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purplezebra 6:33pm, 7 July 2006
A lot of posts to this group seem to revolve around what to charge, so I thought I'd start a thread that contained nothing but resources on anything and everything related to how to figure out what to charge.
[edit: Thanks to other photographers further down the thread, this list now includes other photography business related links of resources, too.]

When looking for prices, I recommend reviewing more than one price calculator or stock price resource, if available.

ASMP has an Improving Bad Contracts section of their site now. It shows an example bad contract, explains why it's bad and then gives you wording for modifications.
The ASMP Paperwork Share where pros share their estimates and invoices from REAL JOBS and broken out by TYPE of job!

Price Lists
John Harrington's Price List
Alamy Stock Photo Site
Getty Images
Photographer's Index

Pricing Software
Fotoquote - I know there are others, but I can't think of them right now. Anyone?
Hindsight Photo Price Guide
PhotoShelter has Fotoquote built in, according to peteg.

General Photography Software for Bids, Contracts, etc.

General Photo Legal Stuff
Photo Attorney

From Editorial Photo's FAQ section.
What is licensing an image?
SAA's white papers on stock licensing models, infringements, metadata
How do I know how much to charge...?
What's wrong with being the cheapest photographer?

Cost of Doing Business Calculator
Editorial Photo Estimator

Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS)
Glossary - Contract & License Terms. They also have a license "wizard" to help you create a license based on the usage.

Sales Tax Update
New California Sales Tax Regulations - This is for commercial photographers (photography for brochures, sales flyers, business identity, etc.) that have clients in California.

Nothing generic meet your needs?
Seth Resnick has a Pricing Assistant for $25. I've never used it, but it sounds interesting, and he's certainly qualified to help out.

Pricing Photography: The Complete Guide to Assignment & Stock Prices by Michal Heron and David MacTavish
A Justification of Digital Charges by Shawn G. Henry
Digital Images Don't Cost Anything Do They?
EP Digital Manifesto by Rich Frishman

Licensing Photography by American Society of Media Photographers Richard Weisgrau and Victor S. Perlman
Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington, with more info at www.best-business-practices.com.
The Real Business of Photography by Richard Weisgrau, former executive director of the ASMP.
ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography, 7th Edition

The Photographer's Guide To Negotiating by Richard Weisgrau

Copyright & Licensing Info
APA- Licensing, and the Value of Copyright
ASMP Licensing Guide.
ASMP’s Copyright Application Tutorial
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
U.S. Copyright Office

CAPIC - Canadian Copyright Advocacy
Copyright Board of Canada
Canadian Copyright Act - Overview
Department of Justice Canada
An Analysis of Canadian Copyright by ASMP's David McTavish.

United Kingdom
UK Intellectual Property Office - Government site in the UK
copyrightservice.co.uk/ - UK Copyright Service
Copyright4Clients FAQ - a simple overview
Copyright4Clients - "Licensing Guidelines" (PDF)
Copyright4Clients - Sample License Agreement (PDF)

Australian Copyright Council Home Page
Australian Copyright Information
Australian Copyright Advice - Please read the eligibility requirements to see if you qualify for the service. This is NOT for hypothetical situations.

New Zealand
Copyright Protection in New Zealand - Government Website
Copyright Council of New Zealand
New Zealand's Ministry of Economic Development - Useful Intellectual Property-Related Websites List

Government of India Copyright Office

Model and Property Releases
The Substantive Law Behind Model Releases by J. Jason Sims
Why you need releases... from the ASMP
Stock Release Q&A
Property Releases Revisited
Model & Property Release Forms - Samples for 11 countries

ASMP Sample Terms & Conditions
Editorial Photo's Sample T&C's Page

Society of Sport and Event Photographers
Professional Photographers of America
American Society of Media Photographers
Advertising Photographers of America
Editorial Photographers
National Press Photographers Association
Wedding and Portrait Photographers International
International Registry of Children’s Photographers
North American Nature Photography Association
Travel & Outdoor Photographers Alliance
American Society of Picture Professionals
Stock Artists Alliance
Editorial Photographers - United Kingdom
Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers - United Kingdom
Editorial Photographers Canada
Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association
Western Canadian News Photographers Association
The Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC)

