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LANCEPHOTO PRO 5:13pm, 25 July 2012
I just got my Pioneer eMail about this film but the site says it is sold out already??? Is that possible? I'm so excited about this film I can't stand it!
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6500kelvin 6 years ago
It goes fast.
xanoah 6 years ago
they must have not made that much of it. have fun testing guys!
Nate Matos 6 years ago
When I ordered mine it was at 287 packs and their website wasn't exactly being fast (presumably to the gobs of instant film hungry fans crowding the servers). I went to order maybe 5-10 minutes after the announcement was made so that gives you some idea of quantity.
LANCEPHOTO PRO 6 years ago
Geez - I check my email just about every 10 minutes so I got there within about 1 hour of the announcement and it was already gone :-(
Oh well. Just extremely happy that it's actually happening!
patrick j. clarke PRO 6 years ago
I got the email at 8:41 Pacific time and there were 85 packs left when I purchased my packs at 9:15.

Now...to explain it to my wife. :P
LeandroF PRO 6 years ago
I didn't even get my newsletter this morning. Only noticed it via Twitter that there was a new test batch. Had to view it via the website newsletter archive and then it just showed the stock in Europe. Sounds like they will have some more in August though...
Bradley Laurent PRO 6 years ago
Damn, out of stock. :(
I was wondering about this as well. When I checked my email, it was 50 minutes after I had received the newsletter. Went to the site to see if I could order and noticed they were sold out.

Sad to miss out on the test film, but extremely excited to hear about the opacifier. I thought it would take much longer to get to this point since it is a very difficult problem to overcome.
unclearimage PRO 6 years ago
yeah, checked my mail and went right to it………. out of stock. at that point i thought the e-mail was ahead of the sale, so i waited. bummer
Jetsetter23 PRO 6 years ago
Of all the days to have an early meeting!
Damn. Cant believeimissed this. Oh well. I cant wait to see everyone's results! :)
moominsean 6 years ago
yeah was gone pretty quick. would have tried a couple packs...oh well, next time!
patrick j. clarke PRO 6 years ago
Yeah, the most exciting news is the new molecule!

TIP team, give Martin Steinmeijer my thanks ahead of time! :)
Instant Integral 6 years ago
I have been waiting since 2009 for this announcement! Cant wait for the real stuff to come out. I have some friends id like to buy some film for! :D
gusman2x 6 years ago
Yup, all gone as soon as I opened the mail.

I must admit, I don't really mind shielding, kinda part of the experience for me. I would like the colour frames to develop quicker though.
Darcy Perkins PRO 6 years ago
Arghhh! Damn my need to sleep!
nickcolledge 6 years ago
I missed it too! :( very very very exciting though
6500kelvin 6 years ago
I'm excited to test this film. Ordered 2 packs today.
nickrapak 6 years ago
Of all the days to fly from CA to PA. I checked my emails when I got home, and it was already too late.
mattdicke PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mattdicke (member) 6 years ago
yup i missed out too. it was gone in less then an hour! can't wait to see the pictures though! and a sx70 version! i wonder what the iso speed will be on these? a little fast or a little slow cause of the new Molecule! Way to go TIP. looking forward to this film!
Jason_Combs PRO 6 years ago
This is very exciting! Everyone that was able to get some please post your shots here so we can see. =)
mrdannysanchez 6 years ago
Darn! The one day I didn't check my email in the morning... oh well. Next time!
abdukted1456 PRO 6 years ago
I switched to gmail recently and now the impossible stuff goes to spam folder. Totally missed the boat :(

