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morningaltruist 6:07pm, 17 December 2008
hey everyone!
it seems like there was a decent amount of interest in making a poladroid book, so i'm going to get the ball rolling on this one.

if you would like to be included in the book, please submit a response to this thread with a link to the shot you want included (must be highest res available).

i'm going to make the book via blurb - that way everyone can order their own copy directly from blurb's site. i can make it available in hardcover and softcover and am thinking their 7x7 size is our best option (and the cheapest!)

i guess depending on the number of submissions we can either do multiple editions or vote on which shots should be included? what do you think? definitely want everyone to have an equal chance to be in the book, so suggestions on how to manage a large number of entries would be great.

looking forward to seeing the submissions!
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VIEW54 10 years ago

I propose this one :

butter404 10 years ago
Oh okay.  Well.. by butter404
morningaltruist 10 years ago
great! keep'm coming. if you rather not post here - feel free to send me the link via flickr mail. =)

i'm thinking of accepting submissions till the 15th of january and then will have the book ready by february for anyone who would like a copy.
Lushbunny 10 years ago
Burning Man
Ju.com 10 years ago

Great idea!
How long do we have? I have some shots I would love to turn into polaroids, but the software isn't available for Windows yet.
morningaltruist 10 years ago
i was going to give till the 15th of jan, but i'll give people waiting for the windows version a couple weeks after it comes out to submit photos. i've been receiving some submissions via flickr mail but would love to see more submissions here, so everyone gets an idea of what else is being submitted. thanks!
Okay cool thanks. :D
Sardequin 10 years ago
rose-givre-pola by Sardequin
CC.L. 10 years ago
Haywood Jablome 10 years ago
This is my favorite of all the poladroids i've done. The colors are perfect (in an imperfect sorta way.) My little sister and me. Chicago 2008.
Jeff and Kelly by Haywood Jablome
chandamon618 10 years ago
That's my favourite, hehe

ozlat photography 10 years ago
are you going ahead with this ? if so i don't want to select my favorite poladroid and rather submit to a theme that the book will follow...
acceptable walk [deleted] 10 years ago
Ahh I love this idea. ... here's mine...


True, it's the only one I have in my photostream right now, but I really do love it. :)
ambitious toothpaste [deleted] 10 years ago
I love this pic


My head is missing but I like that shot a lot!
jeffinition 10 years ago

I uploaded this today after a tremendously dull day at work. Playing with the office supplies was all I could do to keep from flinging myself off the balcony.
luxuriant interest [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by luxuriant interest (member) 10 years ago
Thats nice. :)
But I wonder how it works because if you were to put them in a book, hasn't it got to print out like a polaroid? Hmm ..

anyway here's mine .. can I post a couple? You can choose from the best ones.


I didn't know which one to pick, so here are a couple, you can pick the best one, or the one to use for the book.






pekmezmed 10 years ago
sanja by pekmezmed

marko by pekmezmed
afeitar 10 years ago
WET PAlNT 10 years ago

Taken in front of the New York Stock Exchange

Rooftops of Manhattan Skyline.

Manhattan Bridge in NY.
dejeuner 10 years ago
adorable cough [deleted] 10 years ago
I am already making a poladroid book with Random House, Inc.
Perry French 10 years ago
Here's one from me :)
Always on the lookout

Pretty in pink
curbsidetreasure 10 years ago
here's my submission :
morningaltruist 10 years ago
these are great! totally love it - can't wait to get the book going. i know the window's beta version was just released, so i'll give people some time to play with it and submit their favorite shots. keep on submitting and i'll keep you all posted on the book progress!
Victoria Maxey 10 years ago
May I humbly submit this photo to be considered for the book?

Lauren as a polariod by Victoria Maxey
That is a lovely shot Victoria.

Can we submit as many as we want? Or do you want a limit?
shiny train [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by shiny train (member) 10 years ago
For the book. For poladroid. For my wife.

pumped toys [deleted] 10 years ago
grand_mechant_loop 10 years ago
Great idea !
Happy new year everybody.

