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This is the official thread for new user introductions. Please post them here =^_^=.
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Adeliania Resident 3 years ago
Hello everyone! new to flickr and decided to make my account for my SL fun.
Ill most likely be a lurker, just browsing everyone's pictures and go explore any slurs attached to them hehe. If anyone finds me In world I would be happy to friend everyone :D
ystel_666 3 years ago
Hello everyone here ... I upload mainly sepia pictures and portraits.
Rose Nitely Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Rose Nitely (member) 3 years ago
Hi everyone I been in sl a little over 5 yrs. I create sims and love landscaping. I am the owner of Black Basalt Beach which is open to the public for over 2 yrs now. I love the creativity that second life people bring to us...I explore and photograph a lot in second life and am always amazed at the talent of others. Flickr has become a big part of my life a wonderful way to view and admire other peoples photos and journeys of sl. So many wonderful artist and photographers here. Thank you for this wonderful group and say hello in-world I enjoy meeting and talking with people from all around the world. It is the holidays so Merry Christmas everyone:D
Nikki Pawg 3 years ago
New to the group. Hey everyone, name's Nikki!
IronmikeUtu 3 years ago
Been in Second Life 9+ years but just recently started Flickr with Second Life photos.
justshootmepix 3 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/collaredkitty/] ~Kitty:

Hey guys! My name is Cadence Caine and I own a photo studio here on SL [ o ] Just Shoot Me Photography [ o ] and I'm just now getting into the flickr networking!! Look forward to seeing all the awesomeness here!!

SLurl: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Timandra/156/209/1001
phleurtography 3 years ago
Hey everyone. I'm yet another aspiring SL photographer. I'm still pretty new to SL photography but I have a RL background in graphic design which is surprisingly applicable. It's a lot of fun making pictures. I especially love shooting portraits - all the more if they can tell a story.

I tend to try and get as much right in SL as I can but then I do use Photoshop quite a bit too. I'm here to learn but if anyone does want some pictures making I'd love to hear from you. Phleur Resident in SL. IMs always welcome.
K A M I K A 3 years ago
Hello, i'm new to the SL Photographer Scene. I'm very interested in graphic design and in Photography in genral. In my RL i like to take Photoshoots with my Canon 70D or with my mobile phone using some photoapps.

I hope to learn more in sl photography and editing the raw shots as well.
I own a small Gallery with my RL photos at the following place.

I'd love to hear from you. Kamika81 Resident in SL. I always enjoy good chats.
ClariceRose 3 years ago
I love photography, not professionally trained, but I do it for fun. I love exploring SL, so much to see and do. I'm always looking for new people to hang with in SL. I love to explore, learn new things, have good conversations on a variety of topics, go to all kinds of clubs (rock, jazz, blues, ballroom dancing, pop), live events, amusement parks, take pictures, goof around and more. I'm pretty outgoing with a great sense of humor.
yodlesmaj 3 years ago
Hello all,
I'm Maj and I've been in SL for many years. I've always loved SL photography, however I thought I wouldn't get anywhere without photoshop experience and touch ups. However, lately I've been sharing my raw shots that I'm happy with. I hope you all like them too. :)
I love exploring and doing shots on location in world. I call it ninja photography. ;)
Nice to meet you all.
silkyserene 3 years ago
Well I guess I have been lurking here enough ;)
Hi everybody,
my name is Silky. I have been inworld since 2007 (the golden hype era) but took a longer break (2010-14), only to return when the lure of the grid became to strong again :)
I always liked to take pictures and see how much I can push the limits using only built in tools (windlight and client filters) to make them look decent.
So don't expect anything professional from me, but a lot of fun when you say hi ... which you should do ... go on ... the button won't bite ... do IT ... I know you want it ;)
nadinetjeartful84 3 years ago
Hi all :)
I am Nadine ( in sl t0ranny artful) display name nadine artful,
I love making pictures planned but also totaly random,
Post them direct or edit them before i post them.
I have been in sl for a long time allready,
first av1 2007 and this one 2009.

I hope you will all love my pictures.

