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Residential Photography and Video 3:35pm, 16 November 2007
Anyone want to donate some sky images. I have the ones from Larry's blog and I am hoping to acquire some mild (not too dramatic) sunsets and some more variety. Maybe we could all throw together a collection.
mad_jack_murphy 11 years ago
I've been thinking about asking people for some sky for a while. I didn;t even realise that Larry had some on his site, so cheers for that.
Ekday Realty 11 years ago
@propertyimages - check out 1000 Skies.
nunya.biznas Posted 11 years ago. Edited by nunya.biznas (member) 11 years ago
actually, i think pooling some sky resources sounds like a fantastic idea. since larry's already got a good start on his site perhaps we can help fill it out a bit.

gives me a great excuse to wipe the dust off my pano head and actually venture into the sunlight =-)
Lohrman PRO 11 years ago
Yes, down under links on the right-hand sidebar there is a link to:

Most are a little too dramatic for real estate use (the bottom 7 are from a trip to St Martin in the Caribbean). I actually got the idea from 1000Skies and the fact that I routinely need to replace skies in panoramas.

I'd be happy to add any sky contributions that any of you have to the page. I've been meaning to add some more but I just haven't got around to it. I think it's a great idea to make a collection from everyone's contributions since the sun only comes out here in the northwest 3 or 4 times a year.

If anyone has a sky contribution just send me a jpg or a link at and I'll add to the page.
danswander 11 years ago
Careful! Sky shots taken in Australia and New Zealand will appear upside down in the USA!!!! (Won't they?)

Sorry.... it's Friday and I'm in "play mode".
Doug Cranmer 11 years ago
Excellent community idea!
I got some at home - hadn't thought of it before. I should process the raws and post them on my blog or something. What would be the ideal size? Full res, i.e. ~3000x2000?
nunya.biznas Posted 11 years ago. Edited by nunya.biznas (member) 11 years ago
since we're taking liberties with the post production, may i suggest a lawn (grass) archive as well. i've seen more than a few external shots that were caught during a bad lawn day =-)

[edit] i'm by no means advocating the fabrication of a lawn for a property that is lawn dysfunctional. but i don't see any sort of ethics violation by using "summer grass" on a "winter lawn," if that makes any sense.
Lohrman PRO 11 years ago
As far as size goes I'll accept any size you want to give me. I have a 400Gig limit on my server and I'm no where close to using the space.

I can keep lawn images too although my preference when tidying up lawns is to clone or heal from some existing lawn. I don't feel comfortable replacing the entire lawn although I know some do that.
nunya.biznas Posted 11 years ago. Edited by nunya.biznas (member) 11 years ago
my idea with the lawn replacement is centered around some homes that i've seen that have spectacular lawns during the more lawn friendly times of the year and then get pretty scary in the drier times. the water restrictions here in florida can be painful if your community doesn't have access to reclaimed water.

definitely wouldn't condone creating a lawn that was never there. and as you've said, there are those that do that. i just think it is like the sky, if you're there to shoot on a crappy day, there's nothing wrong with changing the sky in post, but as with all things there is a limit.

as far as sizes goes, i think keeping the images in their native resolution is best. size once is my motto =-)
Marcus Newey 11 years ago
Larry, I've sent a few skies, while we're on the subject of other images that would be useful, how about a collection of lit fireplaces?

It's winter now so it's not too bad, but in summer I tend to put the vendors off lighting fires for the shoot, just to hot and sweaty!, I prefer to use some newspaper or PS some flames in and blend a little warming filter around the hearth in post.
Lohrman PRO 11 years ago
Sure, what ever anyone things would be useful.

I neglected to mention that it is assumed that anything we put up on this image library will implicitly be released into the public domain. I'll confirm the public domain thing with everyone that contributes and I'll put up a public domain notice similar to the one wikipedia has on their images.

Also, I be careful to invert any skies from the southern hemisphere.
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