equal steam [deleted] 11:55pm, 14 November 2007
Tell us more about you.
I start:

Im brasilian, living in Italy over twenty years! I originally come from Sao Paulo a city of 19 milion people! A chaos, i swear! Now i live in Bologna a peaceful (!?) little town with my son, a wonderful 13 years old boy.
I travel a lot for photography. Have little time for myself. And if i have some time to relax i come over to Flickr. I really enjoy reading commments on my photos. I love taking pictures, i love seeing the results on the screen or print.
Now it's your turn!
DUTY GORN 11 years ago
thank you for requested!
its good group!

nice day :)
Sachmanns.dk 11 years ago

I live in Denmark, Copenhagen, with my girlfriend and our 2 daughters (Frederikke & Auguste).

Working in IT-industry and part-time as a busines coach. Time for photography is very limited - allthough I enjoy photography & photoshopping a whole lot. I am constantly seeking to improve my skills in photography and learn a lot from being part of flickr (such a great forum).

Last year I bought a D200 and a couple of lenses, which I am currently trying to master and have the best use of.
Alberto Boni 11 years ago
Im from Sao Paulo as well, but still live down here with my son (a destructible 9 months old Labrador Retriever) .

I work at home with Photography, web-design and graphic design, but I wish I had more photography clients. I love doing studio work and studying photography technics.

I also use a D200.
petrovsky 11 years ago
hi im a newbie...
avi8tor4fn 11 years ago
David from Frederick, MD. Bought my first SLR, Nikon D80 less than a year ago, learning as I go. Work as Director of Sales for a high-tech manufacturing company in Maryland utilizing laser, waterjet, and EDM.
Mannequin- 11 years ago
I'm William from New Jersey, USA. I use Nikon D200 and hope to upgrade to the D3 shortly! I have a small collection of lenses and I LOVE to shoot architecture. I am also trying to start getting involved more with street photography, as New York City is not too far and I can get there by train, and it has lots of opportunities for taking pictures.
Bryn Tassell 11 years ago
I'm Bryn from Victoria on Vancouver Island in Canada. I use a D300 and a few select lenses, most of my work is landscape and nature stuff (including macro) but I also am always trying other stuff as well.
Alex Williamson 11 years ago
Hello=] i am Alex,i am 16 and i am from North Carolina. I love to take shots of bands,and most sports. Also getting portraits and group shots are pretty cool too.i use a d80,and currently i only have the 18-135 that came with it=[ but,i have used dozens of other lenses and i am currently saving up for the 14-28 or the 70-200 vr=] being that i am only 16,and no license,i am very limited to the amount of money i can get;around here there is not many decent paying jobs. my parents are not going to spend money on lenses, they want me to work and earn them. kinda lame but its whatever=]
Mannequin- 11 years ago
Alex, I hear your pain. Lenses are expensive. If I were you I would practice with the 18-135 a bit and find out what range you like to shoot at the most. Find out if you like wide angle shots that include everything, or long-distance zooms. That will help you in your lens decision. I have both the 14-24 and the 70-200 and they're both great but very, very different.

Anyway, glad you're part of the group. If you have any lens questions, feel free to ask! There are a number of knowledgeable people here who can help.
necessary plastic [deleted] 10 years ago
Name is Felix from Indonesia, currently studying in Purdue University, IN.
use D40 with the kit lens (18-55mm), Sigma 10-20mm (most enjoyable lens so far), 55-200mm VR, 50mm f/1.8D (like the sharpness, manual focusing does not bother me)

Still quite new of the world of SLR and learning. I usually take outdoor photograph, love the light cast by the sun.
ezzo_zul Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ezzo_zul (member) 10 years ago
hi...i'm zul.from malaysia.use D70 as my gear with 50mm f1.8 , 28~100mm (crack already) and 70~300mm.
thanx for the invitation....
Mannequin- 10 years ago
Welcome aboard ftanjono and ezzo! Glad you're here!
Phiggys Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Phiggys (member) 10 years ago
Hi thanks for the invite I live in the U.K. have been interested in photography for 50 yrs now I own a large number of film cameras and also Digital.
Recently moved up to D3 but still use other D slrs that I own mainly Nikon or Fuji as both take all my Nikon glass.
I hope that my work meets the standard of approval and is up to other members work here.
Mannequin- 10 years ago
Phiggy, you need not worry. I've been a fan of your stream for some time. I'm glad you joined! You have nothing to worry about in terms of the quality of your work. It's always at the highest standard.

