acerl310 4:35pm, 7 August 2010
Hello there master strobists! I just started with OFC and I was disappointed at how harsh my speedlite was. I googled about getting softer light and I was greeted with softboxes galore!

I want a softbox that is fairly light, compact and easy to put up and tear down. Please, don't forget that I'm not a professional who needs the best of the best out there.

Now, I ask, is it reasonable for me to buy the expensive (and feature packed in my POV) Cheetah softbox rather than other cheap alternatives out there? The reason I ask this is because (if I order the QBox) I need to order it internationally.

Shipping+Costums+Tax+Corrupted Government=Ridiculously expensive shipping bill

I have:
24-70mm f/2.8L USM
430EX II
2x YN-460II (soon)
A tripod
A lightstand (soon)

Note: I didn't opt for studio strobes because they are expensive, big and hard to drag around. Especially because they need a real power source. Also, I don't like umbrellas because of... personal bias. :)

I am open to all suggestions out there! :D
raw photo design 8 years ago
Just got the QBox last week and have used it on two shoots thus far with an AB1600, 580ex, and vivitar 285. I loved it, it's very quick to set up and the light looks great. The only downside is the supplied speedring doesn't fit the vivitar head at all. So the head of the vivitar leans against the speed ring and doesn't actually get into the softbox. I know you don't own a 285 but you might want to check with them if your flashes will fit through the speed ring.
hsel 8 years ago
I am also looking for a softbox. I would like to have a cheetah, but its small size makes me worry. It needs to be too close to model to be soft. Anyway, I think the most important difference between ebay softboxes and cheetah is the grid. Qbox provides grid which is very important for indoor shoots.
acerl310 8 years ago
@Raw Photo Design Oh, if your 580EX (which is bigger than the 430EX II) can fit, I bet my current flash guns can too :-bd

@Hsel Oh, so we're in the same boat (lol). I know what you're talking about but it's 24". I think that's big enough to produce soft light. 50" Wescotts cost twice as much as the Qbox 24. The only thing that made me choose the Cheetah over the other expensive softboxes out there is because it seemed to me that it was the best "bang for the buck" choice. Like what you've said, it has a grid, a catchlight, a diffuser and a diffuser inside.

I'm trying to find a cheap bigass softbox too so I can use it as the main light while the Qbox 24 as the catchlight and/or fill light :)
raw photo design 8 years ago
@acerl310 - the 430 will definitely fit but I have no idea what the size of the YN-460 is.
hsel 8 years ago
btw, it is not 24", the front diffuser is 20". compared to wescott 28", there is a significant difference.... however, it has its own grid and you can easily adjust the flash output.
eduardo_frances 8 years ago
What I have noticed is that people using the Qbox don´t seem to have color casts in their photos as some people have with the cheapie cheap ebay version, that alone makes it worth the difference in price because you won´t have to deal with silly purple or blue color casts in post processing :)
acerl310 8 years ago
@Hsel Oh really? Wow, it is quite small... but for my use and my lifestyle, I think it can do pretty well. Besides, the big ones are too expensive for me :( You're right though, it's easier to play with the flash if it's on the Qbox and not on wescott's apollo

@Eduardo_Frances Oh, I see I see. Thanks for the heads up! I almost forgot that part :)
acerl310 8 years ago
@raw_photo_design From what I see, In think the asian flash can fit or I'll just improvise... if necessary. :D
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