Photo Business News & Forum Blog, run by John Harrington, who also has a Flickr account - photobusinessforum.blogspot.com/

Photographer's Rights
US Photographer's Rights Cheat Sheet
Fotovision Podcast #1: The Legal Landscape of Streetshooting [in the US], presented by the First Amendment Group - It goes into a little more depth about some of the topics in the Krages cheat sheet. For instance, they discuss the difference between a crime scene and the scene of an accident and how it affects photographers and first ammendment rights.
UK Photographer's Rights
Canadian Photographer's Rights
Australian Photographer's Rights
(1 to 100 of 153 replies)
1RoseHill 13 years ago
Thanks for posting this. Great material to use as a reference.
kcinfocus 13 years ago
Wow, this is cool. I went to fotoquote, that is awesome software, and it is affordable. Does anyone have any experience using it?

Also the Cost of Doing Business Calculator has a few more to pick from, which look just as good.

I would love to have the fotoquote one, it sure would help. Thank you for your hard work PZ
J. Star 13 years ago
That's excellent; thank you, Purplezebra!
purplezebra 13 years ago
De nada. :)
purplezebra 13 years ago
Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS)
Glossary - Contract & License Terms

Sales Tax Update
New California Sales Tax Regulations - This is for commercial photographers (photography for brochures, sales flyers, business identity, etc.) that have clients in California.
'SeraphimC 13 years ago
purplezebra 13 years ago
There's a free piece of software from Tom Zimberoff, a pro photographer, that helps with licensing, etc.


I found it very difficult to use on PC, but I've heard that it works very well on Mac.
clickykbd 13 years ago
Extremely useful post. I'd found some of these resources on my own in the past but it is nice to see them all posted in one place.
extraspecial 13 years ago
This is some great information, however I'm still feeling a bit frazzled over the editorial assignment pricing.

I have an opportunity to get my first assignment work for a metro area magazine with a distribution of around 50k. They're wanting to know if I have a set session rate, and what my per-photo-used rate is, and I'm not exactly sure how to determine what the ballpark I'm working in is.

Would anyone who has experience in this area have any advice they'd be willing to give? Many thanks.

extraspecial 13 years ago
To make my question a little more specific... I have a rough idea as to the per-image-used fee, but I'm cloudy on how one deals with the assignment aspect of it (how should expect to be compensated for my time when shooting an assignment they give me).

Thanks :)
purplezebra 13 years ago
Sorry. I posted a response and then deleted it because I wasn't sure if I understood your question properly, and maybe I'm missing it again, so I apologize in advance if there's a misunderstanding.

It sounds like you're asking how much to charge for assignments and one-time use license fees. The links above should provide you with the information you need. Specifically, the link from EP's FAQ's to "How do I know how much to charge...?" along with the Estimator, or alternately the National Press Photographers Association CDB calculator linked above as well.

There's also NPPA's Pricing Photography page with lots of links.

If those links do not answer your question, then maybe you can extrapolate a bit, and I'm sure someone in this group can help you out.
purplezebra 12 years ago
I wanted to bump this thread because I know there are photogs out there, like Jim Hunter, VR and guacamole that have lists of great books on the subject. Would you please post links here to keep things consolidated?
@ Extraspecial, there's a pretty good book called "Pricing Photography." It's pretty easy to read and straightforward. You can get it at B&N or Borders.
amazing weight [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by purplezebra (moderator) 9 years ago
purplezebra 12 years ago
Thanks VR & Jim.
Schemie Radge 12 years ago
Brilliant.. thanks for a v useful post... can we make this a sticky? Do you even get stickies in Flickr?
purplezebra 12 years ago
No stickies on Flickr yet that I know of, but maybe we can post this on the group home page in the description?
Schemie Radge 12 years ago
Would be good if someone could do that... in the meantime strategically timed replies like this will have to do :)
amazing weight [deleted] 12 years ago
Here is another excellent book to add to the list of resources.
"Best Business Practices for Photographers" by John Harrington.

