Diane {From Blank Pages...} 1:05pm, 16 July 2012
100 Quilts 4 Kids Linky by katie@swimbikequilt

Katie from Swim, Bike, Quilt is hosting her (I think) annual event: 100 Quilt for Kids. You can find all the info on her blog here:

there is a quilt along with info here:

and the Flickr Group here:

Ok, so here's what I'm thinking. Some people have mentioned that they have extra Bee blocks they are not going to use. This would be a GREAT way to put them to good use and pass them onto to someone who would love them.

I would be willing to collect all the blocks and make them into quilts. If you have extra Bee blocks you would be willing to send my way, please leave a comment and I'll FM you my address. You can also post pictures in the group of your blocks so we can all see what we have to work with (of course no block will be turned down!)

If you feel that you would really like to use the bee blocks, please let me know and I'd be happy to share, or everyone can send them your way instead. I recently moved to Iowa, and talked to someone about a need for quilts. She could think of quite a few people right off the top of her head so I'm sure I wouldn't have any problems handing these out. :D

Thank you so much in advance!!

You can make new blocks too if you want, but I think I'd like to see how many pre-made blocks we can gather together first to get them used. I'll keep you updated.
Marika Makes 6 years ago
I could send you 8 blocks !
Kelleigh z 6 years ago
Can I send you an unfinished quilt top? I don't know how to quilt or do anything with it now that it is finished and I would love to put it to good use somewhere.
Kelleigh z 6 years ago
PS- I have backing fabric for it too if that changes your mind and makes you want it .....
AWESOME! That would be great! :)

I think you should learn how to quilt your quilts. ;) But if you don't want to, yes, I would love to take it and finish it for you. :) (the background fabric would be nice. I don't have a lot of big cuts for backs, so it would probably look nicer than if I pieced something together. but it's your call, I am fine with or without it.)

Thanks ladies! :)
Along those lines I also have a couple of quilt tops that I'm not wanting to turn into quilts but would be happy to donate. Are you going to be overwhelmed Diane? Let me know, if you are I can come up with another plan.
Wow, thanks!

Maybe what we could do instead is start a thread for finished quilt tops and see if anyone else wants to volunteer to do something with them. Do you both want to post a picture of your quilt tops and we'll see if we can't find some one that might have a little more time to finish them. If no one takes them I will. :)
Thanks for the reminder. I'll try to post bee block photos later this week.
Manda Made Quilts 6 years ago

I have a bunch of bowties from a bowtie swap that I did last year. I can see how many are left if you are interested.
Dorrylu 6 years ago
I definitely have blocks I can send you. If you FM me, I'll send them out right away. So happy these orphan blocks will be put to use. :)
Mermaid Sews 6 years ago
I have some wonky bento boxes I can send you, 8 in total.
Sounds great! I can pick the ones that will match the other blocks I receive, or you can just send them to me and I can find a home for all of them. Just let me know. :)

Ok. Let me know how many there are and I'll see if I can use them! :)

I just FM you my address. Thanks!
i just uploaded a bunch of pictures. you get first pick. just send me your address with a note for which blocks you want :)
I feel like it's Christmas! :) Your blocks are beautiful! I commented on one photo, and then it was too distracting for my 4 yr old who was trying to fall asleep (or rather I was trying to get him to fall asleep), so I will comment now and send you my address. Thank you so much! These are going to be beautiful for someone! (I feel kind of greedy... but then I remember these are not for me and I'm ok with it again.) :)
silent step [deleted] 6 years ago
I have some orphan blocks left over from "The Blockwork Orange" quilt I did. Let me know if you'd like them.

They'll look similar to the ones shown here:

[] do you know how many you have? Just wondering how many other blocks I would need to fool them in with to make them into something.

I just found out on Sunday that there is a family around here that is living in a tent. I guess they can get into a house in Aug, but they don't have much. I'm sure/hope that one, or more, of these quilts I can make from these blocks will be a welcomed addition to their belongings.
silent step [deleted] 6 years ago
There are 13 of them, and they measure 8"
[] oh, that's a lot. I'm sure I could do something with those! I'll fm you my address. Thanks!
polite lunchroom [deleted] 6 years ago
Diane, if you need someone to help you piece all the orphans together I'd be happy to help. Just let me know.
[] that would be great! Thanks! Maybe if more people offer blocks they can send them your way. :)
jmcbroom 6 years ago
I have some boy blocks but they are rectangle rather than square would you be interested in them?
polite lunchroom [deleted] 6 years ago
Sure. Any blocks are helpful! :)
I went looking for all my bee blocks today and I can't find them!!! I am! Some are just from the 3x6 bee and 4x5 bee, which I wanted to see if I could combine with some of the blocks I'm receiving from you all, plus a ton of blocks I'm going to use for a Christmas present, AND all the blocks from my old do.Good Stitches group that I need to finish up our quilt for! Those last blocks are the WORST to lose!! I feel so bad I want to cry!! Please send good thoughts that I'll be able to find them! (we just moved and the movers lost a bunch of our stuff which makes me worry that they are among our lost items, but I'm *hoping* they just got put in a random box that we haven't opened yet.)
I found my blocks today! Wahoo!! What a relief. ;)
i'm so glad you found them. you should be getting blocks from me any day now.
silent step [deleted] 6 years ago
Here's the rest of the orange blocks, now finally in their "home". Hope the orphans can work well with your quilt!

[] wow. I guess I haven't looked at this thread for a while. That quilt is beautiful!

For everyone that sent me orphan blocks, some I am using. But I have been so sick lately that I haven't been able to work on much of anything. I hate to have your blocks just sit here. Do you mind if I pass them onto others in the group who are asking for orphan blocks? I am happy to keep them and use them if you want them to stay with me, and some I definitely will be, but I want to ask. Thank you for your contributions! Please let me know how you feel.
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