Adam Arroyo 3:19am, 10 August 2006
Hi everyone!

Welcome to Photographs of Photographers.

I couldn't seem to find a group on Flickr dedicated to this, so I just went ahead and made one.*

Hopefully I'm not the only crazy person who gets the urge to take pictures of others during the creating process!

* although now I seem to have come across 2 others... despite the group search refusing to show me any when I looked earlier ...
lady_elsinore 13 years ago
Thanks for the invite :) There's a weekly photography contest on and the theme this week is "Photographing Photographers", so no, youre' definitely not alone ;)
Nna78 13 years ago
thanks for your comment.. i think it's a good idea and unique...
Adam Arroyo 13 years ago
Glad you both decided to join.

@lady_elsinore -- Thanks for the heads up on the Farktography contest... I always seem to miss those
lady_elsinore 13 years ago
Yay--I saw your entries!
Adam Arroyo 13 years ago
I saw (and voted for) yours as well :-)
lady_elsinore 13 years ago
Thanks! You got my votes as well ;)
Foto Menno Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Foto Menno (member) 13 years ago
I can't explain, but I find it very interesting taking pictures of people taking pictures. Especially when they are not aware of being photographed. I didn't think there would be a group like this but I luckily I found you.
I started looking for a group like this today and you just started today!
How nice.
Adam Arroyo 13 years ago
Glad we could be here to help Foto Menno :-)
shishimarumix 12 years ago
How do you do, it lives in Japan, and although communication in English may not work, please give it to me. The figure of those who take a photograph is pleasant. It was made allowed to participate intuitively.
Dr Faisal 11 years ago
Thanks for the invite.
NoDurians 7 years ago
This group is a wonderful idea! Thanks to everybody for sharing!
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