Huggies Nadine.
SassyAviD 3 years ago
Hi :)
SL is my first experience in the virtual world. Since January of this year, I have been nothing but amazed and overwhelmed by all the beauty people have created.
I am greatly humbled and inspired by all the talented people who post such stunning pictures. I love photography so if you see me and feel like exchanging a few tips, don't be shy and drop me a line :)
Thank you for taking interest in my pics and sharing yours.
fortunate silver [deleted] 3 years ago
Hello :)
Its been 5 long years since I last stepped into SL but its great to be back!

I love photographs and art that can tell a story or that capture a killer look, moment or convey an emotion. Lust, seduction, anger or pure joy.

My photography game is pretty average and my friends list is kinda empty so say hello if you see me around and tell me where I'm going wrong :)

See you soon!
Razi Sky Rivers 3 years ago
So, I've probably been in this group forever, on Flickr forever, and taking pictures in SL forever, as well. But I'm finally happy with how my pictures look, so I might as well start introducing myself around everywhere.

I'm Razi (raziskyrivers Resident) in SL. And it's nice to meet all of you!
Elle Saenz 3 years ago
Hi everyone. I am a bit newish to Flickr even though my account was created in 2009, tots forgot about it! lol

I have been dallying in several things in Second Life since I first joined back in 2007, but my love of art keeps going strong in my veins. I love more than just photographs, I enjoy creating a mood or story.

Happy to be a part of the Second Life group!
twinkleshi 3 years ago
Hello Everyone, it's Twinky here well idk what to write but since I enjoy roaming around SL I thought to share different pictures and all that stuff that I do , aaa I don't like people who spam my IM's (that's a real no no) but I always welcome new and good friends so hope we all get along : )

P.S = Chocolate lover
felycegalicia 3 years ago
I'm Felice Galicia. I'm doing pictures and I love to do them on Second Life, in unusual and interesting places with the clothes I love. I soon plan to create my blog. I spend a lot of good time with my pictures :)
natalie.fights 3 years ago
Natalie Sonnen!
Pro Wrestler in Second Life
I love taking pics and tweaking them, making something extraordinary out of something normal
Faskirb 3 years ago
Hai folks.
Name is Faskirb but mostly known as Kirby or Kirbs for friends.
Slowly going through my saved collection of pictures to upload it meanwhile making new one as well. As the moment inspire me.
Cheers and see you~.
BillieByler Resident Posted 3 years ago. Edited by BillieByler Resident (member) 3 years ago
Hello! I'm Absinthe, but you may call me Abs for short. I've been in SL for quite a long time and have always had a passion for taking pictures. I learn something new everyday and I know being a part of this group will help my learning process. I'm here to share my art as well as admire everyone else's! :)
Rea Nana 3 years ago
Hi ...im Nawalia...u can call me Nawa very new to SL just a month old...just found out about SL photography and love it...still alot alottt to learn please leave comments on my pictures tell me what you think no matter good or bad...thamk you see you all inworld
Hi! I'm Nessa June (aka finesse firelyte inworld.) I've just recently started blogging and learning how to get myself out there to be more connected in the community. Still learning and growing every day. Thanks!
lilteardrop1 3 years ago
hiyall niice to meet you looks like a lot of fun love postin pics and most of all looking at them hagd!
GoddessAwilix 3 years ago
Hia, I'm Lix and I have been taking pics for a few month now but I had yet to join any groups. So here I am =) I hope you all enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy yours!
deafening curtain [deleted] 2 years ago
Hey folks - just started posting, really enjoying all those creative pics!
Wenadrenia Soderstrom Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Wenadrenia Soderstrom (member) 2 years ago
Hello all, well let me tell ya I was an avid SL'er for about 4 years. I was a model doing many shows ending my career with MVW 2009. I took over five years off going back to school in rl to earn my BACH degrees in Fine Art and digital design 3-d modelling. I have since returned with my RL husband and we have started were we left off and that is designing jewelry. We have partnered with Ellie Monk of Shoenique Designs and stared on a new adventure bringing couture fashions and jewelry to add to the beauty of the current Second life. I will be posting photos I take as we go along I enjoy playing with the environments and exploring the sl world taking amazing photos. I cant wait to see everyone's work. Ty for letting me become a member of your group... XOOXX Wenadrenia
Summer Deadlight 2 years ago
Hmm I'm Summer Deadlight. I created Sunny in late 2006. I won Miss SL Tropics in 2007 and helped built the fashion industry by organizing Runway Kidz - a model support group - and being in many and multiple fashion shows and events until 2012. I placed 4th in Miss Virtual World in 2007. I also helped organize, produce, direct, and coach fashion shows and events as well as walking in them; also did a lot of print work but runway was always my favorite. In addition to the SL modeling I DJ'd alot. I was a club DJ from 2006-2008. I started DJing for fashion events and fashion shows and went exclusively into event and fashion DJ'ing from 2009-2012. It really was the best time of my SL life. The fashion industry was very close and strong with a core group of models that brought more and more in to work together through agencies and our group with Runway Kidz. The current modeling/fashion industry is a direct result of all the influences we had collectively. I don't model anymore nor do I DJ currently. Leaving modeling and dj'ing was very necessary but it cannot be replaced. So 2016 I am lost in the crowd and ghosting through virtual life and not necessarily by choice. I am proud of all that I have accomplished and all that I helped to do and the fun I hope I brought along with great memories. I still shop like a fiend and someday I may start to take pictures again on a semi-regular basis. I love taking SL photos but end up not sharing them much go figure. I also type too much.