Glad to see you're here!
fair_handmaiden 10 years ago
Hi all, I'm Claire from Clarksville in MD, USA. I teach people to ride horses. I'm shooting an F100 with a couple of good older lenses- love it!

@ Alex :) Wondering if there are any pro photographers in your area you could find a job with assisting- you like portraits, might learn some & even if pay not great would at least be doing something you love :)) I learned my trade that way & have to say I get great satisfaction looking at what I've accomplished with "sweat equity". Use your connections too. If you have friends needing yearbook photos take some. If they don't like them no charge & you got experience, If they like them charge something towards your "photo scholarship" :)) Same with some good sports pics. Good luck
Gabriel Panaiet 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Gabriel from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I'm a graphic designer, but I find myself more and more in love with photography with each passing day! I've also got an unhealthy lust for lens. I need help :)
Mannequin- 10 years ago
Welcome fair and plastic! Glad you're now part of our group!

fair - great advice for Alex. It's true - the more pictures you take and put into practice what you read and learn, the better you get. That takes a lot of hard work! But it's fun and very rewarding.

Plastic - having a background in graphic design will help you a lot in terms of photography. Especially since you will probably have a certain degree of knowledge when it comes to the post-processing aspect of taking pictures. One of the best photographers I know studied for years as a traditional graphic designer, and his shots are phenomenal. (He doesn't have a website / flickr account.) But it was through what he learned in his GD studies that he was able to master composition and then, finally, processing techniques that really made his images stand out.

Best of luck to both of you!
MGH888 10 years ago
Hello to all ... I am Mark, living in Arizona but originally from England. Recently purchased a D80 and it is my first DSLR. Any help with composition, technical details, settings etc - all welcome ! I enjoy photography, and would very much like to learn to become better.
edwayfarer Posted 10 years ago. Edited by edwayfarer (member) 10 years ago
Hey everybody, name's Ed, I'm Swiss and I'm currently preparing to go abroad for some time and take a lot of great pictures; I'm 27 and I've been snapping away since about 1994 when I inherited a Canon AV-1 with a 35-70mm lens; I also got a Minox 35 GT on that occasion and that nifty little piece of German (over-)engineering was what really got me into this great hobby we share. I am an equipment geek; I have owned 3 Canon A1s with the superfast MA motordrives, I have just bought my 3rd Canon EF body, my favorite for all things concerning macro and I have had tons of FD lenses lying around for a long time. The plasticky feel of anything 'Canon' post 1978/79 turned my attention to Nikon in about 2000/01 and hey presto: photography took off on another level! What still baffles me is the quality of Nikon lenses; nothing compares to their brilliance and sharpness. I currently have a set of two, the 20-35 and 35-70 f/2.8 D AF Nikkors, I also had a simpler 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 D AF once, a good little lens, that one! My body of choice is the F90X/N90S; I have owned 4 of those over the years all with the MB-10 which I find very practical. Finally, scanning my slides, I use a Nikon Coolscan IV model that I'm very happy with; merry picture-taking, everyone!-)
equal steam [deleted] 10 years ago
Welcome each one of you!! I'm happy to find friends here from begginers to professional. It's the love we share to photography. Keep up your good work!
Mizzy Schreier 10 years ago
Hi.. My name is Mizzy.. im from Malaysia.. Im an amateur nikon users.. but i like + love to shot!! Nice to meet u all~
equal steam [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by equal steam (member) 10 years ago
welcome Mizzy! and everyone else
lisa tiffany, 25 yrs old & from Dublin Ireland, The nikon I use at the moment is a D40 & I love the results, I shoot most of my work in raw so I can work with more hdr photos

thanks for having me

= )
devan.w 10 years ago
My name is Devan
Born and live in Saint Louis Missouri
Use a D70
Very New to Flickr
Im always working on school so not much time
Martintoy 10 years ago
Im Martin from Lima, Peru
Use many cams, Im kinda film camera collectionist and love to shot with it, however I have also Nikon D80.

