Rana ElMahmoud 12:39am, 16 November 2007
Hi my name is Rana and I am the head of press committee at BLPC,,

I am interested in taking pictures of our photographers while they are busy in taking pictures in workshops or any event, I hope u can enjoy what I have here, and Iwill send ur site to our people in order to participate with their good ones,

Íts great having this group,,

Good on u for doing it ,...

Feel free to ask us anything and on behalf of our club I will be happy to share with you some info and pictures..
Rana ElMahmoud 11 years ago
Two Photographer at RedBull event in Kuwait November 2nd, 2007
LR AlAwadi & Mabarak_0186

Aman Mobarak - BLPC

Najwa Marafi - BLPC
Najwa which device win?

Fahad AlAbdulla - BLPC


group LR

Ali AlShatti – PR and Activities head of committee – BLPC

Ali Cropped LR pic
ml-888 11 years ago
You camera-class technology
Very beautiful photos
Rana ElMahmoud 11 years ago
Thank You ,,, why dont you visit our site, at Flickr ....

Please feel free.... Bayt Lothan Photography Club...
Dr Faisal 11 years ago
It would be great if you could provide the link for us to visit from here...
Anyway, interesting post and activities.
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