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Ed Bierman ADMIN June 4, 2008
Welcome everyone -- if you find pictures of seastars in others profiles be sure to invite them to this group!

Please post photos of real starfish. Ok some fake seastars can be allowed but have a sea theme

Group Description

Sea stars or starfish are marine invertebrates belonging to Kingdom animalia and phylum Echinodermata, class Asteroidea. The names sea star and starfish are also used for the closely related brittle stars, which make up the class Ophiuroidea. They exhibit a superficially radial symmetry. Starfish typically have five or more "arms" which radiate from an indistinct disk (pentaradial symmetry). In fact, their evolutionary ancestors are believed to have had bilateral symmetry, and sea stars do exhibit some superficial remnant of this body structure.

Sea stars do not have movable skeletons, but instead possess a hydraulic water vascular system. The water vascular system has many projections called tube feet, located on the ventral face of the sea star's arms, which function in locomotion and aid with feeding.

As these creatures are echinoderms and not actually fish, most marine biologists prefer to replace the term starfish with the less misleading term sea star.

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