Dimitil 3:00am, 23 December 2017
Please remove the restrictions imposed by Flickr on the number of groups that each photo can participate in!
Dave_S. 1 year ago
Yes, please opt out of the 30/60 limit.

To opt out, the admin of the group needs to follow these steps:

Simply select:

"Yes - this group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in"

if your group is unconcerned with the groups photo limit,

or leave it as:

"No - this group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)"

if you feel your group is better suited with photos respecting the limits.

Groups that select "Yes" are never counted towards the 30/60 limits, regardless of how many other groups the photo is ever added to.
Dave_S. 11 months ago
I am surprised that there has been no response from admin on this important matter, the group's admin does have recent activity on their photostream, so are still around.

Please opt out of the 30/60 limit or tell us why you are choosing not to do so.
Bryn Tassell 11 months ago
Done, I was not the primary admin although it seems like I am the only admin now... I don't use the groups as much on here any more but I made that change for others.
Dave_S. 11 months ago
Thank you, Bryn, much appreciated. If you'd like some new admins or moderates to help reduce the workload of running the group, I for one would be happy to volunteer.

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