Hope you like my stream

markofbryan Posted 10 years ago. Edited by markofbryan (member) 10 years ago
my names mark i live in a small town in england i have traveled lots including Sao Paulo!! and yes it is major chaos , but a great place :)

i have a daughter and bring her up on my own , i also enjoy skateboarding , music and of course taking photos , i use a Nikon D90

nice to meet you :) x
D101photo 10 years ago
Hi my name is David I have been shooting for over a year now. Started with a D40 that was a birthday gift now I own a D200 and some gears to go with it. Currently living in Florida before California and before that Jamaica.
Garry_Hall 10 years ago
Hi all! My name is Garry and I'm in San Diego, California. I've been using PS since 2.0 to work on images, but now finally have a camera (D40) to shoot in RAW and I couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to practicing techniques and taking the best photos possible for me.
Luis Fernando Useche 10 years ago
Hi Everybody,
My name is Luis, I am currently living in Miami, FL. and planning to move to Boston in few weeks. I started with photography 8 months ago, and now it is part of my daily living. I use a Nikon D90. Looking forward to learn from feedback. I enjoy working with RAW, HDR and Video.
@dler 10 years ago
Hi there
I'm Kirsten. Selftaught photographer from Denmark. I've been through a few Nikons :-) The analoge D3, D200, D300 - and just recently bought my new D3 - would have loved D3x - but for now I'm satisfied :-)
I love picures - looking at them - creating them, playing with them in PS.

Looking forward to seeing more on Flickr.
cooperative system [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cooperative system (member) 9 years ago
I am Pablo from Sydney. I hailed from Davao, Philippines but moved here in Sydney 7 yrs ago. Playing drums was my fave past time since '88 until '02. I discovered serious photography early last year and I find it a very wonderful expression of my thoughts.
At the moment, am happy with my D40 and D80. Cheers!
joe chun 9 years ago
I'm Joe. I live in SoCal and I am pretty new to all this photography stuff but I am loving it so far. I currently own a D80, and I'm hoping that you all can help me become a better photographer :)
Bill Hughes1 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Bill Hughes1 (member) 9 years ago
Hi All!

Im Bill. Im from Liverpool and Im a lecturer. Over the last 3 years I been bitten by the photography bug and can't seem to stop! I've been using Nikon cameras from the offset, and Im current using the D300.

Anyways that enough about me, so I'll see you out there in FlickrLand!

ert wings 9 years ago
I live near Milan and photography it's just an hobby for me (unfortunately).
I bought a Nikon D5000 in june and it's my first reflex.
I hope that your advices can help me shooting always a better photo than the previous one ;-)
I live in Maryland in the United States on the east coast on the Chesapeake Bay. I have been picking up cameras and taking photo's with them since I was a kid back in the sixties. The first camera I shot with was my parents Argus 75 (2 1/4) film camera. My first pro SLR was my Pentax Spotamatic F (Honeywell). Back in the seventies I bought my first Nikon F 50mm 1.4. I have since sold my F and moved on to an F100 and an F-3. Even though I now have digital Nikons I still like to shot B & W and slide film (I miss my Kodachrome). Digital is easier and cheaper but still doesn't record the color, especially for night shots, like film. Glad to be part of your group.
kristofferaas Posted 9 years ago. Edited by kristofferaas (member) 9 years ago
My name is kristoffer. live in Norway city tromso. im 20 years old.
i like to take photos of people, nature and much more.
my first DSLR was a nikon d80 but now i got a d90. I have taken photos over a year now and im still learning =)

my Eq:
Nikon d90
nikkor 17-70mm
nikkor 50mm F1.8
Sigma 10-20mm
SB-800 Flash

im also owning a
Konica Autoreflex TC 1976-1982
Konica 50mm
Konica 135mm
Tamaron 400mm
rightful juice [deleted] 9 years ago
Hello all, my name is Wes and I am from Pasadena, Maryland. Camera wise all i have is a basic Nikon L1, but as I am college poor, I can't upgrade though I really want to.
Gabriel Bonino 9 years ago
Hi all, My name is Gabriel, and I live in Spain. I took pictures since I was 10 or 11. My first camera was an EXA SLR without meter. I have used several cameras from these years to today, Zenit, Rollei (120), EXACTA, Canon, etc. But Today all my gear is Nikon.

Still today I use a lot my lovely Nikon FE and others Nikon film cameras. In digital I use a D90, D80 and a D1X for guerrilla pictures.
But the camera no matters, only matter the vision and mind.

I consider photography a very important part of my life.
I'dont know paint or sculpt, I only know to see, and with photography I can show others my point of view in only a fraction of the time.