Good news, I never get spam anymore. Bad news, sometimes good emails go to spam. ;(
steph parke 6 years ago
I was out in the woods and didn't have cell service for the better part of yesterday and was bummed it was all sold out. Oh well. Next time!
Polapremium Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Polapremium (admin) 6 years ago
while we can't promise that the next batch of test film won't sell out in minutes, we CAN promise that the start time will be announced prior to the sale starting (with a countdown on the item page) to give everyone a fair shot at purchasing some.
er_code_blue PRO 6 years ago
Ahh...that LTE data plan paid off.
nickcolledge 6 years ago
^^ is that in reference to the next testfilm or another sale of V4B/OPA?
Polapremium 6 years ago
the next batch of Pioneer film we put on sale.
Ryan Michael Kemp 6 years ago
Very disappointed I missed the boat as well, but I am so glad to hear about the amazing progress! Cannot wait to see the photos and eventually shoot the film myself!
Paul A. Rizer PRO 6 years ago
First shot taken with the new test film. Taken an hour before sunset, so the sun was low in the sky and the light soft. No shield used, exposed for a whole minute to the light then tucked away but anxiously looked at every other minute or so. This new test batch takes quite a while to develop, it stays black for a while, then fine contours appear before something like blue snakeskin starts to appear which then slowly fades away to leave a perfect shot. I'd say it takes at least 20 minutes before it reaches the finished stages (although you can make out whether the shot is ok earlier).
This one probably could have used a tiny notch more contrast but I think you can use the film basically with the d/l wheel adjustments of the last PX680 batch. There are fine lines of lightleakage on the bottom and top but I have had polaroid 600 films with more problems in those areas.
Of course it started to rain soon afterwards and has been grey most of today so I have not been able to do a full on sun test yet. But this really looks very promising so far & I am looking forward to seeing shots from sunnier areas of the impossible world!
Option8 PRO 6 years ago
20 minutes!?

The original SX70 films produced their image almost immediately, scary fast. But the 600/779 slowed that down to at least 30-60 seconds before the opacity layer went transparent.

A+ for a new magic molecule everyone!
HomespunHero 6 years ago
I'm glad that it the arty dark slides appear to be returning. I miss collecting them.

And regarding the development times, I usually give any TIP film like an hour or two before I scan it. Push! Needed like a good day before it was done.
nickrapak 6 years ago
I thought the original original SX-70 film (Pre Time-Zero) took about 10-15 minutes to fully develop, which was the basis for the Time-Zero moniker.
Scott St. Pierre 6 years ago
As bummed as I was to miss out on the sale (there were 250 left when I first went to the page but didn't buy,) I had just bought some px680 Cool and a 600 Frog Tongue. So at least I don't feel my frog tongue money was a waste. Also, while I don't have the new film to shoot on right now I'm still thrilled at this leap forward in the evolution of this film.

The first SX-70 film also had some of the last century's greatest scientific minds working on it. Not to say the good folks at TIP aren't brilliant, but I'm sure they'd be the first to admit, they're no Dr. Land!
Option8 PRO 6 years ago
I meant timing from ejection to seeing ANYTHING on the film.

600/779 was grey, splotchy for quite a bit before slowly fading, whereas SX70, like ATZ, was pretty immediate.
Shelly Tee PRO 6 years ago
Not bad. Final shot reminds me of expired 600. :)
Justin Goode Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Justin Goode (member) 6 years ago
Figured I'd sneak a photo in here too ... ;-)

A test shot from the RB. Once extracted and run through my SX-70, I left this image out in the open, on a table in my office, for the duration of the development ~ 20 minutes.


PX680-V4B Opacification Test Film
Paul A. Rizer PRO 6 years ago
No, not 20 minutes before you see anything. But it do takes longer then one is used from the current PX70 & PX680 batches. But if that is what it takes to do without shielding I am all for it. And there is no snakeskin so far either, which the PX680 always had a bit.

Yes, it reminded me of that, too. Well I guess it is that yellowish hue that the PX680 tends to anyway. The reds are a bit faint but with the leaps these films are taking that is probably just a question of time.
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
I uploaded some shots to the private test group.
Polapremium 6 years ago
colors will be off in this batch - our focus was on the opacification layer.

feel free to post em here too!
puzzling story [deleted] 6 years ago
What's this private group?

I tested a pack in a 600 camera and everything seems to be turning out with a yellow cast. Anyone have any recommendations?
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/ghost_town/] Well, it's private ;)

Feel free to post your photos in public, but understand that perfect color is not the point of this film - it's the fact that you don't have to jump through hoops to shield it from the light and it works!
puzzling story [deleted] 6 years ago
But if it's a group for people testing the film, wouldnt it be smart to open it to those people to help with discussion? I don't see how seclusion will in any way help impossible or even us.

I'm not looking for perfect color, but my results are pretty poor and nowhere near the images that were in the email that was sent out with the email. I would hope that the point of the image is to have good color, contrast, and saturation.

I was trying to find out how others are shooting it and if they have any tips.

I'll upload my images to their site with how it was shot so that they can help make the film better.
tobysx70 PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by tobysx70 (admin) 6 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/ghost_town/] I only posted to the private group because I wasn't sure whether we were allowed to post in public yet. If this test film wasn't supposed to be published until later, I'm sure you would have been invited to join that group.