It was just recently published so I haven't seen it in any of the bookstores but it is available from Amazon.com through the link above.

You can also read more about it here: www.best-business-practices.com/
Be sure to read the Rave Reviews section.
impossible sun [deleted] 12 years ago
John Harrington's book is great. Highly recommended. He also has a blog: photobusinessforum.blogspot.com/
Pathfindar 12 years ago
How about associations? Many of them have business sections dealing with pricing, fees, paperwork. etc.

Professional Photographers of America

American Society of Media Photographers

Advertising Photographers of America

Editorial Photographers

National Press Photographers Association

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

International Registry of Children’s Photographers
purplezebra 12 years ago
Updated with sample model & property release forms and sample t&c's.
purplezebra 12 years ago
Also added a few Canadian and one UK trade org.
purplezebra Posted 12 years ago. Edited by purplezebra (moderator) 12 years ago
David - How about making this a "sticky" topic on the home page?

Questions relevant to this thread are asked on a regular basis.
iTulip 12 years ago
Fantastic topic! So many links, so little time - but keep the suggestions coming! -very useful information!!

Thanks for starting this pz!
Let me find out what a sticky topic is and I'll do it. Good idea.
iTulip 12 years ago
Sticky topic?? Like on the mac's?
purplezebra 12 years ago
I don't know if there's a way to make it sticky on the Discussions List, but alternatively we can always link to it in the gray "Announcements" box at the top of the group home page.
Scott Fusion 12 years ago
This is a fabulous topic and even better info!!! Thanks boys and girls!
purplezebra 12 years ago
Added An Analysis of Canadian Copyright by ASMP's David McTavish.
funny word [deleted] 12 years ago
Shootin' the breeze 12 years ago
I'd also like to add the www.swpp.co.uk Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, UK based but with worldwide members.
gorgopis 12 years ago
Any pricelist for Indian book covers (Penguin Books India)?
camnlo4130 12 years ago
this is great
d2s 12 years ago
Thanks much for links and info. Must read some of it soon.
Bradley Spitzer 12 years ago
Can anyone share with me how critical and important it is to get a property release for homes, business, etc.? I live in rural America and want to capture some classic images for stock but want to make sure I stay clear of any legal issues.

Let me know - thanks.
purplezebra 12 years ago
There are a couple of links above that provide that info under Model and Property Releases. I just added the link to Photo Attorney. Must have missed it the first time around.
maddog. 12 years ago
Just out of interest, does anyone know any decent sports-photo specific sites, other than sportsshooter, and especially covering pricing?
purplezebra 12 years ago
Argh. Another one I forgot. Just added Society of Sport and Event Photographers. They may have a public forum. I don't know. They may also have a Yahoo group or something. Sorry, I'm not a sports shooter.
dietzy2320 12 years ago
Thanks for the links... I was excited about the sample photo release forms especially the short portable one only to learn that you have to join ASMP in order to access them.
purplezebra Posted 12 years ago. Edited by purplezebra (moderator) 12 years ago
One of the many benefits of membership. The releases are dynamically customizable, but you can always use the releases from one of the other links.
Kandi Carol 12 years ago
I have looked everywhere for some guidelines on pricing for reprints (i.e., after you charge a sitting fee, what are photographers in my area charging for prints). I have gathered a *couple* of photographer's sites that post their prices, but not many. I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how I could find more online? Thanks!
fair throne [deleted] 11 years ago
Thanks so much for this thread!