I use shoot for documentary, social, and lifestyle. My personal challenge is someday be a master controlling the light... Now I'm only an apprentice.
Peter Stephens Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Peter Stephens Photography (member) 9 years ago

Just joined this group. You have some nice photographs here :-) Started off with Canon filme cameras and moved onto Nikon digital. Love my Nikkor lenses :-)

I work profesionaly shooting commercial photography, virtual tours and interiors mainly. You can see some of my work here on flickr and on my website www.peterstephens.co.uk

Here's one of my kit bags - www.flickr.com/photos/peterstephensphotography/4089038587/

seb.p 9 years ago
Hi all,

I'm Sebastien from France. I just came back to Paris after a couple of years working in Singapore, where I started enjoying photography. It's pretty easy with such great places all around South-East Asia..
No much time those days to take pictures, so I mainly sort out some of my old pictures nowadays.

I got a D90, and I'm the proud owner of a Sigma 150mm, Nikkor 50mm 1.4D and a Tokina 11-16mm.

cheers :-)
Kitchen Sink Realism 9 years ago
Hello Nikon users

I'm fairly new to photography. I live in New York and I'm saving to move to Taiwan for school. I work at a hospital so if you dont see me around I'm working those long 12 hr shifts everyone loves. I grew to love photography due to my mother and her love of it also. Hopefully I go on in her foot steps and get that fantastic shot every step of the way.

I have a nikon D40
vcia3 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by vcia3 (member) 9 years ago

My name is Vito, and I live in New Jersey. I love taking pictures and I’ve been shooting for about a 1yr 1/2 now, but it wasn’t until about 5 months ago when I really started to learn how to use my camera and understand the technical aspect involved in photography. I just recently upgraded to a D300s from a D40x and still learning, I’m making a habit of taking my camera with me everywhere I go and in time compose better photographs.....
Paul Falcony 9 years ago
Hello good people, here's Paul. I'm Polish living in Belgium. Happy owner of D90. DSLR and soft together and I'm lost for the real world he he ... Wish you fantastic pictures on your streams.
peterpj 9 years ago
Hello, I am Peter and I am retired since 1 November. I live partly in Holland and partly in Poland .
My interest are many and among those history, and architecture.
nokination Posted 9 years ago. Edited by nokination (member) 9 years ago
From the North American,,,Pacific Northwest,,,CANADA !! I shoot just about everything and mostly outdoors. Only use Nikon Cameras and Nikkor Lenses. Still shoot some films but mostly Digital now. Have D2xs,,D100,,D3,,F2,,F4s. Ton of Nikkors12-400mm.
Timothy S. Morris 9 years ago
Hi, my name is Tim. I'm married and have two kids. A daughter seventeen and son thirteen. I'm in college and plan to major in journalism or creative writing ... I have much interesting family history worth writing about. I love my dog, Prince, he is my best buddy and a little ambitious, but he keeps me in shape.
I once painted a lot when I was younger, mostly acrylic on canvas, have always loved nature, and bought a D40 a couple of years ago to capture it. The D40 is a good landscape camera in my opinion. Decided to upgrade a year ago to a D90, and love it, but I still carry my D40 for the quick shot when fishing and so on.
OK, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Dad_Eh 8 years ago
Hello everyone.
I'm Mark and originally from Belfast, Ireland and now living just East of Toronto, Canada.
Am a Nikon shooter and been a Nikon fan for many years. Just returned to photography 2 or 3 years ago with the purchase of the D80 and upgrading to the D700.
All my glass is Nikkor in DX and FX format
Nice to meet everyone and great group.
Cagey75 8 years ago
Hey, I'm from Southern Ireland. originally Carlow, lower SE, but now up in the midlands - Co. Meath. I took photography up as a hobby less than 2 years ago, though I've had some form of camera at any stage during my life. Way back to old Agfa p&s film cams.

I bought a fuji bridge cam to learn the basics of manual controls, when that became too limited in range of control I knew I was ready for a dslr. I bought a used Sony A200, loved it, but unfortunately it suffered a knock and the body IS busted and the sensor shifted out of line.

I went hunting through used sites once again and found a great deal on a D200, I also managed to borrow a kit lens to get me going. I bought a Tamron 75-300 and a new lowepro 100aw bag.

