sengsta 8:38am, 10 April 2007
What are the photographs you have taken that are close to your heart?

Answer this question in your submission of photographs for the PIP Byte Me! Show – a display of projected photographs that will form part of this year’s week-long Byte Me! Festival in the first week of December 2007.

For this projection exhibition, we would like to invite PIPsters to submit their works which are simply close to your heart: photographs that you look at and can say that you truly, really love: photographs that reinforce why you’re a photographer in the first place.

It’s not about the equipment or the money.

It’s about photographs that express or illustrate your passion.

Submission guidelines
We are accepting 1-5 photographs from PIPsters. For full details of resolution, size options and so on, please refer to the detailed Terms and Conditions below. Photos should be in digital format and emailed to ye olde PIP Admin, Sengsta at: seng_mah [at]

What can you submit?
As mentioned above, we want to show off your photos which you well and truly, dearly, intensively love. The reason for this can be many and myriad – the one uniting factor here is that the photos express your passion for the art of photography.

Curation of photographs for the projection exhibition will be by your able PIP Admins: Sengsta and Feistystrumpet, along with professional photographer (and PIPster) Jules Tennant. More detail about the curation process can be found in the Terms and Conditions below.

Where, what and how will the projection take place?
We are currently exploring a number of ideas for the projection such as venue and style of projection, including multiple projections in the same venue, along with running the projection in synch with music and audio bytes of the photographers talking about their passion. For this reason, you could be asked to contribute an audio voice-over to go with your projected photographs.

Please do not post your submissions into this topic, but feel free to use this thread to raise questions. Feisty, Jules and I will try our best to answer them.

More information about the Byte Me! Festival can be found at:

>> Terms and Conditions of Entry and Participation

1. Entries must express a response to the projection exhibition theme as outlined above.

2. Entry must be digital photographs or photographic scans, at 72DPI, high resolution JPEG format, with longest edge of the photography at 1024 pixels and able to be projected onto a screen or on walls. Entries may be in any of the following frame/crop ratios: 4:3 ; 6:4 ; square format; 16:9; polaroid scans. Entries should bear no watermarks or embedded signatures. Except for polaroid scans, entries must not bear any discernible border or frame. Entries cannot be images created out of photographic composites.

3. Entries must be owned and created by the photographer. Ownership of the works will remain with the photographer.

4. There is a limit of FIVE entries per person. Entries must be received by email to the projection curators by 5pm Friday 29 June 2007.

5. Each entry is to be in the form of a digital photographic REPRODUCTION of your work.

6. Entries must be clearly identified in the filename with your full name and entry title (for example: angela_wang_view_from_within). Please include, via email accompanying your entry, your contact details, including phone number, and a brief script explaining how your submissions reflect your passion as a photographer. If selected, you may be asked to voice record the script (or an edited version thereof) as part of the audio delivery accompanying the projection.

7. A selection will be conducted at which the curators will view all entries. The curators will be looking for works that fulfill the conditions of entry in particular conditions 1, 2, 3 and 5. The result of the selection will be available from 1 August and the curators will contact entrants using the contact details provided on their submission email.

8. The decision of the curators is final and no discussion shall be entered into.

9. The exhibition of finalists’ work will be on display in a projection as part of the ByteMe! Festival, scheduled for the the first week of December, 2007.

10. Selected photographers will have their details published in a website supporting the projection exhibition. You will be invited to submit a short biography, contact detail as well as details for purchasing your photographic entries, which will be published on the website.