After many years in and out of photography, I've decided to go 'pro' (though I do still have a completely unrelated day job) just within the last couple months. In light of that, I've been Googling around for weeks and have tracked down less than half of the tidbits and info herein.

rippo Posted 11 years ago. Edited by rippo (member) 11 years ago
hey kandi. just do a google search, which yields loads of info. search on ' "portrait photography" reprints ' and see what comes up.

something like 21,000 results, most with pricing.
Kandi Carol 11 years ago
Whoa, I tried that for San Francisco and got almost nothing. I guess I will try something else.
Pixel Wrangler 11 years ago
Kandi, another way (of course ;-) to find out information like this is to call various studios / photographers in the San Francisco area... as a "prospective client.

It may not be the easiest -- but might be more effective, as you can ask about the specific information you want to know about.
Kandi Carol 11 years ago
Mmm thanks for the tip. I have already made me rate sheets since this post, but that's a great idea! I wasn't cleaver enough to think of that.
Ledio (mostly away) 11 years ago
great resources - thank you!

I went through them but I couldn't find the answer for my case. An artist/painter contacted me and said: "I would like to request your permission to use your photo as reference for an acrylic painting that I would like to do for my landscape series."

What do I do? Charge, no charge, how much?
rippo 11 years ago
that's a tough one. i'd be inclined to not charge anything, but it depends on the circumstances.
purplezebra 11 years ago
@shqipo / Ledio - In Fotoquote, this is defined as an artists rendering - non-commercial. Fotoquote also has some tips on precautions with this type of licensing.

If that doesn't work for you, under the Nothing generic meet your needs? section is a link to D65 that may be better suited for what you're looking for.
Ledio (mostly away) 11 years ago
Thanks @purplezebra! Does anyone who has fotoquote can say, roughly, if there's actully a quote there for such kind, before I spend $70 and not find anything? I tried the demo but it only shows prices for brochures.
purplezebra Posted 11 years ago. Edited by purplezebra (moderator) 11 years ago
Fotoquote does give you a price range for that type of usage in the Coach (not the price list), but more importantly, the Coach tips tell you specific things to look out for when licensing this kind of usage and the difference between an Art reference and an artists rendering, etc. Fotoquote is well worth $70. It pays for itself pretty quickly.

[edit: I should add that pricing is relative. There are many photogs that think that Fotoquote's ranges are very low, but if you've never done this before, it's a good way to see the ranges of fees out there.]
concerned nest [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by concerned nest (member) 11 years ago
bump...did the link to this post disappear on the front of the group page?
AJH. Posted 11 years ago. Edited by AJH. (member) 11 years ago
This seems like a great resource but I'm feeling totally lost. Someone asked me if they could use my work in their projects and asked me how much to charge. As a complete amateur I had no idea, naturally. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand (after looking at a few of those links) that I now have to ask:

what size of image they want.
duration of use.
number of insertions.
location of image on website.

Could you guys help me out please? I apologise for being a complete newbie, but that's essentially what I am!
Pixel Wrangler 11 years ago
*Zo -- it is confusing!

Lem'ee offer a different context ... suppose you were walking by a big sports stadium, and a person ("production assistant") came up to you and said, "Hey, we're shooting a commercial inside the stadium, and we need 10,000 people to be in the stands ... we'll pay you $100 for a couple hours of your time sitting -- being part of the crowd."

If you were so inclined, you would take the hundred bucks, sign a very simple release, and (hopefully) enjoy the couple of hours.

Now suppose you are the "Verizon Guy" in the TV commercials ("Can you hear me now? ... Good."). You have an agent, belong to at least one union, and you are going to be featured in commercials in multiple markets (cities), in 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec and 60 second versions, some during prime time, others in off-peak, for nnn period of time (days/weeks/etc).

The "payment arrangements" for the "Verizon Guy" aren't gonna be as simple as the "stadium extra". Additionally there are a multitude of other IP and licensing considerations that come into play.

