mrmojo6068 5:37am, 2 March 2008
I'm planning a trip to Costa Rica in a few weeks and I was debating whether or not I should bring my lens hood. To be honest I've never really used the lens hood (or any lens hood for that matter). Though, I want to take the best pictures possible with my camera (the Rebel XTi). Do any of you use the lens hood for your Tamron lens? Does it make photos come out better on sunny days when you do use it? Thanks!!!
rich_gersh PRO 11 years ago
A lens hood is the single most important accessory for any lens! Shame on you for not using it!

The purpose of the hood is to keep light from entering horizontally across the lens elements, thereby increasing contrast. It will help eliminate glare and flare, and It will also protect the front element from bumps, scratches and smudges.

Always, alsways, ALWAYS use your lens hood.
Iceberg54 11 years ago
Rich is right, always use the hood !
mrmojo6068 11 years ago
Alrighty. Lens hood it is. Thanks!
yes , hood is essential , but i guess it is also important that we remove it before loading it into the carrying case as a precaution . also , use the ' lock ' feature of the lens set at 17 mm ...
orange basket [deleted] 11 years ago
I don't use it either .. I just use a Hoya Uv Pro-1.
MrDAT 11 years ago
I always use the lens hood and no filter.

When storing, I put the hood on backwards on the lens.
Renidroc 11 years ago
MrDAT, thanks for the tip!!! Never even thought of doing that!
MrDAT 11 years ago
:) And, you can only do that with the bayonet hoods..
spotless pear [deleted] 11 years ago
I use the hood, but would use a filter more if I could get a Hoya at a good price.
rich_gersh PRO 11 years ago
Hoods and filters are NOT interchangeable. They serve completely different purposes.
orange basket [deleted] 11 years ago
rich_gersh yeah? I've read differents points of view .. tell me the purposes of each one :)
rich_gersh PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by rich_gersh (member) 11 years ago
The purpose of the hood has been posted.

Which filter do you want to know the purpose of?

A UV filter, IMHO, if for peace of mind of the owner.

A neutral density filter is used to block light.

A graduated neutral density filter is used to block light in only part of the frame.

A warming filter is used to give a warmer color cast to the image.

A star filter will add a star effect to light sources.

A circular polorizing filter can be used to block light, increase contrast, reduce or enhance reflections and/or glare, or increase saturation. It is most effective when used at a 90 degree angle to the light source.

A diffusion (or softening) filter is used to create a soft, dreamy haze and softens focus.

The list goes on . . .

Here's a good start. And here too.

See? It's not either/or.
...foto moose... 11 years ago
Basically a filter does what it says, it filters the light, affecting it in certain ways depending on what type of filter it is. A hood stops unwanted light entering the camera from the sides and no more.
MrDAT 11 years ago
A hood can help with front glass damage. It won't stop somethign from coming straight on to the lens (ie, a ball flying toward the lens), but it will help against regular rubbing.
markforsythe 11 years ago
I actually have a custom lens cap for mine. It has a rubber pull that squeezes the finger tabs together. That way I can have the hood on and still take the cap off. I purchased a Hoya UV when I bought the lens, it hasn't and won't come off until I need to replace it. I use the hood outdoors mainly, occasionally inside, when it is fairly bright, or there are multiple light sources.
I posted some pics yesterday, of the Texas State Aquarium using this lens. One thing I did find online was a rubber 67mm hood that is 2 inches deep. I use this when shooting through glass such as here...

It helps keep the camera still when holding it, and the filters don't get scratched. It really helps when people are behind just shooting away with their flash on and all you get is glare from the window.
Ratheesh Vijayan 9 years ago
i lost the hood :( I hope i can find a new one that suits wide angle
Dominick Paoli 9 years ago

problem solved....
Orbmiser 9 years ago
Yep never use filters except for polarize,ND,etc...

My hood never comes off. And no I do not remove when I put in the bag. As I like it ready for the shot out of the bag and don't use a lens cap either.

The hood keeps the element from touching bottom of bag and protects from dings when it swings from shoulder,etc and swings into a door jam and such. And since wide angles are prone to sun flare it helps to reduce flares also.

Always use Hoods!
Brad Chiplin 9 years ago
I never use the lenshood. It's a pain. and nothing I can't do with my hand to shade the lens.
Dominick Paoli 9 years ago

Must be so hard to twist a hood on.....
Brad Chiplin 9 years ago
Takes up a lot of unnecessary room in the bag.

Way easier to use your hand as a shade if it needs it.
Jurgen DS 9 years ago
I always use the hood, mostly for protection. It's a pain to use together with a polarizer though.
Sony Pro Photo NYC 9 years ago
bradchiplin says:

Takes up a lot of unnecessary room in the bag.

Way easier to use your hand as a shade if it needs it.
Posted 5 weeks ago.

Almost every single lens hood will attach backwards for storage on the the lens! It doesn't take up any more room in your bag with the lens attached. I have the Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 and the sony 70-300G lens in my bag both with there hood turned around and attached to the lens backwards and both lenses with hoods attached fit in my backpack with all my other crap.
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