To quote above - "colors will be off in this batch - our focus was on the opacification layer". I'm sure good color, contrast, and saturation will follow shortly.

All I can say is, after shooting this stuff in extremely bright Southern California sunlight, the opacification layer works very well.
Gian Guido Zurli 6 years ago
I received that film and I'll try next days. In my opinion the colors are similar to the original 600 film and Image Softtone. Really good results.
Jason_Combs PRO 6 years ago
Looks like the color could be corrected using an ND filter. Anyone have one to give it a try?
Polapremium 6 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/ghost_town/] the private test group was created last year when the winners of a contest were given early access to test film. they weren't allowed to post their images publicly so the group was created to give them/us a place to share their results.

To quote the newsletter, "Please be aware that these packs are not yet fully optimized for color performance, it is still being worked on at this time."

If you're getting oogy results PLEASE do upload them to the website, we need to see bad results as much as we need to see good results.
friendly boat [deleted] 6 years ago
I think it will be easier to post a time lapse video of the new test film for the development process.
er_code_blue PRO 6 years ago
Been testing with ND filter. My particular camera looks like it needs to be all the way to darken. Takes about 30 min to fully develop. Looks good.
WorthingtonJ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by WorthingtonJ (member) 6 years ago
Coneflowers by WorthingtonJ

Photo taken using folding sx-70 with an nd filter.
Wheel all the way to dark.
Bright sunny conditions.
Not shielded at all the first few seconds, then developed in pocket.
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
Here are my first three:

The Spirit of 76 by tobysx70

Bullock's Wilshire 2 by tobysx70

The Olympic Gateway by tobysx70
Jason_Combs PRO 6 years ago
Can you post them? I would like to see the shots with the ND filter.
er_code_blue PRO 6 years ago
Untitled 1upload pictures

Went through about six shots so far. The above were shot and exposed to direct sunlight for ~10 seconds before being flipped. One thing with as long as the opacifier takes is that you can scan at intervals with entirely different results. Pretty cool. Early it looks like time zero streaking with the blue....final results are more yellow toned but overall pretty impressive.
Darcy Perkins PRO 6 years ago
Has anyone tries fully shielding this film light previous gens? I'm wondering if the red/yellow tones might be due to red light wavelengths penetrating the opacifer more than other wavelengths?
~ Meredith ~ 6 years ago
I shot some indoors last night using available light and didn't shield at all. Just left them sitting on the table by the window. They took about 30-40 mins to fully develop. Apart from being a little dark (it was about 8pm so the light was starting to go) they have come out really well. Hope to shoot some more outside today (weather permitting). I'll post last night's when I get home this evening.
jojonas~ PRO 6 years ago
was confused looking for this film on the website, but it's only so the pioneers could find it?
Jason_Combs PRO 6 years ago
Thanks, I'm wondering if you flip them over right after the shot if that will change anything. Darcy seems to be onto something there.
anniebee PRO 6 years ago
the film is sold out but, yes it was for Pioneers. a special newsletter was sent to them last week announcing the sale.

do not expose the back of the photo to sunlight - to quote the newsletter, "please do NOT turn it around in order to develop it upside down in direct sunlight as the black surface absorbs the heat resulting in suboptimal results."

AND finally...

WE'VE SAID SEVERAL TIMES NOW THAT THE COLOR IS NOT OPTIMIZED! NOT.OPTIMIZED. No amount of flipping or shielding is going to change that. This film was released to test the opacification layer, that's it.
Lou O' Bedlam PRO 6 years ago

Back-lit, late afternoon. Used an sx70 with a filter on the pack itself. Had the light/dark dial right in the middle.

the color may not be optimized, but I like it just fine. I've taken 4 shots so far, and other than the iso being a bit higher than I was expecting, this stuff is wicked awesome.
WorthingtonJ 6 years ago
Good Morning! Good Morning! by WorthingtonJ

This one was shot with an SLR 680 one notch to darken.
Indirect sunlight, unshielded.
Skink74 6 years ago
Sunlit rose

