Keith McInnes Photography 8:53am, 28 May 2009
cold picture [deleted] 9 years ago
great group you have created keith. camera techniques index is of great help to me . thank you
Mycatkins 9 years ago
that must've taken a while, nice index :)
Scottmh 9 years ago
Slowly getting through them, but some useful tips in there!!
♥~ FIOHAYO ~♥ 9 years ago
whoa! I discovered a perfect group for me. so many things to learn here. much thanks!
melonbaobao 9 years ago
this is the most informative and interesting group i've joined since starting flickr last month. love it!!
bashful measure [deleted] 8 years ago
Great tip Keith!
tramsteer 8 years ago
I have been a member of this group most of the time I have been a member of Flickr. And finally starting to see how much is going on here.
Sharron_S 8 years ago
Thanks for the info here. Also I like this group because it's active with interesting discussion, thanks for inviting me.
Adrian J Walker 8 years ago
Just joined the group, looks just the place to improve my photography.
heidy miguel 8 years ago
graet job with the group, keep it up, its halping me a lot
TheQ! 7 years ago
siam wahid 7 years ago
tmac0381 5 years ago
Wow! Glad to have found this group; very useful links.
marylea 4 years ago
Thank you for the many helpful topics and tips.
pdophoto 4 years ago
This should be a stiky
Eladesor 3 years ago
Really appreciate the way you presented help and information - many thanks your effort is really appreciated.
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