m-enz 6:00pm, 9 August 2012
Hey all,

I had quite some busy months (moved to a different location, new job, etc.) but finally added something to StarStaX which I've been planning for quite some while: automatic gap filling in star trails. There are some ideas on the web how to do that, but those always require manual fiddling with the exposure before and after blending. I think I came up with a different idea which seems to work quite well - at least on my images :)

Here's a 100% comparison between the "Lighten" blending mode of StarStax (top) and the new "Gap Filling" (bottom) blending mode.

Lighten mode:

Gap filling mode:

I'd like you to try it out and give me some feedback.

Besides gap filling, there are some minor additions and tweaks:
- Spanish localization (thanks to Alfonso Pereira Castro)
- Some more options to turn on/off stuff
- Even faster processing speed :)

This is a beta, so it may still be a bit rough - in particular in the localization and menu items.

Here's the download link:

Mac OS X



Let me know, what you think of the gap filling mode.
The best way to contact me is by eMail: StarStaX.Dev *AT* gmail *DOT* com or visit www.starstax.net

Looking forward to hearing from you :)


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