Very happy with the D200, it's built like a tank and has very intuitive controls. Still learning as I go, but loving it :)
Dad_Eh 8 years ago
Hi Cagey. I've spent few blurry days in Meath. Loved it (from what I can remember). Cheers mate
Cagey75 8 years ago
I only moved to Meath last year, nice enough spot. I need to learn to drive to explore it more though!
stuartkul 8 years ago
Im Piotr from Poland(MAZUREN) i live in Vienna
Use film camera
812Engineco4 8 years ago
Hi. I,m Tim, a 34 year career firefighter who enjoys working in oils, pottery, metal and wood.
I became interested in Photography in 1975 when employed by Eastman Kodak spooling 35 mm film in the darkroom.
I don't have much of a digital portfolio and my ex wife destroyed all my 35 mm negatives by burning them in April 2005 ,minus a few negs and a proof or two. How ironic is that?
At any rate.. thats the "short and sweet"of it.
Looking to upgrade to a D-90 but I would like to see what the 5000 will do!..Thanks and happy shooting!!!
Dash Salvador 8 years ago
Hello there, I'm Dash, 26 yrs of age from the Philippines, its my first time to venture out in photography, I've been taking snapshots on my P&S cam until the time I've decided to get myself my 1st semi-pro DSLR the Nikon D90, I'm still a newbie in motion and is trying to learn from your different point of views and/or perspective. Thanks and keep on sharing...
raytech_98 8 years ago
Hey All, I'm Deb (short for my long name Debabrata). I'm from India, have been shooting pictures for the last 10 odd years, but have very recently started using Flickr to share my work. I love clicking people and nature - my favourites being Weddings and Couple portfolios (although at present these are not present in my Flickr gallery, but they can be found in my Pbase gallery - which I have been using till I moved over to Flickr. Many thanks for looking at my work and I hope I can make good contributions to the group!
Miguel Vivanco 8 years ago
hello i ´m miguel with 23 years old from chile ...

i´m student of professional photography and i like fashion photography sports and many others, you are welcome to visit my gallery...
and I hope I can make good contributions to the group!
primary_13 8 years ago
hello to all!
i'm abe from the philippines, a newbie in photography just bought my dslr last december. hoping to get some pointers to the master here in the group. God bless!
yojusfoto 8 years ago
Hi to everyone in this group.
My name is Sujoy Dhar and I'm in New York. I'm a senior in high school and photography has gone from a hobby to a passion. I'm always trying to read and get tips from anyone with any idea about it.

Currently I have a Nikon d3000 with the 18-55mm VR kit lens. I'm hoping to invest money into buying a 35mm or a 50mm soon. Nice to meet everyone!
craven decision [deleted] 8 years ago
im henry. i like 80's music and lots and lots of owls.
ayahadist 8 years ago
hello im anang, i live in indonesia
jcarsonbarrett 6 years ago
Hello fellow Nikonians. I live in beautiful North Alabama in the USA. I have been a Nikon user since I purchased my N70 back in the 1997 (which I still have and use). I shoot mostly with a D7000 now, which I traded my D90 for earlier this year.
Michele Guajana 5 years ago
Hi I am a photographer who likes taking photos using photographic equipment and photosoftware to fix my photos, taken with a photographic camera with a photographic lens!!!
KvikneFoto 5 years ago
Nikonian and Norwegian.............::))
Hanjosan 5 years ago
I am from Denmark and mostly use a D7000.
I like the photos in this group !
tugglelump 4 years ago

I live in California. I shoot using a Nikon D5100. I have been practicing photography as a hobby for many years. I am still open to learning and love to share my travels through photography.
melimel_ 4 years ago
Hello, I live in a small town in Germany. I am only 17 years old and i use a Nikon D5100. I am hear, because i want to learn new things about photography.
Patrick Sinot 3 years ago

My name is Patrick Sinot, 52 years.

Since 2010 i 'discovered' the wonderful world of Photography.

After having worked with an Olympus E600 i took the stap into the Nikon world...
I work with 2 camera's: a D3 and a D750. I like to experience and to explore. I'm not the guy of just studying a manual, but rather let the camera teach me by circumstance and subject. Trial and error so to speak.

I do not have any particular objectives i like to 'score' with, but i''m a bit more 'omnivorous' and very aware that Photography isn't just only about having a camera and take some pictures of some objects.

I like to look at other peoples work and i do not only compare by only 'best' pictures but also try to look at all different angles and aspects. Sometimes a not so good picture (sharp, framed, etc.) can tell a whole story or gets your attention by time.

I like to learn from feedback, because practice and study are important but feedback is the most needed ingrediënt for growing.

I wish you all good light.

Best, Patrick Sinot
H PF 2 years ago
my name is Holger. I life in Bonn, Germany.
I love my Nikon D800, but sometimes I use a Sony or Panasonic.
Only in holydays I have time for fotografy.

Matjaž Skrinar 2 years ago
My name is Matjaž.
I am from Maribor Slovenia and use various Nikon cameras (I don't like lens changing),
The only exception is Fuji S3 Pro (which uses Nikon compatible lenses).
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