CarolineSwing 1:37am, 5 December 2018

~What do you think is the best Re-ment Collection that came out in 2018?

~What is your favorite single piece or set from 2018?

~What do you think is the worst Re-ment Collection that came out in 2018?
Minis only, not figures or keychains/charms/etc.

~Any single pieces or sets that were beyond awful from 2018?
Again, minis only, not figures or keychains/charms/etc.

~What Collection do you believe is the most Underrated from 2018?

~What Collection do you believe is the most Overrated from 2018?

~What is your favorite miniature and/or doll related purchase of 2018?
(This one doesn't have to be released in 2018, just what you purchased in 2018?)

~What mini related items did you buy this year that you regret?

~What was the best miniatures related deal you found this year?

~Anything else you want to share from 2018?
moro_moro Posted 3 months ago. Edited by moro_moro (member) 3 months ago
Since 2018 is not yet over and shipping delays my appreciation of my purchase by at least a month, I won't be able to review Nov. and Dec. releases until next year, but what I have so far, my top two favorites are:

1. Momoya Stylish Recipe
2. Snoopy's West Coast House

I am hoping that the antique set in November and bakery in December become other two sets I like from this year's releases.

I think Momoya set is perhaps the most underrated set as it doesn't catch your eyes in the first glance, but the details in every plate and every item are just as good as classic Re-ment.

But the highlight of 2018 is my brother winning My Birthday set from the Re-Ment event when he got me the red fridge+kitchen and other miniatures. That alone made 2018 a happy Re-Ment year for me.
B *enblythened* Posted 3 months ago. Edited by B *enblythened* (member) 3 months ago
I'll come back for the other answers, but I know for sure what my regret is (for now):

- Pokemon Petite Fleur, that is not Petite at all! They are more like a little girl's toy
tiny_sweet_tooth 3 months ago
I don't know if I can vote without having actually received the set yet, but Bakery Petit looks *awesome*! It's the only Re-ment I've bought this year. I did really want the rice cooker in the Momoya series, but that one box individually has been priced very high, so I haven't yet.

My most recent mini purchase was the MiWorld Dairy Queen and two accessory packs (bought from the auction site). I had never heard of the MiWorld sets that apparently came out several years ago and were $15 for the small ones and $30 for the larger ones, but on the Re-ment Addicts Facebook group someone posted a picture of a couple sets they had. Apparently they were very popular and hard to find in stores like Walmart before they sold out, so I don't know why the line was discontinued. Each set is a replica of a real store in a mall and you can connect them together. Very cute concept!
Lux Nomad 3 months ago
Interesting topic ! I acquired quite a few single sets from various 2018 full sets, such as drug store items from Gurashi Drug Store, grocery items from Supermarket set and one or two sets from Slovenly Room. These items enhanced existing themes in my collection. Re-ment made some nice items in 2017-2018 to add to room décor like radios, vases and also plates etc.. However, they are not concentrated in just one or two sets, meaning you have to scour through every set to find them. Isn't that part of the fun??

Only a few full sets found their way into my collection and of these Life with Small Bird is delightful and Hello Kitty Lovely Memories with the mini version of the desk and chair is just adorable and excellent quality. Still waiting to see pictures of Antique Shop and other late 2018 releases before voting on those.

Non-Rement minis I found this year that work well with Rement are handmade dollhouse cakes and desserts from a local doll show I attended.
MurderWithMirrors 3 months ago
I don't have answers to most of the questions, mostly I think it's because I bought more individual sets of old Re-ment than new Re-ment sets this year. But I can answer two questions for now:

~What is your favorite single piece or set from 2018?, &
~Any single pieces or sets that were beyond awful from 2018?

The answer to both these questions comes from the same set, Traditional Japanese Life. My favorite is this vase in the # 7 set
Traditional Japanese Life # 7

And the "beyond awful" piece is this shogi table in the # 5 set that with 40 teeny stickers that we were supposed to put on ourselves

Traditional Japanese Life # 5.
CarolineSwing 3 months ago
In my opinion, the best collection of 2018 is the Momoya Kitchen and the best single piece Re-ment made was the teeny tiny corn from #8 of Momoya Kitchen. I bought 9 of that set alone. The tiny flame/candle for the fondue of #8 is quite nice too. And of course, the Momoya bottles are neat too, especially those with the removable lids.

The worst was probably the Rilakkuma Bonjour Bistro. I think the look of the collection had tons of potential, but the execution was horrendous. Things were too thick and clunky, even the plates were awful. What a massive disappointment.

The second worst was probably Kirby's Bedroom. Nothing really special but somehow, I have two of this darn collection. :-(

I have high hopes for the Bakery collection coming this month.

And if future collections with real life brands are as good as the Momoya, 2019 will be a good year too.
**fingers crossed**
moro_moro 3 months ago
MurderWithMirrors: I agree with you about the tiny stickers. It was unfortunate that it was almost impossible for me to place them straight with failing eye sight. As most people did, I placed the stickers before removing from the plastic, but it didn't make it any better for me. I am hoping that the chess set in November doesn't have anything to stick, and ready to play when opening the box.
MurderWithMirrors 3 months ago

Crap, I never thought about the chess set, I hope it's not stickers. I never put any of the stickers on the table,
B *enblythened* Posted 3 months ago. Edited by B *enblythened* (member) 3 months ago
So here's my list:

- best Collection/Collections:
1) Re-ment Traditional Japanese Life
2) Re-ment Sumikko Gurashi Stump House
3) Re-ment Life with the Small Bird

- favorite single piece /pieces :
1) Re-mentTraditional Japanese Life # 7 Favorite Pot (see Murderwithmirror's shot here above!)
2) Re-ment Sumikko Gurashi Terrarium #6

- the worst:
1) as I said above is the Pokemon Petite Fleur
2) (but also the flower cups, both Pokemon and Rilakkuma are too large)

- favorite miniature and/or doll related purchase & best deal:
1) Re-ment Natalie's French Goods #10
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