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Expression of Trees ~ By John Finney Photography
Expressions of Trees
John Finney 7 years ago
Spooky Woods
spooky woods

When the light and mist is at it's best, is when I should still be asleep! at dawn time in the Peak District is where most of my pictures are taken.
Spooky Woods 'above' is one of them moments when the sun is almost rising and the mist is perfect for just a few moments. Walking around a muddy woodland at this time of day with a heavy camera on a tripod & a bag of filters may seem unusual to most , but when it all comes together it makes it worth while.
Kit used..
Nikon D300, exposure 0.6sec, aperture f16, ISO 100, Nikkor 12 – 24 lens @12mm
Cokin z pro filters tilted to the left. Processed in CS5 with a sepia filter.
Taken below Stanage Edge at 7:54am in Feb this year.
Synapped PRO 7 years ago
Wow, fabulous image, John! I keep trying to get myself to get up for those amazing morning moments. Your work is an inspiration, and I once again promise myself I'll not roll over when the alarm rings!
John Finney 7 years ago
Misty Woodland & Light
Misty Woodland & light

One of them moments I found my self in a woodland after chasing the mist, perfect conditions & an amazing woodland! The difficult bit was over, I happily snapped away for a few minutes, I didn't even need to open my filter bag, then the mist disappeared :)
Kit used..
Nikon D300, exposure 1 sec, aperture f11, ISO 100, Sigma 18 – 50 f2.8 lens @ 40mm
No filters needed. Processed in CS5, desaturated in RAW then highlights only taken back to original colour, eraser tool used to remove blue tint from unwanted areas using a layers technique.
Taken between Chapel-en-le-Frith & Castleton at 6:31am British summer time.
John Finney 7 years ago
Warm trees frosty lane
warm trees frosty lane

Another lucky moment you just had to be there, the lane was a very frosty cold blue and the trees was soaked in relatively warm light from the sunrise I was missing! I could not find a good spot for the sunrise that morning but when I saw this it didn't matter :)
Kit used..
Nikon D300, exposure 0.5 sec, aperture f16, ISO 100, Nikkor 18 – 55 stock lens @ 55mm
Cokin z pro filter soft. Processed in Elements 8 from RAW, slight contrast added to the trees.
Taken near Great Hucklow at 8:09am January 2010
Keartona PRO 7 years ago
I can say without doubt John is a VERY talented photographer.
You just have to take a look at his photostream to see that!!!!
John Finney 7 years ago
Padley Gorge
Padley Gorge

An evenings walk at Padley Gorge, I have been to this location before & was looking for something different. I spotted this fallen branch & with a bit of patience I used a filter for the waterfall & bracketed so I had a good dynamic range to play with once I got home.
Kit used..
Welly's, Nikon D300, exposure 1.6 sec (average), aperture f16, ISO 100, Nikkor 12– 24 lens @ 12mm
Cokin z pro filter soft. Processed in CS4 using an HDR technique.
Taken at Padley Gorge at a sociable hour, in September 2009.
ExpressionOfJoy PRO 7 years ago
This series John, is fantastic! You are truly talented as seen through your showcase and photo stream! What a pleasure to have you featured as a Top Photographer...Thank You for sharing your beautiful work!!
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