Pixel Peter 9:55pm, 30 March 2011
Too little too late
delaphotography 8 years ago
Yahoo! Finally a batch function.....I've been hoping for this for a long time!
vkbellis 8 years ago
Great post Pete!

Thanks for this. Please post more of your examination on your blog and let us know when :)

And yes, hat's off to Antoine and his crew - PE is looking better all the time.. smashingly good!

vkbellis 8 years ago

In the Batch mode, there is a filter that the user can choose to cull through by file type... is that what you meant by clever?

WOW thats a big jump in update... the presets are a great feature, and some produce great results, only played with it for a few minutes but the feel is still good

What it needs still is an option on saving the file to names the file like photomatix to show how many images are in the HDR...
Or to show in the saved exif how many images are in the made HDR
Photos by KJS 8 years ago
I gave it a test run and tried out the presets, very nice to have that feature and give the users a place to start.

It just keeps getting better.
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