epiphyte78 5:39am, 12 September 2009
According to Robert L. Dressler, monopodial is defined as "a growth habit in which the stem may continue to grow indefinitely, as opposed to sympodial".

The following is a list of 75 monopodial orchid species that are being grown outdoors year around here in Southern California. This list was compiled from a survey of 8 orchid growers: Don Brown in Santa Barbara, Butch (Rowland Collection) in Garden Grove, Christopher Croom in San Diego, Roberta Fox in Costa Mesa, Doug Overstreet in Glendale, Albert Owen in Encinitas, John Snyder in San Diego and myself in Glendale.

For brevity’s sake, no culture information has been noted but a simple rating system is used: 5 (thriving) to 1 (surviving) and “?” (too early to tell). If you have any culture questions regarding any of these orchids or if you would like to add an orchid to this list then please feel free to reply to this thread.

For more information on outdoor orchids be sure to attend the presentation that Doug Overstreet will be giving on the subject at the Southland Orchid Show on October 18.

Aerangis citrata - Croom:5 | Overstreet:5
Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta - Croom:5 | Snyder:4
Aerangis modesta - Brown:4
Aerangis mystacidii - Brown:5 | Cruz:4
Aerangis verdickii - Owen: 5
Aerides jarckiana - Butch:5
Aerides lawrenciae - Snyder:5
Aerides rosea - Snyder:5
Amesiella minor - Croom:5 | Snyder:5
Amesiella monticola - Croom:5 | Owen:4 | Snyder:5
Angraecum calceolus - Butch:5
Angraecum didieri - Overstreet:5 | Owen:4
Angraecum eburneum - Butch:3
Angraecum eburneum subsp. xerophilum - Brown:4
Angraecum erectum - Cruz:3
Angraecum magdalenae - Butch:3 | Croom:5 | Overstreet:5 | Snyder:5
Angraecum mahavavense - Overstreet:5
Angraecum sesquipedale - Butch:3 | Owen:4
Angraecum sororium - Snyder:5
Arachnis flos-aeris - Butch:1
Ascocentrum christensonianum - Butch:4
Ascocentrum curvifolium - Croom:5 | Overstreet:5
Ascocentrum micranthum - Butch:5
Ascocentrum miniatum - Overstreet:5
Ascocentrum pumilum - Snyder:5
Ascocentrum pusillum - Croom:5 | Snyder:3
Ceratocentron fesselii - Croom:5
Cleisocentron merrillianum - Snyder:5
Cleisostoma birmanicum - Cruz:5 | Fox:5 | Owen:5
Cyrtorchis arcuata - Cruz:4
Doritis pulcherrima v. chumpornensis - Croom:5
Gastrochilus japonicus - Fox:4
Haraella odorata - Croom:5
Holcoglossum amesianum - Croom:5 | Cruz:4 | Owen:5
Holcoglossum flavescens - Croom:5 | Snyder:?
Holcoglossum kimballianum - Snyder:5
Holcoglossum quasipinifolium - Snyder:5
Holcoglossum tangii - Snyder:?
Holcoglossum wangii - Snyder:5
Jumellea densefoliata - Owen: 5
Mystacidium braybonae - Brown:5 | Croom:5
Mystacidium capense - Brown:5 | Cruz:5 | Owen:5 | Snyder:4
Neofinetia falcata - Brown:5 | Butch:5 | Croom:5 | Cruz:5 | Fox:4 | Overstreet:5 | Owen:5 | Snyder:5
Papilionanthe vandarum - Cruz:3
Pelatantheria insectifera - Cruz:5
Phalaenopsis braceana - Croom:5
Phalaenopsis taenialis - Croom:5 | Cruz:4
Phalaenopsis wilsonii - Croom:5 | Cruz:3 | Owen:3
Plectorrhiza tridentata - Cruz:5
Pteroceras semiteretifolium - Owen: 4
Rangaeris amaniensis - Brown:5
Rhinerrhiza divitiflora - Brown:2
Rhynchostylis retusa - Brown:3
Sarcochilus ceciliae - Brown:5 | Butch:2 | Cruz:4 | Overstreet:5
Sarcochilus falcatus - Cruz:5
Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii - Brown:5 | Overstreet:5 | Snyder:5
Sarcochilus hartmannii - Brown:5 | Butch:5 | Fox:5 | Overstreet:5 | Owen:4 | Snyder:5
Schoenorchis fragrans - Owen:2 | Snyder:?
Schoenorchis gemmata - Owen: 5
Schoenorchis juncifolia - Snyder:5
Sedirea japonica - Brown:5 | Butch:5 | Croom:5 | Cruz:5 | Fox:5 | Owen:5
Stereochilus dalatensis - Croom:5 | Owen:5 | Snyder:5
Trichoglottis pusilla - Owen: 5
Trudelia cristata - Croom:1 | Cruz:5 | Snyder:5
Vanda coerulea - Brown:5 | Butch:4 | Croom:4 | Cruz:4 | Fox:3 | Overstreet:5 | Owen:5 | Snyder:5
Vanda coerulescens - Croom:5 | Fox:5
Vanda javierae - Brown:5 | Snyder:5
Vanda lamellata var boxali - Croom:2
Vanda lilacina - Croom:5
Vanda roeblingiana - Croom:5 | Fox:5
Vanda stangeana - Brown:4
Vanda testacea - Brown:4 | Croom:5 | Fox:5
Vanda tricolor - Brown:5 | Butch:5 | Fox:5 | Owen:2
Vanda tricolor v suavis - Brown:5 | Cruz:5 | Fox:5 | Overstreet:5 | Snyder:5
Vandopsis parishii - Butch:? | Croom:5
neartheborder 9 years ago
A monetarily dangerous list, very informative !

