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perdom ADMIN October 26, 2007
Welcome to STS-120. We are a group of people who enjoy everything related to the space, new technologies, etc This time we decided to be eyewitness of this space shuttle launch, so let's share photos, knowledge, experiences. This place could be useful the next time to anyone who wants to do this trip.

Group Description

This group was conceived to collect photos about this space shuttle launch, human emotions, plans, everything related to STS-120 mission is welcome here.

The weather in Cape Canaveral:

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STS-120 Discovery
STS-120 Discovery

1. In this blog I tried to explain my experience seeing the space launch.


2. This is a great blog about anything you need to see the Launch. There Rainer Gerhards is doing a great job explaining everything he needs, research, etc to come from Germany and see the launch. In fact, he came before but he couldn't see it so help him with your comments. I am enjoying his blog daily.

sts120-s-002 group


3. When I started looking for some advise about how take this kind of pictures I found this website. There he explain almost anything you need.
I like how he show us how is the view from different places.

I was thinking that could be better if I choose good pictures from the group and I post them here. I was considering too choose them voting, but it could be complicated so I'll choose some of them and if you want to see one here, just post a comment in the group and I'll post it. ( or send me a message)

Mother & Son


Rainer Gerhards - It was taken with a 300mm lens, but a digital EOS camara, so it was closer to 500 mm
Space Shuttle Discovery rockets into Space

Armando Perdomo - I was located in Titusville.
Shuttle Launch Discovery, Oct 2007

Bill and Joanne McGaha. They came from North Kingsville Ohio.
Solid rocket booster separation

Bruce Tuten - The rocket must be six - nine miles up when this was take.
the seperation II

turtlereef - This is the view from where I work at the Kennedy Space Center.
Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

Lutor44 - People waiting the launch at Kennedy Space Center

ixo - Rainbow breaking over the Space Shuttle on Monday morning.
Rainbow over the Shuttle

cocoabeachjoe - I finally tried shooting a launch from somewhere other than the hospital garage. This was shot from Titusville, across the Indian River from the launch pad. (300mm)
Through the Clouds

Ken Mobile
Shuttle Discovery2 10-23-07


Armando Perdomo
Space Shuttle Discovery - STS 120

Ixo -I was in the Saturn V viewing area, on the river.
Man-Made Cloud

Van Corey
Space Shuttle Discovery - Punching Through - Mission STS-120 - 10.23.2007

Will Glynn - The varying winds at altitude start tearing apart the smoke trail only minutes after launch.

Samuel Shotick - the trail remains with Discovery only a speck in the sky, looking like a mid-day star

Adam Chaffins - The moment everyone was waiting for. Too bad we couldn't actually see the launch pad though. And the shuttle went straight through a low cloud, lol
We have Liftoff!

Jamie Drake - I work out there.. I think I was just about 1/2 mile west of the Media Boxes
Discovery Launch

STS-120 launch - 2

Robyn - STS-120 Space Shuttle Discovery launch as just seen from our backyard at 11:38 a.m.

Sarah - From Ocala, FL

Armando Perdomo
Shuttle Launch Discovery, Oct 2007

cocoabeachjoe - As close as I could get to Space Shuttle Discovery on its way from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Tim Ake - Colin hand-holding the 8 inch reflector telescope

Gavin MacVicar



Daniel Wright - 1:01 p.m. - Discovery's landing gear is down and locked at 14 seconds to touchdown
Orbiter STS 120 #9

Donnie & Connie Shackleford
Shuttle Trail

George Zamka

sts120-s-002 group

Paul W.'s Shuttle Video
sts120-s-002 group

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