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Group Description

Our goal is to create a place where our customers can share pics at various stages of the wear process.

We love denim and leather goods because they develop characteristics unique to the wearer. Yet, we rarely see them after they leave our store, meaning we miss out on the best part: the break-in process.

Self Edge Worn lets us, and other denim heads, see what we normally miss. Most of the photos here link to a lightbox on the corresponding product page of our site so that people considering a new pair will know what to expect as they break in.

When posting, please note the length of wear, number of washes and use the following tags:

(Please put quotation marks around all tags e.g. "103BSP - Slim Tapered".)

Jeans (Jawns):
"103BSP - Slim Tapered"
"105BSP - Straight"
"106BSP - Slim Straight"
"Sugar Cane 1947"
"Sugar Cane 1966"
"3001 - Slim"
"3005 - Straight Classic"
"301S Slim Selvedge"
"3sixteen+ 10BSP - Straight Leg Indigo"
"3sixteen+ 20BSP - Slim Leg Indigo"
"3sixteen+ 99BSP Women's Slim Jeans"
"4001BK - Slim Black"
"461 Boot Cut"
"634S Straight Selvedge"
"634SR 23oz Anniversary Jeans"
"66BSPBK - 19cm Slim Tapered"
"7301s Black Selvedge - Slim"
"8005A - Straight Leg"
"9301 Slim Super Black"
"9634 Straight Super Black"
"Average Joe Dry Organic"
"Big Bengt Dry Organic Heavy"
"Black Shearer Jeans"
"Delilah - Bootcut"
"Easy Emil Dry Navy Organic"
"F310 = "New 3001" - Slim Frontier"
"F380 - Straight Frontier"
"FH Balder Women's Slim Jeans"
"Grim Tim Dry Organic"
"Guitar Wolf Jet Jeans"
"Sugar Cane Hawaii"
"IH 301s-07BK - Overdyed Slim 19oz"
"IH 634s-B Overdyed"
"IH Beatle Buster Indigo Jeans IHXB01"
"IH DC4001 Jean"
"IH X634sX Flannel Lined Water-Resistent Jeans"
"Imperial Duke (black)"
"Imperial Duke (blue)"
"Imperial King (black)"
"Imperial King (blue)"
"Indigo Shearer Jeans"
"Mary - Straight Slim"
"MF Californian Blue Jeans - Lot 54"
"Mister Freedom 7161md Jeans"
"Mister Freedom Jeans"
"Mister Freedom Rider's Dungarees"
"Sugar Cane Okinawa"
"Recycled Denim Sweet Jeans"
"Red-D Slim Jeans"
"RJB Black Denim Western Shirt"
"Roy Jean RN1 - Narrow Leg"
"Roy Jean RS1 - Straight Leg"
"Sugar Cane 2009 - Straight Fitted"
"SE05BSP - Slim Tapered"
"Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superfuture = SEXDBXS09"
"Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superfuture x Styleforum"
"Self Edge x Flat Head = SEXFH05"
"Self Edge x Flat Head = SEXFH05BK (Black)"
"Self Edge x Flat Head x Inazuma - Slim"
"Self Edge x Flat Head x RingRing = SEXFHXRR10"
"Self Edge x Imperial = SEXI04"
"Self Edge x Imperial = SEXI04BK (Black)"
"Self Edge x Imperial = SEXI08"
"Self Edge x Imperial = SEXI08BK (Black)"
"Self Edge x Imperial = SEXI14 (Indigo)"
"Self Edge x Imperial = SEXI14BK (Black)"
"Self Edge x Iron Heart = SEXIH"
"Self Edge x Iron Heart = SEXIH07"
"Self Edge x Iron Heart = SEXIH07BK (Overdyed Black)"
"Self Edge x Sugar Cane = SEXSC06"
"Self Edge x Toyo Enterprises = SEXT11"
"SEXIH03 = Self Edge x Iron Heart Cyclist Jeans"
"SEXIH03BK = Self Edge x Iron Heart Cyclist (Black)"
"SEXIH07IIIBK = Type III Modified Jacket"
"SG1101 Jean - Straight Leg"
"SG1103EX Heavy Weight Jean - Straight Leg"
"SG1105 Jean - Slim Leg"
"SL-100x - Straight Leg Indigo Selvedge"
"SL-200x - Straight Leg Black Selvedge"
"Slim Jim Raw Indigo"
"Slim Kim"
"ST-100x - Slim Leg Indigo Selvedge"
"ST-200x - Slim Leg Black Selvedge"
"ST-210 - Slim Leg Black Coated"
"Tube Kelly Indigo"

