Mauronic 8:52pm, 5 July 2008
I am doing a precise design for each image that I am uploading for the business cards and it's not working.

The FAQ says: Our Business Cards measure 84mm x 55mm.

I designed an image to that exact size but it gets cropped about 20 - 25 mm on all sides.

1) Is there an official image size that I should work with to ensure that my art does not get cropped?

2) If I tweak it by eye using the preview on the site can I be assured that what I see is what I'll get?


pixellent 11 years ago
it gets cropped because they have to allow for a bleed. (without it, there's a risk of you getting a white line around the edge of your cards when they're trimmed). If you work to a size of:

88x59mm at 300dpi,

this will allow for the bleed aswell.
Does this apply to the logo space on the back as well? I've tried everything.. JPG, GIF, PNG.. 300ppi... 59mmx32mm for the portrait version... and everything in between... and when I upload the logo, it's way too big! I click the minus button and it's still way too big! If I size it down too far I get message saying it might be pixelated..... yet it's still too big! Is anyone else having this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Hmm... I'm itching to order these things!!!
pixellent 11 years ago
@emilyporter - no you're not the only one. Really sorry you're having problems - we have a bug which we're working on fixing. It should be fixed within the next day or so (someone's been off sick, and we're hoping she gets better). As soon as i have more info about the size I'll post it here.
lastonein 11 years ago
Mauronic & emilyporter - many will be interested in whether your next order comes closer to expectations? Can you please let everyone know whether pixellent's suggestions work? Thanks!
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