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eszter ADMIN January 20, 2011
REMINDER of rules: You may only post a **maximum of three** photos in a row. If you need to catch up, please wait a while until someone else posts to add your photos.

Group Description

BEFORE YOU POST ANY PHOTOS TO THIS GROUP, READ THESE RULES. You are committing to an activity for an entire year, the least you can do is read a bit of text. If you are unable to follow these rules, your photos will be REMOVED from this pool.

This group is for the photos of people who are participating in Project 365 defined as taking and designaging a photo for each day, and then posting these to the group pool with some regularity (at least once/week).

As this pool has evolved in its firth month, it is clear that people are quite engaged with each others' photos. While not a requirement to view and comment on others' photos, you will get more out of this pool if you do so.

In order to be part of this pool you MUST follow these rules:
1. photos have to belong to a Project 365 set on the user's account to which they are also posted
2. photos have to have a project365 tag
3. photos must not have been taken on the same day as any other photo in the pool by the same person since by definition, Project 365! should only have one photo per day by a user (please note that compilations of multiple photos into one is NOT okay)
4. each user needs to post a photo for each day since participation; these do not have to be posted daily, but regular posting (once/week) is required except for special circumstances (e.g. away from the computer for an extended period - in such a case the user is asked to contact the Administrator with information)
5. each photo must have its number somewhere on the photo page that indicates its place in your set; this number can be in the title, in the description or in the tags section
6. photos are in order so your most recent photo is always the most recent in the pool

Also, you may NOT post more than seven photos to the pool in one day. AND you may only post a maximum of three photos in a row. Also, you may NOT remove and repost a photo unless you have a very specific and compelling reason that you communicate to the an administrator or the group through a discussion thread.

If you join this group while already in the midst of Project 365, only post the photos that you have taken since you've joined.

We are less interested in self-portraits and portraits of others (although on occasion these are absolutely fine) and more interested in the world around you. You may want to try another Project 365 group if you're mainly interested in taking portraits. Basically, if a photo is going into the 365 Days pool, you probably shouldn't be posting it into this one.

Optional, but recommended:
It would be great if people would add the following tags to photos so that we can compare different Project 365 per day and in one's series.

project365-# where # stands for the number of the photo in your own set
project365-MMDDYY where MM stands for the month, DD stands for the day and YY stands for the year of the post (last two digits)
project365DDmonYY where DD stands for the day, mon stands for the first three letters of the month and YY stands for the year

project365-7 is your 7th photo in your Project 365 series
project365-112406 is your Project 365 photo for the date of November 24th, 2006

Additional tags I have been adding are as follows:
"project 365"
"one a day"
"photo a day"
"picture a day"

In aggregate, for easy copy/pasting purposes:
"one a day" "photo a day" "picture a day" "project 365" project365-1 project365-020107

(Of course, you'll want to change -1 and 010107 to the appropriate figures.)

When commentings on others' posts, please consider adding this link:
(<a href="">Project 365</a>)
Alternatively, you can use some of the tools mentioned in this discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)*

Can I change what photo I have for a particular day?
No, you may not change what photo you designated for a day.

Can I start over?
It is not advisable to start over once you've already posted photos to the group pool. However, if you feel you want to, you can do so by:
1. removing all your previous photos from the pool
2. starting over with the numbering of your photos

* These may not have been asked frequently as of yet, but they're being posted in anticipation of future frequent questions.:)

The first group icon we used (cards) was derived from this photo.
The next photo was from this member photo.
The current group icon is derived from this member photo

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 7 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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