Spirit 600, improvised close-up +3, no exposure adjustment. Evening Sunlight, unshielded.
lawatt PRO 6 years ago
my first shot with the test film -- taken indoors with my slr 680, light/dark dial left right in the center, no shielding at all:
cornflowers by lawatt

have to say, i'm mighty impressed!
demetri parides 6 years ago
so far so good, great work impossible team!
here are my first two shots
Attack Hug
Let me in
Shelly Tee PRO 6 years ago
Great shots in here, guys! :) So excited for this to be out. (And for the other films to get the opacifier as well, of course.)
ten minutes 6 years ago
I'm super pumped to try it.
Nick Leonard PRO 6 years ago
Good heavens, these shots are amazing. What an achievement at Team Impossible! So excited to try this film when it's released.
lawatt PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lawatt (member) 6 years ago
two more, that i think are less successful than my first:
faded flowers by lawatt

these two shots were taken around 10am yesterday, approx 70°F, in full sun with no shielding -- i then walked back indoors and let them develop face-up on my desk, not in direct light but exposed to ambient light. both (and a third, which i'll post next) turned out sort of hazy/faded compared to the entirely-indoors shot

(the colors are also off -- the naked ladies on the right are ok, but the squash blossom on the left was BRIGHT orange, & leaves dark green -- but we've been warned that color is not optimized in this test film, they were just focusing on the opacity layer. the haziness adds a reddish-pink cast, too, although that might be heat-related?)

i'd like to try some pairs with my next pack, shielding one as usual, not shielding the other, in various conditions of light...
er_code_blue PRO 6 years ago
Got a similar result yesterday shooting in the sun. I just let the sun hit it directly for probably a good minute. Very washed out as I expected....just seeing the tolerance of the film.
lawatt PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lawatt (member) 6 years ago
i took some more yesterday afternoon, standing in the shade but surrounded by bright sun (just not directly falling on the film), and putting the polas into a box once they ejected (but not rushing them into a box, just leisurely storing them), and they also are fairly washed out and pinkish -- but it was also 80°F or more, so the heat may have been affecting the film? not sure... here's the first one of those:
sky by lawatt

compared to a shot taken in the same kind of sunlight conditions & the exact same place, although earlier this year in cooler weather (probably mid-60s-low 70s?), using my sx-70 and "cool" px70:
looking up by lawatt

edit: i took two pairs of photos this morning, shielding one & not the other, temps in mid-60s -- the two taken in shade are nearly identical, but taken in full sun, the shielded one is MUCH less washed out, and better color i think (although still a pinkish cast in the highlights, sort of like Push!). i'll scan & post once they finish developing, but it looks like this opacification layer still can use some shielding in bright/direct sunlight...

but what an improvement indoors/in the shade!!!
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
We've Come A Long Way Baby

PX70 FF vs PX 680 V4B

We've Come A Long Way Baby by tobysx70
lawatt PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lawatt (member) 6 years ago
ok, here are the pairs i shot this morning, around 9am:
morning oaks by lawatt

these were both shot in the shade, temp mid-60s -- the one on the left was not shielded when it ejected, and let develop face up indoors -- the one on the right was shielded (using darkslide) and let develop face down indoors.

result = no noticeable difference at all.

but then there's this pair:
green tomatoes by lawatt

these two were also shot moments apart, mid-60s temp, but standing in the sunshine -- the one on the left was not shielded as it ejected, although within 20-30 sec it was carried indoors & left to develop face-up on my desk -- the one on the right was shielded (with darkslide) and developed face-down indoors.

result = MUCH more washed out on the left, with exposure to bright ambient light (not even really much direct sunshine)

one other note: these films have, happily, WAY fewer (if any) white speckles than other recent px680s (and px70s) -- still making divots, at least so far (i've shot 12 frames), but i think the lack of speckling is a huge improvement.
Nate Matos 6 years ago
My first shot from one of my packs, never shielded from start to finish. This stuff is amazing!

Palms Motor Hotel by Nate Matos
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
Great testing! :) Are you treating this like 680 Cool i.e. dialing 1/3 - 1/2 way to dark? My shot of the Chinese Theatre was set to neutral by mistake, but still turned out very well. All of my others were darkened.
Pace Bailey Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Pace Bailey (member) 6 years ago
First shot with the PX60 V4B on an SLR 680
Exposure set to middle, exposed with flash
 by Pace Bailey
lawatt PRO 6 years ago
toby, no, mine are all taken with the light/dark wheel in the middle, neutral setting. all of the ones taken in bright ambient light (although not nec. direct sunlight) without shielding -- even those that were then put in the film box to develop -- have turned out pretty pinkish & faded.
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
I know you're further north than me, but CA sun is pretty damn bright at this time of year. Just a suggestion, but for your next test you should try dialing it a bit to dark & getting it out of direct sun sooner.
lawatt PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lawatt (member) 6 years ago
for these first two packs, i'm really trying to deliberately TEST it (i can't help it, i'm an academic, testing comes naturally to us), and hence keeping the number of variables to a minimum -- and particularly wanted to know if the opacifier was working under "regular" conditions, i.e. shooting without shielding and not racing to get it under cover, as was described in the email announcement. none of mine have been left out in the sun to bake, but was trying to replicate their description: "Outdoor photography: simply relax for the first time in your Impossible daylight-life - no need for stressed action anymore! It's totally ok if the sunlight hits your photo within the first seconds. But please do not expose the photo to direct sunlight during the whole development process. Let the photo develop in the shadow, in a pocket, bag, book, etc "

