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BC3 #1

strobist 12:21pm, 27 June 2011
Discussion for Boot Camp 3, Assignment 1 goes here. (The post on this assignment is here.)
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RobOKC 7 years ago
Thank you for doing another boot camp. This will be my first go at it and I am really excited to participate this year.
Good day David!

I was just wondering whether is this opened for people residing outside of the US? Can we participate for prizes?

And also, by "tight portrait", do you mean only waist up? Or tighter than that?

Thank you for your time,
Tom Ellingham 7 years ago

I believe it is open to all countries, David will ship anywhere in the world but you might be liable to pay customs. See 'Speaking of Prizes' in this post:



My bad, I missed that part. Thank you for the link! :D

johendley 7 years ago
Awesome assignment. Already made some calls..Really looking forward to this.
strobist Posted 7 years ago. Edited by strobist (admin) 7 years ago
Generally, a portrait that fills the frame -- not a lot of extraneous stuff.

And, that said, I am not going to spend much time (um, if any) answering a lot of Nth-degree Q's on this. Just get out and do it. Use common sense. Take some initiative.

IADina Posted 7 years ago. Edited by IADina (member) 7 years ago
Thanks David :) for this Boot Camp it would be really very helpful for me to learn more.
RexArce 7 years ago
I know just the right person for this assignment. :)
offcameraflash 7 years ago
David, would you consider a different "code" for this assignment? I don't see myself asking a mayor to touch their nose for a photo, for example. I'm sure 90% of potential subjects for this assignment won't have a problem with it, but some might feel silly doing it, and I know that I would feel silly asking a lot of them to do it.
Stephane Hachey 7 years ago
I'm soo excited! I already sent out an email to the person I want to shoot.
DigitalQi 7 years ago
I missed the first boot camp this is going to be awesome for me.
Should we get a signed modeling release?
ChrisVPhoto 7 years ago
offcameraflash: all they can say is "no..."
dtbap 7 years ago
Can the portrait be of two people or is it intended to be of a single subject?
strobist Posted 7 years ago. Edited by strobist (admin) 7 years ago

" ... Assignment number one is both simple and difficult. Simple in that its physical subject matter is a person. Specifically, the assignment is for a tight portrait. One that could be used as a cover image or perhaps a full-page inside lede.

But difficult in that you actually need to find and reach out to someone relevant to your community and photograph them. Someone who makes the community more interesting, or might have a story to tell. Someone who merits the thought that goes into a quality photo. ..."

fiends911 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by fiends911 (member) 7 years ago
You knew it was coming David.... you knew it was coming.... That being said, already got my person lined up and ready to go. Looking forward to the rest of the project!
andrew71ca 7 years ago
Find someone prominent or interesting to photograph in less than two weeks? That will be a lot harder than setting up lights and triggers!! :)

I love a challenge!
ChrisVPhoto 7 years ago
I'm looking forward to jumping in the ring. Film images are ok, I assume, right?
kporter85db 7 years ago
Perhaps you should make reading, following directions and research part of the requirements for Boot Camp 3. They are essential skills for a photographer. Anybody who asks simple questions already answered in the instructions would become ineligible to win, or something.
Paul Apeldoorn 7 years ago
Thank you David for giving us the possibility to come in action. Out of the books and internet, to the real world. Organize my own shoot with probably someone I don't now and to produce interesting pictures. I like it and i'm IN.
ChrisVPhoto 7 years ago
Mines not answered, and I feel like I know what the answer is, but I'd rather not have someone down the complaining somehow, so I'm asking for public consumption. After the debacle of the last prize-winning thing the more above board the better....
wingtangwong 7 years ago
Nice. So looking forward to this! I ran out of juice a few assignments into BCII, so hopefully, I'll get further along with BCIII! ^_^ Thanks for doing this yet again, David!
IvanDavidBoden 7 years ago
I'm also excited to give this a go!

Thanks for the challenge David!
reedography 7 years ago
@ ChrisV
The instructions do not specify digital or film. Even if you shoot on film it must be submitted digitally, so shoot it any way you like. Good luck
ChrisVPhoto 7 years ago
Well, I could send in the negatives if there's a discrepancy. :)
strobist Posted 7 years ago. Edited by strobist (admin) 7 years ago
The code shot is only if you are in it to win it. You can certainly shoot all of the assignments without. But I have to have some way to make reasonably sure people are not just stacking the deck with file art.