Leather Products:
"3sixteen Leather Bracelet - Dual Strand"
"3sixteen Leather Bracelet - Single Strand"
"Dry Bones Leather Bracelet"
"Dual Prong Tan Belt"
"FH Black Cordovan Card Case"
"FH Black Leather Belt"
"FH Black Mid-Length Wallet"
"FH Leather & Silver Bracelet - Dual Strand"
"FH Leather & Silver Bracelet - Single Strand"
"FH Solid Black Leather Chain"
"FH Solid Tan Leather Chain"
"FH Special Edition Leather Chain w/ Feather"
"FH Sterling Silver Key Hook"
"FH Tan Cordovan Card Case"
"FH Tan Leather Belt"
"FH Tan Mid-Length Wallet"
"FH Woven Black Leather Chain"
"FH Woven Leather & Silver Bracelets"
"FH Woven Tan Leather Chain"
"Googies Cowhide Leather Wallets"
"IH Black Cowhide Belt"
"IH Brown Cowhide Belt"
"IH Cordovan Mid-Length Wallet"
"IH Super Tan Belt - Self Edge Exclusive"
"RJB Black Leather Wallet"
"SC Black Belt"
"SC Black Studded Belt"
"SC Tan Belt"
"SC Tan Studded Belt"
"SE Leather & Silver Bracelets"
"SE Leather & Silver Bracelets w/ Stones"
"SG Black Leather Belt"
"SG Tan Leather Belt"
"WC Leather & Cordovan Wallet"
"WC Leather Wallet Chain"

Shirts (only ones that show age/wear characteristics):
"BR USN Indigo Chambray Shirt"
"DB D.Lewis Chambray Shirt"
"DB Natural Indigo Dyed Triple-Stitched Shirt"
"Dry Bones Type III Jacket"
"FH Navy Chambray Long Sleeve"
"FH Sawtooth Selvedge Denim Shirt"
"FH Selvedge Chambray Workshirt - Navy"
"FH Short Sleeve Navy Chambray Shirt"
"FH Type II 3XXX Denim Jacket"
"FH Wabash Coverall"
"FH Wabash Workshirt"
"IH 12oz Selvedge Denim Overdyed Overshirt"
"IH Heavy Selvedge Chambray Shirt"
"IH Herringbone Workshirt"
"IH Hickory Stripe Shirt"
"IH Lined Heavy Selvedge Chambray Shirts"
"IH Long Sleeved Snap Shirt - Overdyed"
"IH Long Sleeved Workshirt - Overdyed"
"IH Riders Jacket"
"IH Selvedge Chambray Workshirt"
"IH Short Sleeved Workshirt - Overdyed"
"IH Sonny's Black Denim Vest"
"IH Super Black Rider's Jacket"
"IH Super Heavy Chambray Shirts"
"IH Super Heavy Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt"
"IH Type III Selvedge Jacket"
"MF Deck Jacket w/ Troy Lining"
"MF Midnight CPO Shirt"
"MF Midnight Pea Coat"
"MF Off-Duty CPO Shirt"
"Mister Freedom Chambray Utility Shirt"
"Mister Freedom Denim CPO Overshirt"
"Mister Freedom Denim Pea Coat"
"Mister Freedom Denim Rider's Cap"
"Mister Freedom Denim Seaman Bag"
"Mister Freedom Denim Signal Vest"
"Mister Freedom Denim Utility Shirt"
"Mister Freedom Foul Weather Coat"
"Mister Freedom Indigo Chambray Utility Shirt"
"Mister Freedom Mechanic's Shirt - Black"
"Mister Freedom Mechanic's Shirt - White"
"Mister Freedom Midnight Breezer Jacket"
"Mister Freedom Shore Jacket"
"Mister Freedom Shore Jeans"
"Mister Freedom Shore Shorts"
"RJB Indigo Denim Western Shirt"
"SE Black Denim Long Sleeve"
"SE Black Denim Short Sleeve"
"SE Pote Tin Kyriaki (Never on Sunday)"
"SE Short Sleeve Sea Chambray Shirt"
"Self Edge x Flat Head Chambray Shirt"
"WC Indigo Denim T-Shirt"
"WC Indigo Denim T-Shirt - Sidney Lo Edition"

Additional Info

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