TL;DR I was a model and DJ and I like to take picture but not post them. LOL!
nadinetjeartful84 2 years ago
Hi, I am nadine,
I have been in secondlife since 2006, Since 2009 a new avatar.
I love to make pictures as you might see on my flickr acount and i also run a new blog, It is more a bdsm blog.
I love to watch other peoples pictures and i hope you all will like mine as well.
Ms.S.Philip 2 years ago
Hi guys, I'm Yuna
Has been in SL from 2010, has couple of avatars.
I always get inspired around and putting this in my photos.
I love exploring and roleplaying and getting my pictures from there.
I used to have a blog but kind of hard to keep on it.
Hope you like my pics!
kei.kojishi 2 years ago
Hello there, I'm Kei Kojishi and I have a problem.
More than just one problem to be honest. Then again, who doesn't?
I've been in SL for 10 long years, and first thing I wanted to be was an androgynous dancer! - Then something went different than I planned, and I became an artistic photographer. I love a nice deep discussion and I love to know, learn, explore, roleplay, whatever SL has to give, I like to live it all. Aside voice, voice, I don't really like. I miss the times when it wasn't even an option.
I hope you'll like my works and to spread the concept of "putting something inside an image", expression, atmosphere, feelings, a meaning, symbols, etc.
I'm a huge fan of non-empty pictures...
Maciah.Vaniva Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Maciah.Vaniva (member) 2 years ago
Hello! I'm Maci! I'm super friendly and I love sl fashion and shopping as well as snapping pics! I'm always open making new friends and hanging out in sl. As long as I'm having fun, I'm happy. I've been in sl since 2009. I have a blog so feel free to check it out. I hope you like my pics!
Wicked Eiren 2 years ago
Hi I am wick..love my sl
addicted to taking pictures and creating new mix match characters..build scenes for my art or find inspiring places along my travels of sim hopping. please send me your lms of magical and amazing sims.
Rhian Milena 2 years ago
hello I am Rhian, I have been in SL since 2008, I am a SL Certified Model, I love taking pics of outfits I am modeling and love checking out new inspiring and amazing sims.
Hiya im Katrina, been in SL since 2007, I love shopping, and snapping piccys and well generally having fun making friends. Love exploring new places so please share any new lms.
I am Ynot - (Tony in rl) been in SL since 2006 - photography since 2008.
I have my own in world Gallery : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horan/249/89/50
Lots of pictures on flickr. I use Lumipro now - to add an extra dimension to my pictures.
Daikota Wind 2 years ago
HellÔô, I'm french native speaker and I entered SL five years ago. I have immediately found this possibility to take amazing pictures inworld. Later, I understood how to play with the settings in order to enhance the lightings, the shadows, the ambiance and the atmosphere. I use Element as editor to increase the contrast and to fix all details that could disturb the eyes of my loved visitors :-)
Hope to see you inworld and share our creativity ... I'll be very proud of it.
Lone Jacobs 2 years ago
hi everyone i have been in SL for a while and love just taking random shots of my avie and posting to flickr. any hints would be appreciated of hanging out in world if i have time :) my name is same there.
ANJELIKKA 2 years ago
Hi everybody....I love love love taking pictures of the beautiful art in second life. What an amazing place...stop by and see me "Anjelikka" inworld. I speak German and English.
Noshinima 2 years ago
Hello everyone. My name is Noshinima and I'm new to Flickr as well.