Sometimes (maybe far more often than not) photographers' rate and pricing "schedules" try to apply "Verizon Guy" pricing considerations onto "1 of 10,000 in a crowd scene" situations.

Sometimes, it's as simple as "a hundred bucks".
concerned nest [deleted] 11 years ago
Well said Pixel Wrangler.
maddog. 11 years ago
This is going out on a limb, but does anyone know where I could find pricing for New Zealand - editorial and commercial?
maddog. 11 years ago
i take it nz is out of the frame here.
purplezebra 11 years ago
@aaron2005 - Yep, it has disappeared from the front page and mod power is not enough to bring the link back. Help David!

@Pixel Wrangler - That was awesome.

@maddog. - Sorry, but I don't know of any for NZ. When I have some time, I'll see if I can find some but I've been heads down for a while now. I know that Australian copyright is quite a bit different from the UK and the USA, which obviously effects pricing, but I don't know if NZ follows Australia's lead on those things.
Schemie Radge 11 years ago
maddog. 11 years ago
cheers pz
purplezebra 11 years ago
purplezebra 11 years ago
Link to the Government of India's Copyright Office, courtesy of ©Steve.
purplezebra Posted 11 years ago. Edited by purplezebra (moderator) 11 years ago
ASMP has just published an ASMP Licensing Guide. I've placed the link under the "Copyright" heading as well.
TS Gentuso 11 years ago
Bump this up, my friends--so terribly helpful!
@MrCairney Posted 11 years ago. Edited by @MrCairney (member) 11 years ago
I'm unsure if Photography and the Law is covered in the PhotoAttorney link but here are the rules that apply to public photography in the US and also the UK (touches on more than just public photography)

Would be nice to see those two links in the list
purplezebra 11 years ago
Thanks ©Steve. A definite oversight.
@MrCairney 11 years ago
More photographers Rights for Canadians and Australians
purplezebra 11 years ago
Thanks Steve. Added.
@MrCairney Posted 11 years ago. Edited by @MrCairney (member) 11 years ago
Me again, meant to add these two to the list previously. Two business orientated books. Granted, the first isn't about photography, but the content very applicable. The second book is totally relevant. (both written in the UK, but the theory is universal.)

How to Be a Graphic Designer: Without Losing Your Soul

T-shirts and Suits: A Guide to the Business of Creativity

EDIT: Just found out there is a free version of the above book, downloadable and shareable too.

Jeff Clow 11 years ago
Am bumping this because I think it is one of the most helpful threads amongst the 1000 plus at this group......
Motojournalism.com 11 years ago
Fantastic resource folks!
Do Flickr discussion boards not have "stickies" to keep them up at the top of the list? (instead of bumping)
brief cattle [deleted] 11 years ago
What I can't seem to figure out on my own is where hotel and guestroom decoration falls in these stock categories. I presume it's commercial, but most of the price calculators I've come across only deal with print and advertising when it comes to commercial display.
purplezebra Posted 11 years ago. Edited by purplezebra (moderator) 11 years ago
I've been absent for a bit, but if you haven't been looking at the ASMP Licensing Guide linked above, then you don't know that they've just added The ASMP Paperwork Share where pros share their estimate and invoices from REAL JOBS and broken out by TYPE of job! It's probably one of the best resources on the web, IMO.

@ luminairimages - Fotoquote has a section for Prints.Wall Decor. The section is broken up into building lobbies, employee areas, and a few other spaces. They don't have guestrooms, but I'm sure you can come to some sort of conclusion based on the prices that are available.
J&M Photography1 11 years ago
Anyone know what is charged for consignment work? If my prints hang on a resturant wall for sale and the owner wants a cut, what is the going percentage? I was thinking 75% to me and 25% for the store owner. Fair? Too high?
@MrCairney 11 years ago

