alive shoe [deleted] 12:58am, 23 October 2007
Or have I made it up in my head...

When is it out? Does anybody know... do Sigma know...?
Wigwam Jones 11 years ago

''We weren't able to nail down a solid release date for the DP1, though rumor has it that it may be "soon."''

I suspect major problems or we'd have seen it by now. I am somewhat pessimistic that it will ever appear. A real shame.

But if it does, then hooray.
M.R.B Photo PRO 11 years ago
It does in prototype form at least!!
alive shoe [deleted] 11 years ago
So there's one of them :-)
Frank Mercurio 11 years ago
Does not mean the prototype works - the first one was introduced in Germany the year before last then it changed to a full sensor camera - this is the worst release of a product I have ever seen.
BenSeese 11 years ago
Frank, I think you're misinformed. The DP1 was introduced in September '06 for the first time. Then it was slightly revamped in March '07, but the sensor did not change at this point. It was just the hotshoe/viewfinder & manual focus wheel that were added.

And regarding prototypes: there were 10 of them at the PMA booth in March, and I don't recall hearing anybody talking about problems with them.
Wigwam Jones 11 years ago
They still haven't shipped unit one, and won't discuss when they will start shipping. I am a Sigma fan - I really would like to examine a DP-1 and see if I want to buy it - but I'm rapidly losing any confidence that this camera will ever be released.

And I'm one of the ones that urged patience, and even put off purchasing a 'pocket' type camera so that I would still have the need when the DP-1 hit the market.

If the die-hard fans are dropping off, Sigma has a problem. The unit either will ship or it will not. If they refuse to make any mention of when it will be shipping, then as far as I am concerned, it does not exist.

I wish them luck, but I'm officially in the "I no longer care" category.
alive shoe [deleted] 11 years ago

Game over, DP1...
Wigwam Jones 11 years ago
The GRD is not what I want, in either incarnation. Small sensor. No DOF tricks. So, I'm not interested.
jmfoto 11 years ago
it's been so long that i'm beginning to suspect they've killed it... how else could they have spent so long since 'releasing' it and showing a prototype ?

i'm not much of an industry watcher, but i can't think when else i've seen a fully crafted website up for what.. six months with no product ?

i'm so over tiny sensor compacts... maybe there's still hope since they haven't killed the website but i'm not confident.
ncd_photo 11 years ago
I noticed it for sale in the back of a digital photo magazine last week - park cameras and for a whopping 799!!! However when looking on their website its still listed as TBC.........
movingeverything? 11 years ago
There's still a market interested in it since it offers something no other [affordable] small rangefinder/point and shoot camera offers. And that's hopefully going to be a stellar lens attached to a good full frame sensor.

The GRD is of no interest to me on account of the fact that the detector in it is nothing special and not going to perform that well.
M.R.B Photo PRO 11 years ago
I'm still interested, assuming that IQ is up to scratch. It would be like having my Fuji DL super mini film compact again but in electronic form (28mm super EBC lens and top notch IQ).
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