NYC Town Hall

a_w_taylor PRO 2:04am, 15 September 2007
Very informative, fun and low-key. Good to meet you all and put some names and faces together!
Joshua Meador 11 years ago
Good to hear! I am going to be attending the San Francisco and Los Angeles ones in a couple of weeks.
a_w_taylor PRO 11 years ago
I didn't realize this was the first one. Check out Photoshelter tomorrow...
Ryan Brenizer PRO 11 years ago
Yeah, it was excellent, and Chase stole the show. He mentioned Strobist 153 times, give or take. Best of all, Photoshelter really didn't beat you over the head with the service, it was genuinely valuable for professional photographers.
timmui 11 years ago
I must have missed you all there, though I had to leave early. The entire thing was fun, and for the most part very entertaining. I learned a bunch of things I hadn't considered before. Of most concern to everyone seemed to be the copyright issues.

Chase did steal the show, both during his keynote, and during the panel discussion. And not to mention taking over the discussion with DH during coctail hour on the main floor.

So, remember, register your photos. *grin*
Stephen Crowers 11 years ago
And here I though it was Chase's repeated references to "suck" and "crap" that stole the show...

In all honesty, it was a good bit of info to mull over and it was great meeting DH, Chase and the fellow strobists who attended.

Steve Crowers

PS - and yep, we all need to get the $45 all-you-can-cram-on-a-DVD special at (
strobist PRO 11 years ago
Very good to see you guys there today. Thanks to everybody that stepped up to introduce themselves. Enjoyed meeting some new people along with running into a few familiar faces.

What do you guys think of the new stock agency thing? (I had no idea that was coming, BTW.)

On the face of it, it seems like a long overdue change in the approach to dealing with photogs and stock. I find it interesting that they have set a minimum price that a photographer may charge, but beyond that it is up to you -- and the market.
Joshua Meador 11 years ago
I have not looked into the pricing structure for the new setup but is it a royalty free setup or is it rights managed? I wish I could integrate something like fotoquote into it. That would be my favorite type of stock agency.
@kevinv033 PRO 11 years ago
I wish I would have been able to go :(
a_w_taylor PRO 11 years ago
I believe there is both - RM & RF. Should be up today - I believe there is a built in pricing structure...

David - great to meet you! Think you could make it up to NYC next Sunday for our meet-up?
Stephen Crowers 11 years ago
>> wish I could integrate something like fotoquote into it. That would be my favorite type of stock agency.

I think they are, specifically fotoquote - but I'd need to recheck the materials (and I'm noob enough to have missed the significance during the presentation, but it sounds familiar).

bbphotova Posted 11 years ago. Edited by bbphotova (member) 11 years ago
It was great to meet both David and Chase! The Strobist blog has been stretching my mind technically and creatively and Chase and the rest of the speakers stretched it creatively and business-wise.

And, I got to visit NYC for the first time!
MediaMoments 11 years ago
I am registered to go to the event in Chicago this week, but with the cost of transport from Dayton, Ohio to Chicago at at least $75.00, and given that I don't have a lot of $$ to use for educational stuff (I'm saving up for the Strobist DVD and/or seminar after all,) I'm wondering whether it will be worth the cost to go.

I shoot mostly editorial right now (for newspapers and the occasional magazine).

I'm wondering A) is there anyone else from the Ohio area going and B) how far are people traveling to get to these events?

I've flipped and flopped about eight times in the last few days on whether to go or not.

Tousignant Photography 11 years ago
Great to get a chance to talk to David and Chase for a while during the reception. I don't know who will be speaking in the other cities, but if the NY event is any indication I would recommend going if you can.

>>I think they are, specifically fotoquote - but I'd need to recheck the materials (and I'm noob enough to have missed the significance during the presentation, but it sounds familiar).
They did specifically mention fotoquote integration. Part of their great new concept of educating aspiring pros and amateurs on the value of their work. I know I will greatly appreciate it. Already submitted my application over at PhotoShelter.
Agreed, great evening and it was nice to meet some fellow Stobists face to face. I would have liked to have met more of you but I didn't know who was who, we should have worn pink carnations or something. The open bar wasn't that bad either, and those shrimp... :) I am excited to look further into PhotoShelter and learned a great deal from the PS people as well as the speakers.

Beyond Chase and his informative contribution to the evening I learned a great deal from the other panel members as well. When can you get some inside info on what a photo editor wants in a photographer or what is the appropriate preferred way of contacting them to showcase yourself? Fantastic! Also, hearing about other photographer's business practices and marketing brings out so many ideas. I feel it allowed the audience to see the bigger picture when it comes to adapting to this changing field and also shed more light on the Getty disaster and what can and should be done about it.

MediaMoments - Go, go, go. It is worth the expense of travel. Good information and good people.
Joshua Meador 11 years ago
I am excited to learn more about the fotoquote integration now!

I am glad everyone learned a lot being as I have planned to allow me to go to two of them so I can hear from all the different panel members.
Mark Scheuern 11 years ago
I'm really looking forward to the Chicago meeting. I'm excited about this stock iniative. It looks like education will be a big part of this which is pretty much the opposite of the micros and their rah-rah, heavily-manipulated "communities".
luzer PRO 11 years ago
any possibility of adding a or sites, to know what is coming up.
mcmullen-smith Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mcmullen-smith (member) 11 years ago
Hey, I had a photo shoot Saturday morning and then had to jet out of town so I haven't had the time to toss my two cents into the ring here.

It was a real pleasure meeting David and Chase and few Strobots.

I can't say for sure how the other events will go but I definitely learned a lot of invaluable information and the opportunity to ask a world class photographer or two (as well as buyers and editors) questions just has no price tag I can think of. My advice is go. I really hope they serve the little cheeseburgers in your town.
strobist PRO 11 years ago
Oh, yeah. Those little cheeseburgers rocked.
kardonme 11 years ago
I've been sitting on my library of images, both legacy chromes and digital files, since the stock house I was with folded. Had pretty much given up hope as Getty gobbled up everything. Then came (in my opinion) predatory microstock. Photoshelter has given me new hope. I am also considering Digital Railroad. What are the main points I should consider while trying to decide between the two? The price is similar as DRR has offered ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) a discount.

Ready to start uploading.
Derek Dysart 11 years ago
MediaMoments - I'm coming in from Milwaukee. Not as far as Dayton, but still a $42 train ride. Way I see it, the meeting is free and even at $75 to get there, if you learn something that helps you sell more photos, you'll re-coup the cost.

There are two side to your education - technical and business. The Strobist DVD/Seminar will help you take better pictures through better lighting, the PS Town Hall hopefully will help you make money off of them.

That is unless DH is going to show us how to ditch our day jobs and start successful lighting blogs. :-)
Mark Scheuern 11 years ago
I'm coming from mid-Michigan. I think it'll be well-worth it, especially with the new developments at PhotoShelter. And the possibility of little cheeseburgers!
c71clark 11 years ago
I jad to miss it for a 19-hour work day! Anyone have links to any recap's of the event? Links to the services talked about?
@MrCairney 11 years ago
Living over the pond, I've just watched Chase's presentation on Strobist.

Really informative and to the point. Obviously he was going to say good things about stock etc since Photoshelter invited him, but I really think his points rang true. Media is changing.

I also applaud his analogy of the 12yo with the XT. That kind of view which is unfortunately prolific (especially within web communities) really annoys me. If a photographer is a good photographer regardless of age and training, he's still good photographer. The advice to the old guard (not age, but mentality) on dealing with this fear of client loss, which is to take better pictures and improve your business strategy should be stamped on EVERYONE'S forehead.
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