11. By submitting photographs to this exhibition, participants agree that their photograph/s, if selected for projection, may be reproduced in print and electronic media, including, but not limited to, exhibition catalogues, web sites, entry forms and information sheets, for the purposes of publicity and promotion of the projection exhibition and the ByteMe! Festival. ByteMe! and the exhibition curators reserve the right to reproduce any entry in subsequent publications in relation to the ByteMe! Festival.
hadrianblaq Posted 12 years ago. Edited by hadrianblaq (member) 12 years ago
question ... if an interested participant is or will be overseas before and during the exhibition period, would he/she still be eligible to enter?
VJzoo 12 years ago
Love the theme guys! Thanks for your involvement, so thrilled to have you involved.
sengsta 12 years ago
@Hadro: Yes, any PIP member can enter, even if they are overseas, off-world or in another dimension. Of course, they may not be able to attend the projection night unless they can harness the energies of a dimensional wormhole to create a teleportational portal. :-)

@Kat: We have the ever effervescent Feisty to thank for that theme!
|neurosis| 12 years ago
@hadrian.blaq I had the same question because I think I will be in the same place as you! :)
sengsta Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sengsta (admin) 12 years ago
Also - there is no age-limit for participation: it is open to all current PIP Members, new and old.
antzpantz 12 years ago
~* Rae Rae *~ 12 years ago
I'm interested!
Ozone71 12 years ago
A question on "Composite" does that also exclude multiple exposure pics such as this one?

High Dive
sengsta 12 years ago
IMO, that is fine Ozone. By 'composite' we meant a totally new picture formed by elements taken from a range of different photos eg. take a figure from one photo, place in landscape from another photo; get a castle from another pic and put in landscape etc.
|neurosis| 12 years ago
HDR from multiple exposures?
sengsta 12 years ago
PIPs - choose photos that you love - that are close to your heart. If you love it, it doesn't matter if it's HDR or something like Ozone's (multiple exposures brought together). But you MUST love it with a passion that goes beyond "oh, I like it" - it must be a photograph that reflects your passion as a photographer.

On my part (and a bit of a warning as I'm going to get on a hobby horse :-) ), if a photo which I love and which I see as expressing my passion for photography is an overly Photoshopped/Photomatixesd image, then I gotta question whether I'm actually a photographer or just a graphic artist/photo-manipulator.


Now, I'm dismounting the hobby horse before someone knocks me off. :-)
~* Rae Rae *~ 12 years ago
feistystrumpet 12 years ago
I'm with Seng here. It's not a competition to find out who the best photog is. The shot that is close to your heart may not be as well composed as it should be, or exposed properly, but if it gives us an insight into why you have reached this point, then that's what we want. Pls email one of us if you have any questions.
Syl_au Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Syl_au (member) 12 years ago
god id feel like such a fgt listening to my own voice..PASS!

(plus the photo i love atm is one of ME and id feel like an even bigger fgt projecting it on a screen and talking
urbanphotographer Posted 12 years ago. Edited by urbanphotographer (member) 12 years ago
"if a photo which I love and which I see as expressing my passion for photography is an overly Photoshopped/Photomatixesd image, then I gotta question whether I'm actually a photographer or just a graphic artist/photo-manipulator."

*bows head in shame*

Curse that hobby horse.....
VJzoo 12 years ago
They didn't say you HAVE to talk about your pic.... perhaps you could use music or someone else's words/poetry/quotes instead? I think it's all about the image, the audio bit is probably optional... curators, what say you? I quite like the idea of images speaking for themselves, I got a bit sick of work requiring explanation at Art Skool ;) 12 years ago
Yeah I don't think that it is an absolute must that you talk about your pic, I'm sure we can work something out, so don't let that put you off.
GirlDecayOne 12 years ago
I love the theme. It unites all pictures no matter what the theme. Very well chosen guys. i intend to work my way till the deadline and not choose until then. Or else I fear I may be disappointed that my new favourite shot isn't part of my entry.
~* Rae Rae *~ 12 years ago
I like the idea of some audio with the image- some thing that inspired and motivates you or something that partners your image well.
sengsta 12 years ago
Hi all,

We've started receiving some very interesting entries - so I just wanted to make sure that PIPsters don't forget this. You don't have to submit entries right away as, like GDO, you might want to take some time to build up photos that you love.
eyespycottcase 12 years ago
count me in seng...
theurbannexus 12 years ago
Yay, this looks fun. I'll be in and may even time a visit that time of the year. Huzzah :)
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