If you do not think you could convince your subject that the code shot is to ensure authenticity, you could always just print out the damn assignment page.


outgoing lip [deleted] 7 years ago
Already thinking of what person to ask. Got someone in mind so gonne try to set up a shoot in time.. Let's think about a backup, just in case..

Thanks for this great assignment.. really got me excited.
=Paul 7 years ago
1) Thank you Mr. Hobby for this awesome opportunity.
2) Thank you Mr. Hobby for this awesome quote: And, that said, I am not going to spend much time (um, if any) answering a lot of Nth-degree Q's on this. Just get out and do it. Use common sense. Take some initiative.

C'mon people!
aloof board [deleted] 7 years ago
@all the questions..........nevermind..........
magicnikon 7 years ago
Man this is a great first assignment. My epiphany for my subject came at the bank this evening, running into a prominent fundraiser. I have so many ideas...now I just need him to say 'Yes'.

Thanks again for this great opportunity, David.

Scruba Images 7 years ago
David you must cringe every time you run a bootcamp knowing that a sea of stupid questions from people that over analyse the briefs is coming your way.

Come on guys treat it like a real job where your weekly wage is on the line. You don't want to bombard a client with silly questions. They just want you to make them look good. Get creative and get shooting.

Thanks for the opportunity to play David
susanyoung 7 years ago
Psyched for Boot Camp 3. Thank you David.
zoetrope 7 years ago
Hey, is this the place I post my annoyingly nit-picky questions? (Just kidding folks). Thanks for doing this, DH, you truly are one of the great ones. (And for those who haven't seen Lighting in Layers, this assignment meshes perfectly with much of what David Hobby is doing in his own photography and in that DVD set.)
Zee Anna! 7 years ago
WOOT WOOT! first time at this. So excited!!! I dont care about the prizes, the learning in itself is the prize!
MelbourneImage.com 7 years ago
Hmmm look forward to claiming my prize already :)
Please send to ....

On a serious note, looks like a great boot-camp project.
John McClumpha 7 years ago
Great to see BC3 underway... I'm already excited! :)
Lana'i Photos 7 years ago
Is the sun considered as one light? haha just kidding. Looking forward to this bootcamp thanks for helping people expand their knowledge. And I think a few need that!
I am really excited about the first assignment... and I love the "code", it's gonna be fun!
Ian_Hay 7 years ago
What happened to the comments underneath David's BC3 post on Strobist.com. Did I miss a classic meltdown into anarchic fratricide?
David Sr. - 7 years ago
Ian, as he stated in the article, he closed comments on the blog to keep from splitting the discussion.

"And to not split the discussion into two locations, I am closing comments on this post."
Zero Sequence Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Zero Sequence (member) 7 years ago
Ian_Hay - The BC3 intro post still has comments shown. The BC31 post mentions (near the end) that comments are closed and discussion will take place here.
EDIT: David Sr beat me to it....
reflective clover [deleted] 7 years ago
Can someone PLEASE
Post the assignment on here!!!! I'm in china and steobist is blocked for some stupid reason:(. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alohadave 7 years ago
Jonathan Nock the First I just sent you a flickrmail with the full text of the post.
PaladinPhil 7 years ago
I was in China recently and there are a lot of social network sites that are blocked by the government. Blogger and Blogspot are a couple of the sites that can't be accessed. I know this because I couldn't access my own personal blog while there. My brother blames some stupid activist that was caught with a bunch of software to bypass "The Great Firewall of China" during the 2008 Olympic games. Thankfully Flickr wasn't blocked.
JenniferGeekess 7 years ago
I don't have the guts to ask the guy in my community I want to photograph to put his finger on his nose for a photo, lol. So I am not going to pursue it.
Alfredk 7 years ago
I think this is all part of David trying to get us to open up, I think he was very kind about the finger on the nose, he could have asked for far worse places to put the finger :))
alohadave 7 years ago
JenniferGeekess Try it. The hardest part is asking the person. Once he's sitting there, have him do a single verification shot.
mdelgado_98 7 years ago
I found a guy. I selected a great location. Now, if I can only figure out how to light him.
foxpony~CS Art photography Posted 7 years ago. Edited by foxpony~CS Art photography (member) 7 years ago
Really I have alaready thought of a simple "fix" just point your camera at said Person and say. Oh Just a minute you have a spot of dirt on your nose. 9 out of ten times they willl reach up and try to rub it off ( especially if you do the "touch nose" as example pose) no ASKING necassary
=Paul 7 years ago
Just got of the phone with my subject. Shooting on Friday. So stoked!
magicnikon 7 years ago
What's the problem with the TSFOTN*? If you don't want to ask, just do the portrait assignment, don'tdo the TSFOTN shot, contribute to the community and enjoy the Kudos from making a nice picture.