and will try dialing some a bit darker next! and i must admit, i will probably continue shielding when outside/in bright light, if my aim is to take a good photo vs. just curious about testing results.
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
Totally understand where you're coming from. I've been deliberately trying to shoot mine in super bright sunlight, because no matter what, the light in our part of the world is so different to NY, Netherlands, Austria...
lawatt PRO 6 years ago
exactly! CA summer sun (like Greece, i expect) is just about as bright/intense as it gets...
patrick j. clarke PRO 6 years ago
So. Cal...where ISO 100 is high-speed film. :P

I got my 2 packs and have been contemplating how to torture...er, play with this film in the super bright cali sunshine.
tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
Ha! Boy, do I miss Kodak's 25 rated films. Look forward to seeing your "experiments" :)
Justin Goode 6 years ago
For those interested ..



tobysx70 PRO 6 years ago
Great job with the blog post!
Justin Goode 6 years ago
- Thank you Toby!
Alex Luyckx PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Alex Luyckx (member) 6 years ago
I'm pleased! Shooting the second pack today, hopefully have a blog post by tonight!

Milton - PX680 Test Film

Milton - PX680 Test Film
Jill Auville 6 years ago
examples from my first pack, shooting with my SX-70 + ND filter.
outdoor shots in bright sunshine, 90 degree heat, no shielding, developed face up indoors.
Opacification test 1 by Jill Auville

Opacification test 2 by Jill Auville

Opacification test 3 by Jill Auville
nickcolledge 6 years ago
These shots get better and better! anyone tried different temp developement? e.g a cold one and a hot one?
blormore Posted 6 years ago. Edited by blormore (member) 6 years ago
This instant film is TIP's simplest to use to date, hands down! Hello, 'No Shielding' required! Nay sayers please feel free to jump back on the instant band wagon. ;)

I'm using this film in my SX-70 Model 2 (Mrs. Jones) with an ND filter, and in most cases the Impossible/Mint flash bar for indoor and outdoor fill. It wasn't difficult to figure out the proper settings based on the lighting situation, and in most cases a neutral exposure setting gained the best results when using the flash bar. I'm really stoked about this film and can't wait for the official release so all can experience the awesomeness of the molecule!

Sky by blormore

Shadow Play by blormore

The Ice Bat Cometh by blormore

Pads by blormore
Justin Goode 6 years ago
We Can Do It!

Another one from the RB. Ejected into ambient light inside the house and then stowed away in a box for the duration of its development ...
lawatt PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lawatt (member) 6 years ago
indoors, this stuff is amazing. outdoors is a little trickier -- this is one that was shot in full shade (not shielded) & then stored in the film box to develop -- but it was hot outdoors (over 80°F), and very bright/harsh CA sunlight in the background/as ambient light -- result is pretty washed out:
dixie & frances by lawatt

i'm interested in the temp difference, so if it gets hot again this afternoon, i'll try shooting a pair but let one develop in the 'fridge...
er_code_blue PRO 6 years ago
Haven't had any issues with temp in either my SX-70 or 690. Most of mine were at 90 degrees give or take outdoors.
gliesh PRO 6 years ago
@lawatt, I love fridge experiments!
Jill Auville 6 years ago
all of these were shot with a onestep express.
the california sun and heat is indeed a little tricky to shoot in, i got the best results shooting in the shade or late in the evening.