I discovered the joy of photography a few months ago and I'm really enjoying much of the work that you all produce. I am not a photographer myself but I do love posing for photos. I would be interested in working with any photographer that needs a lovely model to pose for them as I enjoy collecting images for myself. ;) If anyone is looking for a model to work with them, contact me inworld. Noshinima.
Silky Soulstar 2 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Silky Soulstar! i lOvE promoting and viewing everyone's creativity put into SecondLife. Some of you are soooo crazy talented!!!

I enjoy trying my hand at photography, and modeling as well. But as much as i like to play with Gimp (and i have learned so much about photo editing lemee tell you!!!) ,,,,, i am a writer at heart. if you would like me to help you with some words, or get the word out for you to socialize your efforts and creativity ,,, i'm your gal !!! ;-)

I am also a Playmate, as I am a very social person. ^-^ If you search my name, or connect with Playmates ace photographer Ima Hotone here on Flickr you will see my pics!

and as always !!!

(SL in world Cari Soulstar)
Reportator 2 years ago
Hi everyone! I am mostly making the videos about Second Life, but there are also a few photos and I want to share it with you. Nice to be a part of this group.
Xenia_Salcedo 2 years ago
Hi folks, I'm Xenia, and I use SL to exercise my RL photography skills. I found that SL is a perfect way to do that :) Currently I practice the art of composition, because composing objects in a photograph is my weak spot and I want to get better at it. Feel free to comment on my photo, if you have something to say :) I'm open to any opinions and critique :)
(sorry for possible grammar mistakes, English is not my 1st language).
~TLC~ 2 years ago
Hi all. I've been in SL since 2009 and only dabbled with modeling and photography. I really enjoy viewing others' creativity. I try to get inspiration from it but don't have high expectations lol. Mostly I'm here to relax from RL.
carolinaqissinger 2 years ago
Hello friends, I'm starting now on Flickr to divulge beyond my photographs, my other work I love to do that are tributes videos using pop songs.

For those who want to take a look here is my latest video:

kamsingyang 2 years ago
I've been in sl for a year now and i'd like to really get involved with things and photography is one of those things. i'm seeing clearer and thinking clearer and i'm ready! and happy chinese new year!
BettiRaige Posted 2 years ago. Edited by BettiRaige (member) 2 years ago
Hey i'm BettiRaige ..Just a girl who loves to shop and take pictures! I love making new friends and being a total fangirl when I see great photography and editing so add me!
AkikoQinan 2 years ago
Hey there, I´m Akiko or just Aki.
I´m not very long into taking pictures or editing so mostly I play around and see how it turn out. Have a great day and thank you for reading :-) .
Natsuki Morigi 2 years ago
you take some lovely pictures
Daikota Wind 2 years ago
HellÔôoo Everybody, I'm Daikota Wind and take pictures in Second Life for more than five years now. I'm not professional (using a light images editor) but like keeping and sharing shots from my different adventures in SL. I try to use natural backgrounds found in SL without cropping the image and let everyone's imagination runs freely to know what happened just after the shot :)
kiki.borkotron 2 years ago
Hello Everyone <3

I'm Karina, but I go by Kiki. Been on SL on and off for a few years now. Just thought I would introduce myself to meet some new people!
ladythylia 2 years ago
Hello everyone. I've been on SL for almost 10 years and love to shop, wander sims and take photos. I enjoy SL even through it can be frustrating at times. I love designer creations and respect their work whether it be the building of a sim, a hunt to designers making clothing. SL saves my sanity at times for sure, my escape from real life. I'm always looking for a sim to roam...Have a great day everyone!
LaVida Studios 2 years ago
Hai World!!