PZ, do you think it would be worth linking to this post within the copyright section above?
purplezebra 11 years ago
I've added the link to the copyright service.
concerned nest [deleted] 11 years ago
Nenortas Photography 11 years ago
wow.. great post here, tons of info.
Jeff Clow 11 years ago
Paint Monkey 11 years ago
bumpety bump
Bridie Macdonald 11 years ago
great great great
bump... super useful!
concerned nest [deleted] 11 years ago
Bump...we need to figure out a consistent bump schedule for this post.
@MrCairney 11 years ago
David Bean just needs to add the link the group intro on the first page when he gets the chance.
Myron Watkins 11 years ago
god bless this group i only just joined but its already been sooo helpful
olnavarro 11 years ago
Great post!
purplezebra 11 years ago
I received an email from Betsy Reid of the Stock Artists Alliance with a link to their Stock Release Q&A page. It's now included under the Model and Property Releases section.
deeply trends [deleted] 11 years ago
Pricing is simple:
Small client- take all current bills and triple them.
Large client- take their budgeted quote price, and double it.

BrandonBphotography 11 years ago
Semi-Pro Here, looking for opinions..
For a shoot that I spend 2-3 hours with a model (portfolio building work, a few looks). How to charge..? Session/CD Session/Prints ?
And, is it out of the norm to just present them with my top 10-20 shots and go from there, or show them all, and go from there ?
Im usually shooting a few gigs, so going through all is kind of a nightmare... but how to go about it ? I would love some opinions. What do you do ?? - Thanks , great topic post...
deeply trends [deleted] 11 years ago
Actually in reality... what to charge, is no longer the same as what you can get. This economy and well as a huge undercurrent of slimey semi-pros has caused much of the market to no longer be paying the value that a real pro is worth.

Whatever you charge... do not get into a bidding was against the lowest bid in the game, stick to your guns, charge what is fair, and stand to it... even at the cost of a job or two. To do otherwise works against ALL of us... and drives down market value and rates for all. At that point clients can take their own pictures with their iPhone!
BrandonBphotography 11 years ago
hopefully Im not a slimey semi-pro. My work is quality, and Ive been doing it for 10 years,,, not that you accused me, but I did start off my post with "semi-pro", and you did reply with that comment... However, i do appreciate your reply, i was looking for opinions, and you gave one... My problem is, I am an experienced photog, but without a studio, or grand lighting equipment, so , i struggle with where I fit in to the pay scale...?????
deeply trends [deleted] 11 years ago
BMB... Charge what the budget allows for, and then bill client for all the side requirements. Annie Liebowitz does not fly into LA with trunks of equipment or a studio... she rents EVERYTHING. Many pros do.

The bigger the job, the less I bring that is mine as well.
(on a big job... I will have my Pentax 67 and my Mk II, 3 lenses and 2 meters in an unopened Pelican case... and rent 2-3 bodies, 2-3 lenses, all the lighting and extra packs and extra heads, and a studio at 5th and Sunset or Smashbox at $2500/day+ on top of my fee.)

A real client will understand the side billings... just do it professionally... and then it will seem so.

**"Slimey" are the guys that go into a $3500/day meeting, say they will do it for $1500, and then come back with $800/day quotes. Thrilling for the clients... until they get the product.
BrandonBphotography 11 years ago
wow, Ive got a long way to go until I can charge those figures,,, I am experienced, but have a lot to learn,,, thanks for your insight.
victorious stitch [deleted] 11 years ago
I all

I've looked through the thread and searched other threads but I have a question about product photography.... does anyone have a link to some examples of agreements for this? I've seen model and property releases but nothing specific to product photography

Thanks v much
purplezebra 11 years ago
What sort of agreement? Are you talking about the terms and conditions of your invoice, an estimate, or are you talking about a release? They're not the same things. Or are you worried about a copyright issue with photographing the product in question?
victorious stitch [deleted] 11 years ago
Sorry, I should have been more clear, both the terms and conditions of the invoice as well as the release actually. However, for the latter - the release - I have found some useful information on ASMP

Thanks v much
purplezebra 10 years ago
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