*Totally Solicited Finger On The Nose
noiseranch Posted 7 years ago. Edited by noiseranch (member) 7 years ago
couple emails sent. now to start thinking, and hopefully practice a bit if i have time.

edit: turns out one of my proposed subjects lives in SF and I'm in LA. roadtrip would be nice. oh well, got my back up (thanks for that tip david). now maybe time for a backup to the backup.
exclusive feeling [deleted] 7 years ago
I absolutely cannot wait to participate! I'm determined to do this even though it's during my vacation, so I've got maybe three days available that I can do it in, but I have my subject locked down already. It's all set up in my mind!

Of course, whether or not its going to work out like I want when I get there is the question. Adapt and overcome!
exclusive feeling [deleted] 7 years ago
About the nose thing, seriously just be honest with the person, what is the matter with that? You shouldn't have to trick your subject or fool them. They're a human being just like you, assure them it won't be published, and just be honest.
Sharna_Lee_Photo 7 years ago
I agree with F Stop. Just be honest with your subject and let them know it's for "authentication purposes only" and will not be used in any other way.

Good Luck Everyone!!! This should be a fun journey.
Zero Sequence 7 years ago
Yeah, just explain to them what it is for. Otherwise you are going to have to explain to your subject why you just tricked them into touching their nose and then snapped a picture of it.....
JesseWillson 7 years ago
Thank you for organizing this competition! It is exactly what I need to force me out of my comfort zone.

Also its very compassionate of you to run it right in the middle of university holidays for me :)
JenniferGeekess 7 years ago
I think foxpony was just being humorous :)
TurbidDJ 7 years ago
what happens if someone puts a picture up and then decides to go with another image. can they do that?
purring desire [deleted] 7 years ago
Can I still join in on Boot Camp 3 or is it too late? I just now saw the posting and would love to participate.

Thank you
Mike D.
wushi. 7 years ago
Yeeees David. I've been a reader of Strobist.com for less than a year and I absolutely love it (strobist photography) this might be my chance to participate. Even though most of you are professional photographers, I'm in!

David, be prepared to ship "Lighting in Layers" to Mozambique :)
Murray McMaster 7 years ago
"Can I still join in on Boot Camp 3 or is it too late?"
There is a due date. We're not at that date yet.
reflective clover [deleted] 7 years ago
I think David's intention of getting people out, experimenting, and becoming well rounded is definitely a challenge. As he said, the lighting is an after thought. With THAT being said, Im working with a professional athlete, the concept was near perfect, the lighting was some of the best ive created so far , and the location was great. What WASNT great was shooting at an ISO of 800 and at 2 seconds to get a clear background of the man made illuminated karst mountains at night and subtle movements from the subject. FURTHERMORE, even thought I know my subject, the language barrier was a huge difficulty when trying to convey the mood i wanted.

MANY lessons learned today. Try again tomorrow!
strobist 7 years ago

Au contraire. The majority (~85%) of the people who read Strobist are amateurs.
ChrisVPhoto 7 years ago
Speak for yourself. I'm totally professional.

How do I trigger a bootcamp, should I get cactus triggers? ;)
Scruba Images 7 years ago
@ChrisVPhoto - just make sure you keep that flash on top of your camera no matter what you decide to go with. :)

@Murray McMaster - as stated on the blog post about the bootcamp. Closing date to be in the running to win is July 9th. Its never too late to get involved.
kumpu 7 years ago
Still 1 day to go until I get my subject to arrive for photo .. um, 9 days 'til deadline so no hurry :)

