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Darren LoPrinzi ADMIN January 22, 2015
Welcome! Rules are here. This is how to post a photo for critique. All else is Related.

This group pool is for members only.

Group Description

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Welcome to the Photography Critique group

This community is all about helping everyone grow as photographers!

If you would like to have one of your photographs Critiqued, simply start a new Discussion, and post your photograph in that thread. Do this first. Next, you are highly encouraged to post your photo to the group pool as well. Do NOT submit your photo to the pool if you are not starting a discussion thread.

Some discussions (without a photo) are now encouraged in the group. Simply prefix your subject with "GD"

Links to posting Rules & Guidelines, How to Post, How to Critique, Etiquette are listed below. Please Read & Heed!

By posting, you are asking other folks to spend time and effort thinking about your image; please return the favor and comment on other images.

By posting an image for critique, you are expressly asking people to offer their critical opinions of your work. They may not like your image.
Please note that all critiques are the personal opinions of the authors and are generally offered from the viewpoint of creating art worthy of hanging on the living room wall.

We value open-minded intelligent discussion of the images presented herein. Honest critique is required, but note that honest does not mean rude or insulting.

If you want to discuss anything not directly related to a critique (including group moderation), then open a general photography-related discussion by adding "GD" (short for General Discussion) to the beginning of your Discussion title

Rules & Guidelines:
How to Post a MEDIUM Image for Critique:
How To Critique:
Proper Etiquette:
Set Reviews:

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Group Rules


Rules have the effect of group "laws". Violations will incur penalties ranging from Flickr mails from the moderators, to deleted comments or threads, or to banning (expulsion from the group.) The moderators will impose any of those penalties, with or without warning. Moderator judgment is final.

If you want a critique, then you must post an image following the instructions here -- Please note that the pool is open only to images which have been posted for critique. Otherwise, we allow general discussions in separate threads provided that you prefix the title of your post with "GD". General discussions do not belong in critique threads: if commenters get side-tracked from the original poster's image, then we may delete such replies.

# 1:

No nudity or anything overtly sexual in images. No profanity, sex, religion or politics or anything whose sole purpose is to cause non-photographic controversy. No soliciting for other groups, web sites, etc., or advertisements for other ventures; i.e., no trolling, pimping or spamming.
If in doubt, ask a moderator 1st

# 2

No personal attacks, abuse, or bullying.

# 3
Observe the current daily limit for posts soliciting critique. Everyone needs to get a chance.
Current daily (24 hr) limit is: 1
Note: While daily traffic is light we are allowing more than 1 / day. The rule remains and will be enforced for those who abuse the slackening. The definition of abuse is up to the moderators and may depend on the circumstances of the moment.
Critique other images. You must give as well as receive.

# 4:
Post only one image per thread (request for critique.) If you want to do an A or B comparison, or even an A, B or C comparison, then up to 3 images will be allowed to share in the original post. Any more than that constitutes a set review and must follow the format for set reviews. No exceptions. Any subsequent images posted in the thread must be revisions only of the originals.

# 5:
Please make sure your photo does not get deleted from the thread.
If it does, we will close/delete the thread.

# 6:
Your photo must originate from your flickr site. Images from photobucket or other sites are not allowed.

# 7
The original image posted must be left unchanged (and not deleted) for the life of the thread. In other words, when responding to comments post a copy of the original image that shows the changes. See also Rule # 5

Photo edits by the "critiquer" (ie editing someone elses photo) are allowed for teaching purposes only. However, you should first be familiar with flickr's policy in regards to this. An edited photo should always support a written critique and not replace it. It is also recommended but not essential to ask permission before making an edit.
• In addition to the written critique, the editing steps need to be outlined.
• Photo edits must be posted in medium-500 size, must be private in the stream, and must be removed immediately upon request of the original poster. Please wait to remove the Photoshopped copy from your stream until discussion of the original thread has ended.. It can be considered to have ended if there have been no new posts within 3 days.
If you (the poster seeking critique) are against photo edits of your photo, simply say so in your critique thread ( ie "Do Not Download") . One also has the option to turn off downloads in your flickr account settings.

Nothwithstanding the foregoing please note that this group is not a democracy nor is it necessarily run by the rules of jurisprudence familiar to the Western world. In other words, just generally being a pain, or rude, or otherwise annoying folks (especially moderators) can and probably will get you banned. Do not waste your time figuring out ways to annoy people that are not explicitly covered by the rules. I hope this is clear: being a pain or being rude will get you banned.


Guidelines are simply best practices. Follow them and the group runs smoothly

# 1:
Try to use a meaningful title. "Please Critique" is totally redundant; "Honest Critique Wanted" is insulting - our critiques are honest. Instead use something like NY Landscape or Waves or Pretty Mountains, etc.

# 2:
Check back in and participate in the discussions and critiques that develop around your image.

# 3
Be sure that your comments address the image, not the poster.

When you need to be negative about an image (and you very often will), try to discuss how it could be better. For example, instead of saying awful composition, instead say the composition would be better if....

Take extra care if you sense that the poster is new to photography and/or Flickr.

If you are new to either photography or this group, announce that fact. It can save confusion and helps folks tailor their comments to your status.

# 4:
Please use standard English, not cell phone text or colloquial language. English is hard enough for those who are not native speakers.

# 5:
If you are posting corrections to an image based on suggestions, please post in the same thread that gave you those suggestions even if weeks or months have elapsed. Please do not delete previous versions of an image until commentary has stopped.(Edit: we have decided to make this a rule. Do not delete your photo from a thread) It is really annoying to go read a thread and find that the images are no longer available. In a similar vein, posting the same image in multiple new threads tends to really get people annoyed with you so that is a tactic best avoided.

Please note that the pool is open only to images which have been posted for critique. Start a critique thread using your image before submitting to the pool. If your image is in the pool queue without a corresponding critique thread it will be removed.



-- BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY: A Poor Man's Guide, Version 2.0 by The Great Contini

-- LANDSCAPE Photography: Tips for Getting the Best Color by Louise Denton

-- MACRO Photography: Thoughts on Lighting by JohnT2012

-- MACRO photography: Low Cost Options by JohnT2012

-- The Elements of Art: Guidelines & Rules - the facts and the fiction by mona chrome

-- Beginner's Photography Tips by craserphotography

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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