounds. They are kid friendly, too. Here is their website:

There's usually plenty of free parking space on Como/Raymond, in case you want to avoid paying for parking in the U of M's ramps/lots.

Unfortunately, I'll be missing this one since I have class on Saturdays this semester. I hope you guys have fun and I look forward to seeing all of your pictures of the event.
meghuff 9 years ago
I'm tentatively in as well. And Java Train would be a great location. They even have two rooms that are free to use if they don't have a group scheduled in them. Its just 3 blocks down from the main fairgrounds entrance.
massdistraction PRO 9 years ago
I'll be at this...unless I'm in Milwaukee that weekend. It's all up in the air at the moment. Agreed on Java Train - otherwise we'd have to use vehicular transports to head further South up Snelling to get to anything decent.
laurakaz 9 years ago
sounds good to me!
Suki♥! 9 years ago
never done something like this, i'll try to keep open
MinnTim 9 years ago
I'd love to come, the State Fair is walking distance from my house, but I'll be out of town. I hope to make it next time.
I'm new to this group and would love to join a photo walk. I have a conflict that day but will keep this on my calendar in case the other thing falls through.
gamelaner PRO 9 years ago
Connor, the MN State Fair seems to be reasonably active on twitter and fb. Maybe you can get to a real person that way? Just a thought.
conner.mccall 9 years ago
Wow, I'm sorry all, I've been swamped at work and have neglected my duties as organizer. I finally did talk to a woman at the fair and I believe she told me it was open that weekend. She was very unclear though. I'm going to the Muddy Pig for lunch tomorrow so I'm just going to go to the fairgrounds and see what's up. Who knew this would be so complicated.

So basically unless tomorrow goes horribly wrong, we'll be at the fairgrounds. I think Java Train sounds great, and then maybe we can meetup afterwards at a reasonably close but driveable bar. I also found a pizza place nearby that might work for an after walk gathering. It may be too small though.

@gamelaner I did try Twitter, but that didn't work for me, maybe I'll give FB a try. Kind of disheartening so far.
massdistraction PRO 9 years ago
Dagnabit, I will for sure be out of town then. Nooooo! I'd wanted to hang out with yawl again. I'll have to organize something for April.
fivesixzero PRO 9 years ago
April! Wow, just the thought of April coming along is pretty awesome. Snow melting? Yeah. Green plans growing? Yeah, yeah. Photowalk? Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Snelling Ave south of the fairgrounds has plenty of interesting places. Stuff down on Selby like Cahoots Coffee, the Neighborhood Cafe and Taste of Thailand are alright although they're south of I-94. Closer up Ginkgo Coffee is pretty good but that's all I'm really familiar with in that area. Eden Pizza also rocks but I'm not sure if they have a place to sit down - I've only ordered delivery (awesome delivery) so I dunno if there's room there to hang out.

The Turf Club may be good for post-walk or post-dinner drinks but there's a show there that's going on around 10-ish. (Birthday Suits CD release, with Chooglin', the Dynamiters and Leisure Birds - highly recommended too :P). There's no food at the Turf either, which might be important post-walk.
conner.mccall 9 years ago
Exciting news, we have a destination and will be at the Fair Grounds. I walked through them yesterday and I got really excited, it's going to be a great walk. I updated the original post with times/discussion points/contact info.
churchka 9 years ago
I'm in too. This is great.
Cativatedphotography 9 years ago
I think I can actually attend this! Looking forward to it.
Mo-foto 9 years ago
Sounds good, I should be in. I love Ginkgo and the Turf as post walk places.
Deirdre Butler-Derby 9 years ago
well if Mo & Amee are going, count me in!
Turn to Clear Vision 9 years ago
I hope to finally make it to another one of these.
conner.mccall Posted 9 years ago. Edited by conner.mccall (admin) 9 years ago
I'm getting excited, lots of people I haven't met should be attending!

I'm thinking Turf is definitely on the post walk list, once we get something to eat. Mo, does Ginkgo have good food? That's the issue I'm running into on my search for a post walk location.

I'd say the Blue Door Pub, because yummm! but there is a major lack of space issue there.
uberculture 9 years ago
ooh... Blue Door... I've not been there yet, but heard great things.
M.Dubs 9 years ago
I'm gettin' excited for this and it's WEEKS away.
MontyB Photography 9 years ago
I'm in, really excited about this one forsure!
Mo-foto 9 years ago
Ginkgo has great coffee and some sandwhiches, but from what I remember they weren't abundant.