@everybody who is involved, happy shootin' :)
lunenburgirl 7 years ago
really needed this challenge. completely nervous but excited. thanks for the push!
PaladinPhil 7 years ago
Okay, got my subject lined up. Just setting timings for the shoot. I am so stoked!
MKCardwell 7 years ago
Submitted my photo. Glad I was able to have things line up to have it done in the timeline. Used some of my speedlights that hadn't been used in a while.
Scruba Images 7 years ago
Just emailed a complete stranger I found on the net with a dodgy portrait for their business. Guess you can only ask.
Morgoth-JEV 7 years ago
I am interested and I am waiting to see what the first assignment will be.
Nionyn_ Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Nionyn_ (moderator) 7 years ago
The first assignment has been posted - see the link in Strobist's original post at the top of this page (or the front page of the Strobist blog). :-)
Michael.Montalto 7 years ago
Hello and excited to be a part of the community. After reading David's assignment I contacted my communities mayors office and to my complete surprise....he agreed to give me an hour to shoot him. We'll see how it goes! -mM
Paul Apeldoorn 7 years ago
I'm sorry David but I made a mistake by tagging my photo with BC3 in stead of BC31. I corrected the tag. I tried to upload the photo again but got the restriction message of 1 photo a day.
Do I have to upload it tomorrow?
alohadave 7 years ago
Paul Apeldoorn Changing the tag is sufficient. As long as you didn't remove the picture from the pool, you are good to go.
Paul Apeldoorn 7 years ago
Thank you. I see my photo now on strobist.
aloof board [deleted] 7 years ago
@Scruba Images

Seems like the hard part of this assignment is actually doing something that you aren't used to doing....like getting someone to commit to your project...maybe that's the point...it's really not about the gear...it's learning something new...and meeting new people...anyways I was rejected and kept telling people about my personal project and finally have a photo shoot lined up for Tuesday....making the image should be easy!
noiseranch 7 years ago
this was harder than i thought. even though i found my person pretty easily and knew them casually so had some rapport, talking to them from behind the camera, getting them to pose, look, smile, whatever, not so easy. didn't help that i didn't have a clear vision in my head of what i wanted, and i think my shots turned out too cluttered. well, chalk it up to a learning experience, and i can either find another subject this week or just wait for round 2.
aloof board [deleted] 7 years ago

The interaction with your subject..... packing up and lugging
gear is the hardest part.....it almost seems as if all you had to do is to
buy a camera and gear and click the shutter then we all would be famous..
noiseranch 7 years ago
it was also the little things i forgot about--dealing with the subject's glasses, removing distracting elements from the frame, trying to do too much. always a lot to think about, and I didn't have enough of a game plan.

it's too bad, because i had a really clear vision of the shot I wanted for the other person i wanted to shoot--too bad they turned out to be in san francisco and I'm in LA.
I think one of the best things about this assignment is the "code" shot. Building a relationship in a short period of time is very critical in this business and if you are doing your part, getting the code shot should be relatively easy. Build that trust.
George07748 7 years ago
Wow... just uploaded... don't know if I have the tags working right though.

Being not too far from the shore area of NJ, I decided to approach a few people I know who advocate for clean oceans and beaches. After over a day with no response (because I use this antiquated thingy called email), a HS student I know from church responded.

I was amazed at how fast things move on a sunset shoot... you really only have a few minutes with incredible light. I also really don't know how to "fix" the flash's reflection from skin...

You always come back from these with more things to learn than you executed.
noiseranch 7 years ago
totally forgot to get the code shot. well, i have emails to prove it, if david cared, but the nose would have been more fun!
P_Mark 7 years ago
ok, I reread everything and didn't see it mentioned so I am going to ask......I am new to the group so forgive me if I ask an obvious question...what is allowed in post processing of the shot? is dodge and burn allowed, or cropping, or exposure adjustment etc...

