profzucker PRO 11:07pm, 18 January 2009 is very grateful to all the fantastic photographers that let us link to their images. If you have original photographs of works of art that we discuss in, we would love to have you share them here. Please follow the guidelines below:

We want your original photographs of works of art that are covered in or are relevant in some direct way (by the same artist, for example). Please be sure that you submit only original photographs that you have personally taken.

We do not generally want straight-on shots, but rather want to see the work of art in context, perhaps with people. We think art and people go together beautifully. We are also interested in high quality details and any other images that reveal information not usually found in a overall straight-on photograph.

Here is a link:
F. Tronchin PRO 10 years ago
OK, I'm the perfect example of what happens when one doesn't read directions first. I've uploaded a handful of photos from Rome, from museums, most of them carefully chosen because there are no people in the photos! Feel free to cull my contributions!
profzucker PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by profzucker (admin) 10 years ago
I think those are fantastic photos! We aren't that strict so long as the image is terrific and relevant. Thanks for cross-posting!
christinekmiller 10 years ago
My bad.....I just did the same first experience with Flickr/SmartHistory/my Italy trip....please feel free to edit my contributions as well. I'm using your blog/site with my Art History class, and though I have explored to some degree, I haven't fully absorbed your sites yet but will be more careful in the future. Thanks for all that you do!!!!
Thanks for letting us know - love the idea of smart history, and the site looks fantastic.
chacal la chaise PRO 10 years ago
thanks for this group. i learned about it via kottke. however, will you be adding art education content to smarthistory that looks beyond the western cultural canon? i look forward to art from asia, africa, and latin america.
profzucker PRO 10 years ago
Dear Chacal,
I am so glad you asked. We are very interested in expanding past the Western canon and know that this is important to our community. We focused on the West first because it is the area we teach. However, we are now looking to partner with art historians who have expertise in non-Western art and I am really excited by this new wider focus. Thanks so much for your interest.
José Raposo 10 years ago
Thank you for sharing so much valuable information. I found your site very recently and altought I haven't got yet the proper time to navigate it properly, i think it would be rather cool to see a new Story of Art emerge online. Best wishes for your work from an art student from Portugal.

Regarding this flickr group, would it be possible to organize your photos by theme or subject? It would make the browsing much more efficient.

Best Regards,

profzucker PRO 10 years ago
I am so glad you like I hope you still do after you have spent more time there. Your suggestion to organize these images is a very good one and I have been meaning to do just that. Maybe this weekend...
proflauber Posted 10 years ago. Edited by profzucker (admin) 10 years ago
Silly me, I thought I was responding but actually deleted your lovely post. My sincere apologies. Anyway, here is what I was writing back to you:

What a nice surprise! Your photos are terrific and I am creating links with the site now. I am really glad you like the site. Please let us know if you have ideas to make it better. I would so love to get down to Philadelphia to see the Cezanne show.
proflauber 10 years ago
That's funny, I've done that before too.

I see you're tagging the photos, thanks. I ran out of time to do that the other evening. I was actually wondering if there is a way to "batch edit" sets with tags.

I also wanted to ask if you're opposed to posting only details of paintings without the full original.
Linda Wilke 9 years ago
OK, so I am also one of those people who did not read the "rules" before posting.
Feel free to remove pictures if they are terribly out of context.
I just discovered Smarthistory following an article in my newspaper - what a great idea!
Keep up the good work!
beth h. 9 years ago
Thanks! We always break the rules ourselves - so no worries!
tewhiufoto PRO 8 years ago
Not sure if I have met the group criteria- please feel free to remove images... as appropriate.
I like the "Smarthistory" concept- love this stuff!
Joseph Timmons 8 years ago
OK, question...

I have TONS of photos taken at the Getty Museum in California, only problem, in my full lapse of intelligence ( did I spell that right ? ) I neglected to get names of artisist, same with pictures taken at the Museum of Art in Santa Barbara, Can I post with limited or null information about the pieces ?
profzucker PRO 8 years ago
We'd love to have images from the Getty especially. I am sure their website will offer the information you've forgotten. I know its a bit of a pain, but its important to have good identification information. On the other hand, if its only a general photo of people in a museum, that's fine with out specific information. Hope this helps.
Well, I have joined the group as a way of offering pictures. Like others, however, I have spent much time trying to NOT have people in my photos. I agree that understanding art requires the perspective of the spectator (tree in the woods and all that jazz), but most works of art were not created for a museum. Thus, the intended perspective is lost. Case in point, Michelangelo's Pieta was intended to sit on the ground, making the face of Jesus the intended focus. Sitting on an altar, as it does now, allows the throngs of tourists to see it, but changes the focus to the face of Mary. So, I guess I'm not sold on needing the museum viewer perspective in the shot. Now for a work of art in its orginal location, that is different.

I have nearly 20,000 original photos posted on my page. I think you would find 80% of them useful except for the lack of spectator aspect. You are welcome to use any.
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