AtlantaTerry 3:34pm, 2 May 2012
photofarmer PRO 6 years ago
What's the FOV angle? >180?
GStrader 6 years ago
or perhaps one hell of a fisheye!
Orbmiser 6 years ago
Does it Glow Red in the Dark and Call the shooter Dave? :-)
trevc5 6 years ago
Escy 6 years ago
FOV is 220 degrees,
Jock? PRO 6 years ago
joselw 6 years ago
Next time somebody posts the typical question "what lens should I buy next" I'm sending this link :-)
AtlantaTerry Posted 6 years ago. Edited by AtlantaTerry (member) 6 years ago
From the website of photographer Philip Greenspun ( a photo taken with the lens (note the photographer's elbow, legs and feet):

divergent apparatus [deleted] 6 years ago
Holy Focus, Batman!
Better use somebody else's cheque-book for this one. It is only made to order.
Broken Toy Shop 6 years ago
It's funny, I've seen a few photos from this lens and they are all crap.
You would think that a photographer, given such a special lens as this, would think of some special photo to take with it.
But apparently not.
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