Chris Ogden 1:16am, 10 February 2012
Since I have almost no use for the fish eye, we considered removing it so we can just carry/use the macro lens, as slimly as possible.

While it's not threaded, it's not glued either. Simply twisting the lens (like unscrewing), and it comes right out.

It seems that you then can press it back in if/when needed...

FWIW, it drops the weight from .7oz to .15oz - nice!

Maybe Apple could build in a flip-down macro into the phone itself!
Jim «JP» Hansen 7 years ago
thanks for the info… I hadn't had the courage to apply enough force to mine to free it.
patrick_d_oneill 7 years ago
Yes, you can do this but the olloclip was not designed to work this way. The fisheye lens will become more loose with each removal and insertion and may get to the point that it just falls out.
BeaLeiderman 7 years ago
I have found the fisheye lens is a good knob for holding the phone more firmly when taking a picture in a tight spot or at a weird angle. You can also stand the phone on its side to take pictures.

I do use it for pictures, too. ;-)
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