!(2Brite) 6:15pm, 2 February 2007

Long time lurker, first time posting. Trying to lighten my bag and save my back, so i've been looking for a better umbrella holder, but haven had much luck. So i hacked mine to try to improve it. I cut off extra plastic, epoxied a nut in the bottom to thread onto light stand and glued the shoe on top, replaced big handle with wingnut. Much more compact and a good bit lighter.
NikonErik 12 years ago
This is a great conversion from a universal multi-purpose adapter to one with a specific job to do. I like it, however I like the ability to losen a clamp in order to swivel the flash / 'brella combo left to right . . .
Mark Sirota PRO 12 years ago
Does the modification to the bottom (light stand) side of the swivel bracket actually save any height? Doesn't seem like it would, and it'll take longer to install. But I can see how it might be a little lighter.

Erik, you can do the left to right thing with the lightstand itself, though you'd have to be careful not to adjust the height at the same time.
tw0phat 12 years ago
What are you going to do when the glue lets go and you need to get the shot?
!(2Brite) 12 years ago
the nut on the bottom is completely embedded in epoxy, something else would break before that's coming out. both the shoe and the top piece were scuffed with 80 grit sand paper and the threads in the shoe have epoxy in it. I'd be surprised if it came apart, but i've been surprised before!!

If it breaks (or any piece of gear breaks) there is always more than 1 way to light a shot.

More importantly I'm a hobbyist, I might want to get the shot, but i don't need to.
zepper_7 12 years ago
Great idea, any epoxy in particular used? I'm thinking this would be a good application for JB Weld. That stuff will hold anything.
NikonErik 12 years ago
@ Mark: That's true, but I'm the knuckle-head that will accidentally let the light stand section collapse right in front of the client! So I like the one axis at a time reliability . . .
elv0000 12 years ago
Nicely done!... Thats what I think ever time I look at those things, theres gotta be a compromise between size and ease of useability. Its fine at home but to carry them around?

You could probrably do the thread in the bottom easier with a helicoil it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helicoil but its not worth buying one just to do that I guess.

I Need the top shoe to swivel though, turning the stand won't help if your trying to line up a sencore or optic slave, it needs to swivel relative to the umrella . Looks like theres still room though if you cut of the top umbrella hole and leave a little more there to allow for the swivel shoe again? Is that the Impact clamp?
theres this stuff called "All-Crafts" Epoxy, if you can stand the smell, you'd love it.. even dries under water!!
solodogs PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by solodogs (member) 12 years ago
So how many grams did you shave off of your kit? I mean no disrespect but I do not get this one. It kind of reminds me of a friend of mine that cut the handle off of his tooth brush because he read that some other backpacker did it to save weight. The next time we went on a multi-day trip he couldn't brush his teeth well because the handle was to short.
jimmah_v 12 years ago
the noise you hear in the background is me taking a saw to my "umbrella holder" -- next I’m going after my electric toothbrush (I’m wearing rubber soled shoes!)

excellent idea
!(2Brite) 12 years ago
I'm not sure how much weight was saved, i'd guess half, the brass stud that the shoe screws on to is fairly heavy and the big lever also has a bit of weight to it. The biggest saving is the bulk. It fits in my bag better. I have to admit I've cut the handles off my tooth brush and anything else i could when backpacking. Watch the ounces and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Yep, it's an impact clamp, but i think they are all about the same, good idea with the helicoil, that would give more thread than just a nut.

I'll have to try some of that "all crafts" stuff. I thought about using fiberglass resin, but it is too cold to walk to the barn to find it.
fourfa 12 years ago
well, I cut the handle off my toothbrush. I also got a lightweight bivy sack instead of a tent, an expensive ultra-lightweight sleeping bag, a very light backpack (2 lbs instead of 6!), cut down my cook kit to the bare minimum, got a lightweight sleeping pad, combined functionality to reduce my clothing count by half, switched from boots to trail running shoes, and left all the doodads and gadgets at home. my pack weight went from 45 lbs to 15-20 lbs, and I hike twice as far in a day while having more fun along the way.

Similar story here. Losing half the weight off a 9-oz bracket may not sound like much, but apply the same philosophy to your whole kit and we're talking about adding serious lightness.

Thanks for the post, this is a wonderful idea.
randwool 12 years ago
I have a couple of these (intact). They work fine for me but It's what works for you. Good pic and description of what you did.
epflow Posted 12 years ago. Edited by epflow (member) 12 years ago
That's a great idea. I've got one that's missing parts on the upper end. Now I can put it to good use. Thanks
inquisitive ink [deleted] 12 years ago
Its not just about losing the weight as well, look how much smaller the modded holder is, far more portable
Ken Rahaim 12 years ago
Thanks for the post and picture. I'm going to apply your wingnut mod to my umbrella holders. I like the flexibility my full size holders give me, but the handle is such a clunky, awkward pain... especially when you go to pack it.
stevieb2007 PRO 12 years ago
Great idea - I have now done the same.
Geoffrey Kroll PRO 8 years ago
Followed this from Strobist blog. I realize this is a VERY old thread, however neat idea but wanted to comment and say thanks for posting it.
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