Glad to see so many people here! Add me lets share some photos I loveee art created in the crazy SL world.

Ive been around 7 years or so and SL art & design never ceases to amaze me! come check me out here or lets hang inworld always looking for new friends & art collaborations!
Gia.Saige 2 years ago
Hiii -waves-

My name is Gianna i love taking pictures and exploring random places on SL im fairly new to blogging but im enjoying every moment of it
kamsingyang 2 years ago
hihi...i just saw this! it's great to see there is somewhere we can share our photos and read the great responses. keep taking those pictures!
terrific show [deleted] 2 years ago
Hello all! Back to SL after some years! Looking for friends and help in discovering all the news. I am looking now to take some land and make a little spot for myself. Need to learn how to build and script :-)
Maureen Boccaccio 2 years ago
Welcome bank, kamsingyang and Rino!
Hello everybody! I'm super new to Flickr, and being a budding photographer, everyone says I should figure it out lol. So here I am! In world my name is Yaksha Elegy, and I can typically be found playing Greedy or Bubble Breaker. I'm pretty laid back. I do a lot of different things in SL, feel free to IM me and say hello!
Arvel Ellils 2 years ago
Hello, I have been doing SL for 10 years.
I'm posting the scenery of my shop 's SIM and photos of products.
Kiellan Ven Fleur 2 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/collaredkitty/] ~Kitty:

Hi everyone! Great meeting all of you!
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/collaredkitty/] ~Kitty:

Hello everyone. I am sorta new myself. Mostly new to this group. Still learning ropes even but id say im somewhat of an intermediate.
I like taking snapshots & editing them & I love making mesh in blender.
so my profile will have all sorts of different screencasts and photo manips for your viewing pleasure.
Im always looking to make new friends.
If anyones ever needing help with anything feel free to contact me. cant promise that I am the best teacher though
or if your just down to get some favs. follow me and ill follow you back. my fav. thing to do while on somewhat of a break is looking at other peoples submissions. <3
Happy SL'ing
much love
ValkRein 1 year ago
I am new here nice to meet you nwn
ღ ᴄʀᴇᴇᴘᴇʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ღ Posted 1 year ago. Edited by ღ ᴄʀᴇᴇᴘᴇʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ღ (member) 1 year ago
New to this group and having lots fun browsing through the many great pictures here while sipping on a cup of coffee. I feel like I joined around the perfect time as fall is my favorite season and I'm sure many more great seasonal pictures will be posted.

I have also setup a discord (in profile) if anyone is interested in joining. Share pics, chat and advertise your products or events!
yunayrp 1 year ago
I don't think I've ever introduced myself. I'm Becca and I love taking photos in SL and improving myself as a photographer.
teyarae 1 year ago
Hi all, I'm Teya Rae and new to the flickr world (like very new...1 week). So far I love seeing all the creative pics of second life and finding new ideas for pictures myself. Just thought I would introduce myself :)
Kylie Quinn 1 year ago
Hello everyone! I'm Kylie Quinn. I've been active in SL for a little over 10 years. I came inworld via a CSI NY television show to solve crimes. Of course, I solved them all and decided to explore the rest of the grid. Being a little on the nerdy side, I read just about everything there was to read about SL back then. Because I have had a love of photography in RL since I was a young child, I naturally gravitated to that in SL. It is the way I express myself and those that follow me can probably pretty much tell my emotional state just by looking at my pictures. Having a place where we can all come together as artists is like a dream come true. Everyday I'm inspired by the works I see. It's so fun to meet you all and I do hope I have a chance to meet you inworld someday.
soreena.akros 10 months ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/collaredkitty/] ~Kitty:

Don't know if I'm supposed to reply here or introduce myself elsewhere! But I'm super excited to join your group. I'm relatively newish to SL but I'm really loving it so far. I like to blog my shopping finds, pretty little places and other finds in this super fun game.
Hadiya Draper 10 months ago
Hi. Since joining SL in the early year, i have always enjoyed photography. SL has come a long long way from back then continuing to offer content worth capturing. i enjoy browsing the SL images and the many moods and emotions captured by photographers. SL is an amazing platform for creatives, like myself, to grow and contribute to the community.
Marloo Redd 10 months ago
Yay, an active Flickr group discussion. ♥

I'm a red kangaroo who likes taking pictures and occasionally dresses up like other things if I feel like it.
alvina.vanima 10 months ago
My screen opens a windows on an amazing SL world, world where lights, lightning, tones, textures , scenery, landscapes can all be managed. Nothing so easely equivalent irl.
I am Alvina, an elf, a free bird with a camera, and I wander since 8 years. Some of my thousands of SL picts are shown on Flickr and on FB.
Ryssa Inkz 9 months ago
Hello my name is Bella'Dira (beautyBellas) on SL and I love making friend and unique and First Model on SL and I love to listen music model fashionetc
Jan Vladimir Mostert 8 months ago
Wow, this thread goes back 10 years, crazy!

My name is Vlad and I'm just enjoying SL for what it is, exploring, DJing, Clubbing and friendships.
julzz20 5 months ago
Hello everyone!! Just joined Flickr just now so im excited :))
Fingz Scintilla 5 months ago
Look forward to seeing your work juliet
julzz20 5 months ago
Thank you so much! :)
Hadiya Draper 5 months ago
Thank you!
witchuser58 4 months ago
Hi all! I'm looking forward to seeing and sharing photos!
alex.dragneel 4 months ago
Hey everyone, I am not new to photography , but i am new to flicker, looking forward to posting my art and seeing everyone else work.
Fingz Scintilla 4 months ago
Looking forward to seeing your pictures Hadiya
Maryfer Dreams 4 months ago
Help please!! Idk how to share my photos here!
BettiRaige 4 months ago
Hello beautiful people!
Isto Slyan Belhal 2 months ago
Just wanted to say hello. My name is Emi and my SL name is Isto Slyan Belhal which mean "Night Star Belongs". I'm new to photoshop and new to SL. If anyone can give me pointers on photoshopping I'd greatly appreciate it and as for SL if any of you want to add me as a friend that would be awesome. I like to take photos and RP.
Fingz Scintilla 2 months ago
Welcome Emi im sure many people will help you along the way :)
Liam Rosset 2 months ago
Hi everyone! New to Flickr. Excited to start contributing to the group :)
*Lurve* 2 months ago
Hello everyone! I am a designer in RL as well as SL. I have been in SL for a bit over 12 years. I design mostly women's clothing in my store named *Lurve*. I also estate manage a 24 sim residential community. Yes, I am always running. Just call me Twinkle Toes. haha ;)
I'm Nessy for 12 years in SL not as much as i was but i stil like make photo's and im from the Netherlands
Hello. I am Cassina, but anyone can call me Cassie. I like to explore beautiful places and to take pictures in second life. I am not new to SL. I had another account back in 2006 or 2007 that I have canceled later. I have made a lot of friends and things were very different then. Just like nowadays, I was into the fashion world, modeling and blogging. I guess some things never change!
Tamraen Dryke 25 days ago
Good morning everyone! My name is Tamraen, I've been in SL for 12 years now, off and on. When I came back after my most recent time away, I had become a Star Trek fan so I joined the #1 Star Trek roleplay sim, Triscalia. That was almost 3 years ago. I have earned my way from Recruit to Captain (yes you really have to work for your rank!) and am also a member of an alien species called Trill. Much of my photos will be from adventures we create at Triscalia, or the daily life RP there. However some will also be photos of my partner and I exploring interesting places or participating in something. We're also band members of a Tribute band, TDDI Productions, so I have many concert photos to share with you too! This is my first group introduction on Flickr since I'm really new to this site, but I'm looking forward to making a contribution and improving my SL photography. Thanks!
Diney McCallen 1 day ago
Hi I am Diney been in sl almost 12 yrs, just getting back into photoart.
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