stampqnjlr 8:51pm, 31 December 2013
We will begin our year making mini quilts (approx 12 x 12 up to 20 x 24) since that was the #1 in the poll for swap ideas. Sign-ups will be through January 6th.

International mailing date will be no later thanFebruary 17th and the US mailing date will be no later than February 27th. Please do not mail before February 12th. That keeps the suspense for all of us!

Please make a mosaic BEFORE you fill out the sign-up form. Forms submitted without mosaic links will not be accepted.

Below is the link to sign up.

Signed up and ready to swap:

Stampqnjlr (Jan)
KarinKajsa (Karin)
JodiB63 (Jodi)
Grecomara (Mara)
Cillaa81 (Cecilia)
Espritpatch (Celine)
Sewlikesue (Sue)
Uberstitch (Pam)
AnnaVid (Anna)
cillaa81 5 years ago
I forgot the mosaic link :( I will do another sign up , hope its ok?!
KarinKajsa 5 years ago
Hi Jan thanks for starting this now. It is the first thing I do in 2014. Signed up!
cillaa81 5 years ago
Hope i got it right now... ;)
espritpatch 5 years ago
just signed up! Happy New Year everyone
sewlikesue 5 years ago
Submitted...first swap to join this year!
JodiB63 5 years ago
Signed up!
NotYetTheDodo PRO 5 years ago
Happy new year, and you are so amazingly organized - thank you for starting us all off in geat style!
JanBran 5 years ago
Will have to miss out on this round as I can't committ to anything at the moment. Hopefully by round 2 I will be back to my normal self with all my treatments behind me.
Anna vid Kvarnen 5 years ago
Hi Jan

I have now signed up and done the mosaic :)
Mara Creates 5 years ago
Signed up and made a mosaic. Happy New Year!
uberstitch PRO 5 years ago
I'm signed up.
MLRuese 5 years ago
I am going to pass this round, just to many projects right now.
whits_763 5 years ago
I'm all signed up!
Crabapple Quilts 5 years ago
all signed up!
A.quilter.2 5 years ago
I signed up as well.
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