scalespeeder 2:09pm, 3 September 2008
Ok, this Technique Challenge is: "A Landscape With Foreground Interest"

One of the most difficult things with landscapes is to make sure that there's some decent foreground interest - it adds depth to a photograph and helps to ballance the picture.

Three photo's per person (max).

Rules: Take any landscape style photograph you like that has some nice strong foreground interest.

Post submissions on this thread, medium size please.

No expiration date.

All pictures should be new and not from your back catalogue...

Here's an example:
Across The Water
scalespeeder 10 years ago
Here's my first:
On The Slip-Way
scalespeeder 10 years ago
Had to get up early for this one:
Dawn Breaks
Andreas Øverland 10 years ago
Here is one I shot early this morning.


The fullsize version looks better (I hope). It is two photos stitched together, shot with a 90mm tilt&shift on my Canon 1Ds3.
scalespeeder 10 years ago
Love the mist over the water Andreas.

Here's another:
Andreas Øverland 10 years ago
Good BW conversion here. I mean it looks like the tonality has been kept very well, both in the brightly lit sky and the possibly darker water? I have a chair facing a similar destiny in my blog somewhere...
Mozuk 10 years ago
Evening Light

Here is my first contribution to this challenge. Shot with a canon 40D and processed in photoshop. Thanks.
scalespeeder 10 years ago
Nice shot, well done!
TMMY PHTOG 10 years ago
I hope this fits well on the Challenge

1. Trying to Bloom...

2. Great Falls, MD
scalespeeder 10 years ago
Nice! I especially like the bottom one, number 2.
Spotmatix 9 years ago
Rusty Bridge
How to set up an otherwise boring holiday landscape scene ;-)
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