i can give Aerides odorata a 4. (escondido)
entobot Posted 7 years ago. Edited by entobot (member) 7 years ago
Great to see this list! I recently purchased an Ascocentrum miniatum in hopes of giving it a shot, and it gives me hope seeing that someone has already tried it. I live in Encinitas, CA. I have experience with some of the same monopodial species, and some that aren't on the list:
Aerangis verdickii 5
Amesiella monticola 4
Angraecum didieri 4
Angraecum sesquipedale 4
Cleisostoma birmanicum 5
Holcoglossum amesianum 5
Jumellea densefoliata 5
Mystacidium capense 5
Neofinetia falcata 5
Phalaenopsis wilsonii 3
Pteroceras semiteretifolium 4
Sarcochilus hartmannii 4
Schoenorchis fragrans 2
Schoenorchis gemmata 5
Sedirea japonica 5
Stereochilus dalatensis 5
Trichoglottis pusilla 5
Vanda coerulea 5
Vanda tricolor 2
entobot Posted 7 years ago. Edited by entobot (member) 7 years ago
How many folks have tried any Renantheras? I believe that Renanthera imschootiana should do fine outside year round in SoCal. Any others?
Has anyone tried Rhyncostylis coelestis? I think that it may come from high enough elevation.
epiphyte78 7 years ago
Thanks for sharing your list! Great to see some new additions and additional supporting evidence for previously listed species.

Renanthera imschootiana has been on my want list for a while...only saw it for sale a couple times...but never at a price I was willing to rationalize paying. Hmmm...speaking of which...I think Alfred might have picked one up a year or so ago with a small off-shoot that he said I could have when it was large enough...??

A little less than 2 years ago I picked up Renanthera Scarlet Yuka at a show and it's been blooming and growing with respectable consistency. I'd give it a 4.
GueroP.O. 7 years ago
Vanda coerulea 5- Studio City
Mine has been in bloom since February!
orchid dude PRO 7 years ago
Yes Carlos, I believe that I bought that Renanthera imschootiana that you passed up at the SB show a couple of years ago. Blooming right now and what a beauty. Unfortunately no off-shoots...neither does my other one that I got from Norman's Orchids.....will keep you in mind should one be produced.
epiphyte78 7 years ago
Was talking with Harry Phillips this past weekend at the Santa Barbara Orchid Fair and was very surprised to find out that he has been growing Phalaenopsis aphrodite outside year around on his Ficus tree. He said it is the variety from Taiwan and not from the Philippines.

For those that haven't seen it is a photo of Vanilla chamissonis growing outdoors in Los Angeles...

Vanilla chamissonis Outdoors in Southern California by epiphyte78
coeruleoluna 5 years ago
thank you for posting this list. it has been very helpful. i wish there was a similar listing for sympodials. it has been a challenge to find information on growing orchids outdoors in socal. we really can grow a lot of things outside, with a little protection from the sun. a lot of hybrids from these species also can also live outdoors, with some trial and error i have a bunch of outdoor orchids. although my vanda coerulea is doing just terrible! the tips of the leaves seem to be burning off. not sure what the problem is, maybe the LA tap water? but others are doing just fine. a great hybrid that grows and flowers all year long is Vanda Paki. a hybrid of suavis and cristata. i have a nice Renanthera Imschootiana. it is doing very well, in a plastic basket with no medium. i also have a few small renanthera Tom Thumb hybrids that have taken the winter well, even as seedlings. any mini vanda with Neofinetia will do well outside, i have a few mini Ascofinetias and Vandafinetias that are doing great.
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