alohadave 7 years ago
P_Mark Normal post processing is fine. There is no specific list of rules for what you can do to the picture, but the focus of the group is lighting, and the specific goal is reaching out to someone in your community.
P_Mark 7 years ago
Thank you alohadave, I appreciate your response
scottrandle 7 years ago
This is my first time participating in the Strobist Boot Camp and I just wanted to comment that it is a great learning experience. Thank you David for this learning experience. I'm seeing alot of really nice entries posted. Everyone keep up the good work.
humorous grip [deleted] 7 years ago
First one Done :)
I didn't even forget the finger on the nose because I made it my first shot, (I think I would have forgotten otherwise).
sylentbob3 7 years ago
Can the photograph be with more than one person, as if they are 3 people in a group project together? It' just like Dubai, but in reverse! Pretty Please?
Nionyn_ 7 years ago
sylentbob3 Your question has already been asked and answered higher up this page:
Hint: the answer is "No".
James Davidson 7 years ago
Looking forward to the reviews / winners. Just posted my entry this morning. When i told him I needed the "nose shot" he gave me a look like I was planning something, but when I explained it, he said that was a really good idea. He knows I can be a little mischevious at times, so I can't blame him for questioning.
acoustic eyes [deleted] 7 years ago
I found the finger on the nose a good ice breaker - was that the secret plan?!?!? Seriously though, a great first challenge and the first time I have entered boot camp - just hope I am worthy!
=Paul 7 years ago
Oh man, I'm stoked for the deadline- I can't wait to see the flood of submissions. Mostly, I'm psyched for the next assignment. Cheers!
IvanDavidBoden 7 years ago
I'm excited to!

I made my arrangements to shoot tomorrow evening!

I have two people, both equally fascinating. It will be tough but I'll have to choose only one for the submission.
paulf3 7 years ago
I just got my entry in. It was definitely a challenge to approach someone to take their picture...something I haven't done before. I asked a friend, but it was still a little daunting.

Everything took longer than I was expecting it to. Hopefully that comes with experience. My first light setup was OK, but it was missing something. I switched to an overhead light as talked about a couple times on Strobist and on LiL, and I really liked the results. I also nearly forgot to take the code shot. I had mentioned it to my subject beforehand, and he reminded me of it just as I thought I was finishing up.

If this assignment had come a week earlier, I would have had an easy subject. A friend of mine has a coworker who is an artist hosting his first solo gallery exhibit. He wanted some pictures of his work, and I took a few a few of him as well. Oh well...more experience, I guess.
Alan Bailward 7 years ago
Tomorrow morning at 8:30 I get to shoot the mayor. Uhm... photographically of course. I have a friend who has a sister who is friends with him, so I asked her to make arrangements. Spent some time tonight getting a beauty dish + hair light combo setup and working for at least a "safe" shot. Hopefully I won't take too much of his time setting up and changing things around if I can get access to something funky and cool to shoot... photograph him in.
MarcDurand 7 years ago
I got my shot done last Saturday, and sent my subject the shots last night. Today I got an offer for a paying job for next week (from the subject)! Awesome networking ftw! Thanks for creating this opportunity for me Dave!
Martin Bartosch 7 years ago
Now this was really both interesting and challenging, and I definitely agree that the most difficult part of this assignment is the requirement to leave your own comfort zone (i. e. easy victims such as relatives, friends etc.) and aim a little higher.
I did my shooting yesterday, and with some success, I think (will publish my submission soon).
Asking a near stranger to collaborate on the shooting was the first challenge, but actually shooting him really raised my adrenaline level considerably.
I thought about about my light setup beforehand and reduced my gear to the necessary minimum. On location I knew I had to work fast: don't take too much valuable time of my subject. Try to create and capture the "moment" David asked for.
In the end I did the actual shooting in about 15 minutes total. Don't know what nonsense I talked about during the shooting session, my mind was literally clear after the shooting was done. But at least I found some nice shots on the CF card. Ten frames were nice enough to pass them to the "victim".
elbarbieque 7 years ago
Just posted my shot. To echo others, a big thank you David for running another Boot Camp! Driving us out of our comfort zone and consider the community in which we live. This has to be a chore for you and from the looks of the submissions; you’ve got a tough row to hoe ahead of you choosing one winner (though I think we are all winners in the greater sense, good job folks). Lotta lessons to learn and testing thinking on your feet; I forgot my sandbags and those umbrellas do make a dandy sail. I happened to have two Wal-Mart bags of canned dog and cat food in my truck, they work. I learned much from you and Joe at the FBT in Houston. The big take away for me was that you put the little pieces together; looking forward to using them. You threw down a gauntlet in Houston for me to get better food pictures on my web site. Will do after Boot Camp if not before. The “trip” continues. MrBBQ
aloof board [deleted] 7 years ago
Assignment was tough.....people don't have much time and often don't like taking pictures.....so setting up and getting your shot has to happen fast. Less gear ..... work fast ... and have a personality to engage your subject.
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