Here is mine

Night by grand_mechant_loop
morningaltruist 10 years ago
feel free to submit multiple shots, but just keep in mind not all of them will make it into the book - so really be sure to pick the best of your shots for submission.

also, i've received a few emails about using traditional polaroid photos. as much as i love them, this book will be of poladroids made with the poladroid software.

keep'm coming!
Great, thank you playrawkstar. I understand what you mean, I'll try to pick only the best shots.
7-how-7 10 years ago
oh a book of these would be great!

how about this one?

Edricism Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Edricism (member) 10 years ago
Here's a couple of Poladroids I just created, for the book! :)

(Pola) World Map by Edricism

(Pola) Sheryl at Blangah Rise Primary School by Edricism

(Pola) Pond Sky by Edricism
crackedmoon 10 years ago
thrift store dolls (poladroid version)

echolalia [echelon] 10 years ago
Hyzenthley 10 years ago
fake polaroids by Hyzenthley
katrinatobeck 10 years ago
Here a a couple of favorites of mine :)
sleepybeagle by katrinatobeck

blossom by katrinatobeck

picturesque by katrinatobeck

7-how-7 10 years ago
I'm curious about how the final shape of the book is going to be determined. I know there was a request for suggestions about this at the start of this thread, but I haven't seen too much about how it might be done.

Any progress on this front?
morningaltruist 10 years ago
the book will be a 7x7 hardcover. =)
Here are a few of mine I can take off the watermark if you want to use them!
jeneyepher Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jeneyepher (member) 10 years ago
Here are my absolute favorites:

.bokeh sparkle beach bird.

.mel's diner.

.25 cent gumballs.

.dinosaur and ice cream.

.love me.

but I might need to add more later :P
material suit [deleted] 10 years ago
A couple of my favorites!


Gabi Butcher 10 years ago
"CRW_4225 (Poladroid)" by gabibutcher [?]
CRW_4225 (Poladroid)

and this one

"IMG_8451-pola FX1" by gabibutcher [?]
IMG_8451-pola FX1
morningaltruist 10 years ago
hey everyone -
these are all looking awesome! for those of you still waiting to submit, the deadline for images is sunday the 18th. i'm aiming to have the book completed and uploaded by february 1st.

if you submitted images - i will be following up with you via flickr mail to let you know which shots of yours will be included in the book. i'll begin that process during the week of the 19th.

thanks everyone for participating!
featheredheaddress 10 years ago
i couldn't decide! so i propose any on these...


on the finnish gulf. на финском заливе by featheredheaddress

primorskaya. Приморская by featheredheaddress

IMGP0015-pola by featheredheaddress

DSC_0083-pola by featheredheaddress
wistine 10 years ago
NAH-NAW 10 years ago
steph1874 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite to submit. Here are the ones I'd like to offer...
gatorland by steph1874

joshua tree by steph1874

joshua tree by steph1874

james' journey starts with one step by steph1874
roadkill rabbit 10 years ago
my first poladroid :3

again with the freakin bear!
Ju.com 10 years ago
Here are a few pics from Paris & New York
buckaroo kid 10 years ago
elegant wire [deleted] 10 years ago
photophrenetic 10 years ago
katie by photophrenetic
ShutterPunk253 10 years ago
She discarded the shoes...like the boy she no longer needed either


Where the Pimps shop

Any one of these.
scrax 10 years ago
Marija Dargyte 10 years ago
I menuli
Lorena Liberti 10 years ago
I am in love with Poladroid - yay for you! Can I please submit these 'old school' looking polaroids.... Lorena x

Coco by Lorena Liberti

Yellow Stripes by Lorena Liberti

Ice Cream by Lorena Liberti

Donkey Turning Point by Lorena Liberti

Dog Walking by Lorena Liberti
Scottspy 10 years ago
Confused Blackwell

How about this one?
Scottspy 10 years ago
Tail Section

Or this?
morningaltruist 10 years ago
these are all great!

some of you have emailed me shots from other flickr users - while i LOVE the suggestions, it's simply too much for me to follow up with everyone. if there's someone you think should add a shot to this group, please let them know about the project. =)

and remember, all submissions must be in by this upcoming sunday!