1. shot in the early evening in full sun, lightwheel set to dark, outside temp in the upper 90's:
Opacification test 7 by Jill Auville

2. shot outside mid-day, in the shade, lightwheel neutral, outside temp 100 degrees:
Opacification test 6 by Jill Auville

3. shot outside in full sunlight, mid-day, lightwheel neutral, outside temp 100 degrees:
Opacification test 5 by Jill Auville

4. shot indoors in the evening using the flash, lightwheel all the way to dark, inside temp in the 70's:
Opacification test 4 by Jill Auville
6500kelvin Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 6500kelvin (member) 6 years ago

seems like the heat makes the prints a little yellower. it was about 90 today and I left the print in my *very* hot truck to develop
Lou O' Bedlam PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Lou O' Bedlam (member) 6 years ago

Shot with an sx70, no filter. Shot on the left had non-exposure related problems (bad patch in front, developing fluid escaped out the back), as did the shot before it.

Shot on the right was taken right after the one on the left, no internal problems, all other conditions the same.

Temp inside the car was about 80 degrees, placed the photo face down on my dash, where it was apparent the heat sped up the development process.

From left to right:

Shot 1: taken in the shade, no nd filter, exposure wheel all the way dark, developed with the sun hitting the backside.

This one was what I was expecting, bit bright because of the lack of filter, but shielding appeared to hold up.

Shot 2: taken in 3pm sun, with nd filter, exposure wheel all the way dark, left out for about 20 seconds, then placed in a dark bag and developed indoors.

Here the shielding appears to have not worked as well as expected. I surmise those 20 seconds of sunlight were too much for it.

Shot 3: taken in the 530pm sun, with nd filter, exposure wheel all the way dark, left outside photo-side down.

Shielding appears to have worked as expected.
lawatt PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lawatt (member) 6 years ago
wow, Lou, these first ones were shot with an sx70 & no filter? they look more "right" exposure than many of the ones i've taken with my slr680 -- perhaps i should try a pack in my other camera...

this one was taken a few moments after the previous chicken one, in the shade on a hot afternoon & no shielding, developed in the film box -- but without a bright-sunny backdrop, and it doesn't have that washed-out look:
ethel by lawatt

not *quite* as beautiful as Lou's model, but close!

(no 'fridge comparisons yet, the fog has returned & it's gotten more 'fridge-like in general...)
WorthingtonJ Posted 6 years ago. Edited by WorthingtonJ (member) 6 years ago
Untitled by WorthingtonJ

Untitled, August 2012 by WorthingtonJ

Taken with SX-70 Alpha, nd filter
minimal shielding
Temp in the high 80s, bright sunlight
Dark splotches came from chemicals that had leaked on the ND filter.
Ben Syverson PRO 6 years ago
I'm almost through my first pack... so far, I'm blown away by the final image. PX680 Cool always leaves little uneven patches that look like tiny crystals, but this resolves to a smooth image, like traditional 600.

My shots have been completely black (or deep navy) for the first 20-25 minutes. Then the opacifier begins to drop out, and by the 30-35 minute mark, you can see the image.

It looks like it's done, but it's not... The highlights at this stage are flat and pink. But after 2-4 hours, the whites separate from the highlights and become much brighter.

I'll scan some when I get home. Impossible, make this in 8x10! It would be simply jaw-dropping.
patrick j. clarke PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by patrick j. clarke (member) 6 years ago
It was magic watching the film develop right in front of me...TIP film developing in my bright kitchen without the adrenaline rush of shielding and popping the shot into a bag or pocket...I dig it.

76F, bright indoors light at 1:40PM Pacific
ND Pack Filter
D/L Set Neutral

Here it is after 10 minutes. I just shot it (right next to a sliding glass door) and tossed it on the table to develop...up to this point it's black or dark dark blue like Magic 8 ball juice and there are faint shapes lurking beneath the Magic Black Molecule...
I think I like this stage a lot on this shot:
3 Chairs - 10min by patrick j. clarke

From 10-20 minutes it gets splotchy as the Magic 8 ball juice starts going away...
3 Chairs - 20min by patrick j. clarke

After 120 minutes it brightens and although a bit yellow, it's freaking awesome.
3 Chairs - 120min by patrick j. clarke

Can I has more Magic 8 Ball Juice please?
Ben Syverson PRO 6 years ago
Magic 8 ball... I love it. That's really what it looks like in the beginning!

Orange Beautiful by Ben Syverson
Kona Coffee by Ben Syverson
Susan by Ben Syverson
amysgster 6 years ago
I'm so impressed with this film, just being able to watch it develop was sending me into fits of excitement, but then having the final shot turn out so well too?! aaah :) I'll scan and post tomorrow and I definitely need to experiment outside more but so far indoor shooting is almost identical to 600 film :) hell'a amazing TIP!
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