vujiphotos 5:53pm, 29 March 2012
I'm so excited to announce the very first Peoria Strobist group workshop. The admins have been mulling over how to make this year better than the last and holding two workshops among the other meetups we are also planning was a great way to raise the level of education and opportunities for all of you! So without further adieu... here are the details!

Date/Time: Saturday, May 12th, 3-6 p.m.
We will kick off with some small discussion about working with models and I will be available to answer any questions you may have about the subject as well. Then, photographers will pair off and head to a "station" with a model to shoot for a half hour or so. I will let you know when you can "move on" to the next station/model.

Location: Warehouse District (map)
We will meet in the usual spot behind the old Cohen Warehouse and WTVP to start, but models will be stationed throughout the adjoining blocks for a variety of different looks and themes.

Fee: $30.00
Why a fee, you ask? We wanted to compensate our models as they will be getting dressed up and styled with a variety of themes just for you. In addition, we have a professional makeup artist/stylist coming in to do hair and makeup before the shoot. The money goes to pay the models and stylist; absolutely no money comes back to the admins or myself.

About the Models
I'm excited to say that we have a variety of models and themes to shoot. I have five models already lined up, both male and female. The themes are as such:

1. 1920's Hollywood Glamour/Evening Dress (girl)
2. Fitness/sports/working out (girl)
3. Contemporary urban style (girl)
4. Slick, well-dressed playboy (guy)
5. Grungy outlaw (guy)

How to Register
Want to sign up? Shoot me an email or a Flickr message.

Special Note
We will not be providing any equipment for this workshop. There will be a number of photographers with a variety of gear there so you may be able to borrow and collaborate with others to create some cool lighting scenarios.
Scott Lungwitz 7 years ago
Sounds like fun, Count me in.
vujiphotos 7 years ago
Great, Scott!

Anyone else interested? Drop a line here or via email!
vujiphotos 7 years ago
A lot of folks are concerned with not having enough experience or gear... please don't let that deter you. As with all of our meetups, this workshop will allow you the opportunity to borrow gear from other shooters and work together with the models, who are all professionals and can provide advice themselves, to help you learn more about lighting, working with models, and more!

Shooters of all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to attend!
vujiphotos 7 years ago
We are at 6 shooters so far... so who's going to take the leap next?
forevermephotography 7 years ago
Dangit Vuji...May 12th...really???? Soooo bummed. I really wanted to go to this but I have other plans that day already that cannot be changed. Would love to see this workshop happen again in the near future though!
FanShotPhotos 7 years ago
Count me in for a day of fun!
vujiphotos 7 years ago
Sorry, Forever... maybe next time!
Straublund1 7 years ago
We wont be able to make it. I wish we could. It sounds fun!
vujiphotos 7 years ago
No worries, Straubin... maybe the next one!
vujiphotos 7 years ago
Weather Update:
Just a heads up... the weather is a bit icky, but the show will go on. We will still meet at 3 p.m. and make the decision then as the Weather Channels only calls for 30% chance of rain/storms.

If we are forced to cancel, we will look at a rain date.
geyerba 7 years ago
Thanks Vuji. We had a good time.
vujiphotos 7 years ago
Glad you guys enjoyed it!
vujiphotos 7 years ago
Feel free to add your workshop photos to the group pool and here too if you want, but please use the following tag for this workshop as well.


Scott's Fine Art Photography Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Scott's Fine Art Photography (member) 7 years ago
Hey Mike, just a thought. You posted somewhere that you wanted everybody to e-mail you their finial images from this shoot. I can do this because I have my own server and provide a link to a .zip file. But for people who don't this could be a problem. For my finial 7 images the total size is almost 40megs. I'm pretty sure people are going to have a hard time sendng an email this large. Maybe a file transfer site like "you send it" would work for something like this.
vujiphotos 7 years ago
Feel free to email me what sizes you are comfortable with. If you want to send full resolution files and not sure you want to email them, we can work something out; just drop me a line. If you want to send 150 dpi images or even web-ready images, that's fine too as long as the models can use them for their portfolios.
Just to let you know my computer is currently down so I can't post process anything. I'm hoping to get it back up and running by Friday but if not, I'll let you know.
Images sent......
vujiphotos 7 years ago
Just a friendly reminder... I've received images from only a couple of you... please make sure to email those to me as soon as you can so we don't forget to pass them to our lovely models!
Tim Lester Images 7 years ago
I have very little done, just finished a major IT upgrade for a system at work. Very little sleep in 5 days and no days off for 2 weeks so far.

I hate computers!!!!!
Vuji...sorry it's taken me so long to get these to you. I'm getting ready to email the pics to you. Thanks again for lining up such great models. This outing was truly fun!

Don's going to need some reliable models when he comes. I'm going to keep this crew in mind.
vujiphotos 7 years ago
For sure, Lily... I also have a few others in mind that expressed interest after the fact so we can get some put together.
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