Lost Star Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Lost Star (member) 10 years ago
martha.broadbridge Posted 10 years ago. Edited by martha.broadbridge (member) 10 years ago
swans, hellesdon mill by martha.broadbridge

lowestoft by martha.broadbridge

oscar on train by martha.broadbridge

oscar's eye by martha.broadbridge

all photos look better as polaroids! by martha.broadbridge

all photos look better as polaroids! by martha.broadbridge

hope that's not too many, they're all my favourites!
patrickhh 10 years ago
entertaining volcano [deleted] 10 years ago
feet / ground
seaotter22 10 years ago
Infinity by seaotter22

LA Palms & Trails by seaotter22

 by seaotter22
artyeva 10 years ago
i've already mailed you with one yesterday but i did this today and would like to add it too :-o

tea + jaffa cakes = yum
claireberries 10 years ago
Poladroid Sheep
LeonL 10 years ago

David Real 10 years ago
roadkill rabbit 10 years ago
boo, i sent these in a message but i failed :B

clande Posted 10 years ago. Edited by clande (member) 10 years ago
la mesa es hecha


Meg.M 10 years ago
Winter Wonderland
morningaltruist 10 years ago
these are all great! few more days - keep'm coming! =)
camrvd 10 years ago

Zeus and Josh

Josh 2
e.lee.e 10 years ago
luxuriant crayon [deleted] 10 years ago
Can I still join this project? :D It´s so cool !
This is my first ´polaroidproject´.
I made it today! :D


xoxoxo Natalina.
Lorena Liberti 10 years ago
Office Buildings by Lorena Liberti

NCP Carpark by Lorena Liberti
featheredheaddress 10 years ago
i've already submitted a few but i love these ones too!

red arrows by featheredheaddress

featheredheaddress 10 years ago
and this one, sorry if this is way too many, im seriously indecisive.

hellosteffi 10 years ago
i'd love a picture book with the pictures stuck into the plastic sheets... and each picture book would be different.

here's what i'd like to see in the book: farm4.static.flickr.com/3081/3194858781_abe7efb743_b.jpg


the windmill is on the corner of where my sister lives in amsterdam, the windmill is actually a brewery! the beer they produce is biological and pretty strong (6% + 9%) and they serve it at the venue where i work in rotterdam! i think the flags are up because of a childrens party, there is a playground there if you can see it!
roadkill rabbit 10 years ago
arg, another one from me :B

evoonia 10 years ago
Let me contribute this one:

maybe some ice cream? by evoonia
Hildog! 10 years ago
day 178 - tut tut
bastian.fiebig 10 years ago
Arwa* 10 years ago
Some of mine ^^



purple_monkey 10 years ago
JessicaDivens 10 years ago

17/365 Just trying out the poladroid
clover^^ 10 years ago
Lorena Liberti 10 years ago
60s Building by Lorena Liberti

Notre Dame by Lorena Liberti

Montmartre by Lorena Liberti

Monument by Lorena Liberti
chentya 10 years ago

Polaroid: "Summer Europe"
Polaroid: "I need fat burning"
Polaroid: "Sunset"
Polaroid: "Lazy spring"
charliegriffiths 10 years ago
Argh! How to choose? Here are my two favourites:

www.flickr.com/photos/charliegriffiths/3038451972/I heart firework night

vintage roses
madddie Posted 10 years ago. Edited by madddie (member) 10 years ago
woo :) use this one
Sarah / Hilsabeck Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Sarah / Hilsabeck (member) 10 years ago
i suppose i'll submit my favorites

mondoagogo 10 years ago
There's some great stuff in this thread.


earsplitting breath [deleted] 10 years ago
Can I join in, too?
action datsun 10 years ago
semana #40

here's my photo
roadkill rabbit 10 years ago
alright, i know i've submitted a ton & a half of these now. i just don't know which one you're gunna wanna pick! i promise to stop submitting now, i'm sorry :D

benny baloney

to keep the men out.


cozy up in the cobwebs.
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