JonasMyLove 10:41pm, 3 November 2006

Got the great idea from Timsforgiven...can anyone indulge me? BTW...I am new here. I just joined today. This group seems a lot of fun. It has been a great while since I have gotten on...and I'm glad to be back. I must warn you though, I'm not much of a literary individual. =)
Veee Man PRO 12 years ago
Followed my path. Then met you.
whole frog [deleted] 12 years ago
Adela searched the sky for light.
_Tracey_ Posted 12 years ago. Edited by _Tracey_ (member) 12 years ago
Electric starlight! Nature's absence goes unnoticed.

Birds of light feast on sky.

The night wouldn't come fast enough.
Stars riding down to kiss you.
raul.montes 12 years ago
I fainted... bee sting... Look, fireflies...
harry harris PRO 12 years ago
"Don't let them touch!", he yelled.
Veee Man PRO 12 years ago
I like the one XOZ posted.
JonasMyLove Posted 12 years ago. Edited by JonasMyLove (member) 12 years ago
These are all great responses! I appreciate you all indulging me on this. I agree with vm1757...XOZ's is lovely. I also love all of Tracey's stories. Thank you all =).
JustM0 12 years ago
October winds whisper to children: "Carnival"
chlue22 12 years ago
Electric stars twinkled over the lovers
Tims Photo's 12 years ago
lights go off in every direction.
natalie and scott 12 years ago
The lights made us all better.
[ henning ] 12 years ago
Jonas would not dry clothes here.
possible grape [deleted] 12 years ago
The electricity bill was killing me.
KnittySara 12 years ago
Two sticks poke stringy lighted goodness.
airnos 12 years ago
The lights radiated into the night.
Indiewench PRO 12 years ago
The mothership is ready to land.
laughsloudly 12 years ago
Hahaha. I like raligula's!
doeth 12 years ago
The Big Top vanished, Police baffled
blkwstnhwbkr 12 years ago
electric tree roots impossible to untangle.
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
The ferris wheel misses some spokes
Veee Man PRO 11 years ago
"Stars riding down to kiss you" - I've used this for one of my photos and credited XOZ with it.
exultant measure [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by exultant measure (member) 11 years ago
fairies, perching on my lines. again!
phoebird 11 years ago
Our lines crossed but never merged.
bootpainter PRO 11 years ago
as she knitted, the giantess sang...
Muffet PRO 11 years ago
What happened to our circus tent?
corydalus 11 years ago
Kissing you on this firefly night.
andrewhordylan 11 years ago
the strings all burned as one
latino_actovi33 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by latino_actovi33 (member) 9 years ago
sky, clouds, stars, night, life
comment posted by Chaise Lounge
OldhaMedia PRO 10 years ago
Latino_actovi33, you're not getting it. Go read the group description about what makes a Six Word Story. Thanks!
Marija Kik 10 years ago
"Will you kiss me", she asked

She wants kiss under the stars.
Jill Clardy PRO 10 years ago
Please tell me what this means.
Melinda P. 10 years ago
Arctic summer lacks stars? No longer!
ceeko PRO 10 years ago
Blackpool Illuminations hit by economy cuts
Just Back PRO 10 years ago
I like Harry Harris's
BehindBlueEyes PRO 10 years ago
The happy folks followed the light.
Bill Doc PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Bill Doc (member) 10 years ago
Could someone help me please. I'm not very good at naming my photo and this one seems to need a good title. 6 word story would be perfect.

That's a lot of lube
Jill Clardy PRO 10 years ago
I wonder what this thing is.
hhkhhk12 10 years ago
Staring staring light
muzika_doremi 10 years ago
great post with wonderful comments

commented by Canon SD880
learned quiver [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi All,
I am new to this group. Would you consider also looking at my picture and suggesting a title? My friend is a single mom, works as an Attorney and just got a puppy. I put up a new thread but got no response?
Thanks in advance,
beattydw 9 years ago
Poles awaitng May. Christmas will do!
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