I've never been to Java Train, but it looks like a good place within walking distance. Ginkgo would be a bit of a hike.
Tim Regan PRO 9 years ago
I'm going to give this a try. Count me in.
Marcus Metropolis PRO 9 years ago
Would love to make this this time!
laurakaz 9 years ago
Looking very forward to getting some good shots!
ramagrrl 9 years ago
I can't make this one but can't to meet everyone at the next one.
T. Tauri PRO 9 years ago
Film supplies replenished, so I'm in!
squirrelcondo 9 years ago
I'm driving up from the south-west (Savage). Anyone between here and there need a ride?
glistening actor [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by glistening actor (member) 9 years ago
This is becoming epic! I plan to be there, too.
krstl_blu PRO 9 years ago
I really want to make this one, it sounds like it's going to be fun. How close is the meetup place to the fairgrounds?
conner.mccall 9 years ago
The Fairgrounds are only about a 1/2 mile from the meetup location. Should be a nice walk.
krstl_blu PRO 8 years ago
Thanks conner
mintyshar 8 years ago
I'm a newbie and would love in on this.

I also live in the n'hood next to the grounds. . .so on the topic of food, it does probably require a drive. There is Abu Nader if you like mediterranean deli type options, and then a new Caribbean bistro on Raymond near University. Down Como there is a great Japanese place, Obento-ya. Then of course there is Dinkytown.
conner.mccall 8 years ago
Yah! Can't wait for all the new people I'm going to meet on this walk.

Obento-ya may have the worse website ever created, but the food looks good. I think we will have to discuss our food options while on our walk. I'm all about Caribe or Obento-ya, anyone else have opinions they want to voice before Saturday?
St Paul Paul 8 years ago
I've been in roller derby land for so long I've forgotten what a Twin Cities photo walk feels like. Let alone any kind of photography that takes place in the sunshine ... with subjects that aren't trying to hit each other, or you. I think I'm 80 percent in for this one. If you don't see me at the cafe, look for me at the fairgrounds around 2pm. I look forward to meeting everybody! :-)
tubes. PRO 8 years ago
I'm in. See you guys there!
conner.mccall Posted 8 years ago. Edited by conner.mccall (admin) 8 years ago
The official tag for the walk is tcfg032710.
fivesixzero PRO 8 years ago
Whew, was cool seeing everyone for a few minutes pre-walk at the coffeeshop! I had too much work to do to wander around on the walk but it was great to say hi to people even if I didn't have time to say hi to everyone. Can't wait to see everyone's shots!
krstl_blu PRO 8 years ago
I can't wait to see everyone's photos.
krstl_blu PRO 8 years ago
I was on my way to meet up with everyone at the cafe, stopped to get some coffee and tripped. Got a big bump on my forehead, looks like a third head. Anyway, I don't have a concussion but after a few hours in the E R , I just wanted to come home.
bikini sleepshirt 8 years ago
ouch. damn, woman, hope you are well.
krstl_blu PRO 8 years ago
Thanks bikini, Im doing fine now.
T. Tauri PRO 8 years ago
Thanks to everyone assembled for an enjoyable photowalk. Thanks, Conner for organizing.

Sorry about your accident, Mary! Hope it heals quick.
ANVRecife PRO 8 years ago
Indeed! Thank you for organizing and nice meeting some of you during the walk! Can't wait to see the results!
Eric_Petersen PRO 8 years ago
Good times yesterday.
conner.mccall 8 years ago
Thanks for coming out everyone. I had a great time meeting everyone and hope to see you all again soon.
I may get some photos up this week, I should have done it yesterday but slacked off, whoops. Love what I'm seeing so far though.
Chebutykin 8 years ago
I'm sorry I went missing after Java Train. Right after everyone left the coffee shop, I had to tend to an emergency.

Here are my photos from the car show earlier that morning:
Collapse The Light 8 years ago
I'm so bummed I forgot about this. I had been planning on it since the first posting and then weekend of my wife and I ended up getting a much needed break from our daughters and I completely forgot! Hopefully next time.

Hope you all had fun. I've been having fun browsing the pictures!
heady stamp [deleted] 8 years ago
i'm so slow on posting my photos. only a few so far. i'm going to try and get more up this weekend. i haven't even started sifting through the car show shots!
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