neil.nathanson 3:02am, 22 February 2011
YouTube has some new info on tagging and uploading videos in 3D. Probably to better support all the new 3D capable playback devices coming our way.
Dr. Disney Wizard Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Dr. Disney Wizard (member) 7 years ago
*Lack of persistence. The YouTube Flash Cookie is not persistent. I can not force my viewers to view in anaglyph. If a viewer chooses to change the method they get to see an advertisement correctly as they choose, but then are reverted to anaglyph when they return to the selected video. When this changes, I'll add the correct yt3d:enabled=RL tags.

* Agggh! YouTube changed recommended formats from crosseyed to parallel. I thought they were rather foresighted by initially choosing crosseye. But they changed it to accommodate a wider variety of equipment. Hey YouTube! People primarily, then equipment! They are following the Johnny-Come-Lately manufacturers WHO FLIPPED THE COIN AND GOT IT WRONG. The default should have been cross-eye stereography on ALL of these new TVs.

* Change tag. With the change in support I have to go back and change over 100 videos. But because the player forced play in anaglyph I removed my yt3d:enabled=true yt3d:enable=RL and yt:stretch=16:9. Flash cookies are not working correctly for me, and reported failing others as well. So I have to go back and change the tags until the YouTube 3D works correctly and then change the tags back again on 100+ postings, which I find frustrating. But it's better that I do instead of allowing my viewers to see that damned Mentos+Coke Zero powered car ad, which fails to correctly update the viewing method choice.

My website requires that the videos be crosseye -
I am happy with posting embedded RL crosseyed and leaving it without tags, forcing crosseye only. The embed code is:

======== quoted from "Putting 3D content on YouTube" ========
Q: I have content that's already recorded in a particular format:

A: YouTube recommends that you upload video in side-by-side squashed Left/Right. We also currently support the following formats:

yt3d:enable=LR: Side by side squashed left eye frame on left, right eye on right - recommended
yt3d:enable=RL: Side by side squashed, right eye frame on left, left eye frame on right - old format but no longer recommended
yt3d:enable=LonR: Top frame is left eye, bottom frame is right eye
yt3d:enable=RonL: Top frame is right eye, bottom frame is left eye

Note, we no longer support these tags and they should not be used:
neil.nathanson 8 years ago
The pain of progress...

My older videos seem to still work, not sure why.

I think they are just following the industry as it tries to achieve some standards. Since cameras shoot parallel and would need an extra step to swap it seems somewhat logical.

I am more concerned with the squashed part of the new format, seems it will lose resolution.
jaysdesk PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by jaysdesk (member) 8 years ago
Thank you neil for alerting us to the new YouTube tagging requirements.
I used the yt3d:enable = LR, tag on my only posting on YouTube this one
, after editing the video according to the new requirement( squashed horizontally). But I had to include the yt3d: enable =true, tag too, to see the 3D option tab next to the resolution, tab.
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